12 Best Romantic Beach Resorts In Sri Lanka For Your Getaway!

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Let’s describe the beauty! Yes, we are talking about Sri Lanka! It is a picture-perfect natural beauty that imbibes the place in one of the best romantic destinations in the world. You shall definitely look out for your next getaway with your better half in this mesmerizing place. 

Some of the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka will melt your heart away! Make sure to have your Sri Lanka packages booked with some of the best accommodations in the country! 

Best 12 Romantic Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka

Get ready for a romantic getaway with your partner in Sri Lanka! Here are some of the Sri Lanka honeymoon resorts that you should not miss out on. 

Make sure to book them ASAP before they go out on the dates. So, get scrolling down and have your holiday planned. There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka, but you shall definitely check out their living facilities. 

  1. Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle
  2. Villa Taprobane, Taprobane 
  3. The Last House, Tangelle
  4. Saman Villas, Bentota
  5. Amanwella, Tangalle
  6. The Kingsbury, Colombo
  7. Cape Weligama, Weligama 
  8. The Fortress, Koggala 
  9. Era beach, Galle
  10. Serene Pavillions, Wadduwa
  11. Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo
  12. Paradise Road The Villa Bentota, Bentota 

1. Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle


WOAH! You cannot miss one of the best beachfront resorts in Sri Lanka that will leave you in awe of its beauty. It is a place with all the amenities and facilities, and the best part? You can enjoy your evening drink on the terrace with a sunset view. 

The mix of old-world elegance and the modern-day touch has made this property a great place to stay. Have a great day besides the poolside trying the most delicious Sri Lankan cuisine or enjoying sightseeing nearby! 

You can also enjoy the luxurious spa services within the resort and have a great time at one of the most popular Sri Lanka beach resorts for couples. 

Price: US $250 PER NIGHT

Things to do in & around the Jetwing Lighthouse resort

  • Explore the Ariyapala Mask Museum and learn more about mask-making art. 
  • Plan your visit to the Cinnamon peeling centers and know about the spice cultivation. 
  • You can experience the deep-sea fishing. 
  • Go whale and dolphin watching in the deep sea, which is a wholesome experience.

2. Villa Taprobane, Taprobane Island


What can be more beautiful than staying on an island? Yes, the Taprobane Villa is a private tropical island with the greatest view. It is an exotic place for couples to have a peaceful and private time together. 

This villa comprises 5 bedrooms, living areas, a beautiful tropical garden, and a spectacular infinity pool. What else do you need for a romantic getaway? Have your morning tea on the terrace with the beautiful sunrise and a great vibe. 

You will also be provided with the in-house staff to help you with everything you need. Don’t dream about it anymore and get your booking done before it goes out of date. 

Price: US $1000 PER NIGHT

Things to do here: 

  • Go around to know about tea plantations
  • Visit the Dutch forts and markets of Galle
  • Have a great time on the beaches 
  • Enjoy the devil dance 
  • Indulge in water sports

3. The Last House, Tangelle

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Let’s get you inside one of the best Sri Lanka honeymoon resorts – the seaside villa for the people who are looking for a luxury vibe! It is one of the best honeymoon places in Sri Lanka that you can choose for staying! 

If you have been looking for something great, you can’t miss this heavenly place. Spend your time enjoying the delicious local seafood, relax by the pool, or just choose the Cinnamon Hill Suite which overlooks the sea and gardens for a mesmerizing view like never before. 

You also have the chance to book the entire house yourself and enjoy the privacy and a relaxing environment all around. Isn’t this great? 

Price: US $200 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Visit the famous Galle Fort 
  • Go and explore the Mulkirigala caves 
  • Enjoy the safari to Yala National Park 
  • Surfing in Hiriketiya Bay 

4. Saman Villas, Bentota


Planning your getaway with the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka? You cannot miss this lovely resort with the best beaches in Sri Lanka

This is one of the very few Sri Lanka honeymoon resorts that offers a completely isolated beachfront setting. Yes, it is definitely one of the best beachfront resorts in Sri Lanka with the greatest view that you should not miss.  

Located on a rocky outcrop on the beautiful coast of Bentota, with both casual luxury and mesmerizing views. Have a romantic time while dining under the stars on the beach or at the sunset bar with a great view. 

Also, you cannot forget the water garden while enjoying your time on one of the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka! 

Price: US $425 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Enjoy and rejuvenate in the spa. 
  • Enjoy fishing. 

5. Amanwella, Tangalle

Image Source : Amanwella

Talking about the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka, how can you miss this gem? Engulfed in the perfect location and a rugged landscape with all the beautiful surroundings. Yes, this is what you get with this stunning resort. 

There are 30 contemporary suites, with a private plunge pool and terrace! You get luxury at its best in this modern retreat. This is one aesthetic Instagrammable resort that you should not miss. Enjoy the serene vibe and the chance to observe the rare marvels like giant turtles on the beaches. You can definitely have fun in one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka

It is one of the best beachfront resorts in Sri Lanka which has become quite popular by now. So, you need to book it ASAP! 

Price: US $85 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Enjoy pottery in the Palapotta village. 
  • Snorkel and surf on the beaches
  • Visit the rock temple 
  • Explore more tea plantations nearby 

6. The Kingsbury, Colombo


This grand resort in Colombo is one memorable experience if you stay here! You will definitely enjoy your time here with all the facilities, mouthwatering cuisine, relaxing spas and exotic treatments. 

It is one of the best Sri Lanka beach resorts for couples who are looking for a getaway in the country. The impeccable views and facilities can make it a dreamy destination for you. So, get your accommodation booked now for a retreat like never before. 

Price: US $200 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Explore the National Museum of Colombo. 
  • Have a relaxing time on the Gale Face Green Promenade
  • Go and visit the Gangaramaya temple
  • Visit the Independence Memorial Hall. 

7. Cape Weligama, Weligama


Your honeymoon could not get any better if you are here in one of the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka – The Cape Weligama! It is a stunning sea-facing retreat that has mansions with a spa, private dining, staff for help, and stone-encased gardens all around the property. 

Get your luxurious experience to begin while relaxing on the greatest property. Have a romantic getaway with a peaceful and luxurious vibe like never before. It will keep you amazed every day with its magical beauty and serene vibe. 

Price: US $680 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Enjoy Kayaking 
  • Udawalave National Park 

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8. The Fortress, Koggala 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This resort describes the ultimate sophistication. Looking for the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka? Let this beautiful property grab your attention by all means. 

It is located in the town of Koggala and has a scenic view of the Indian Ocean with the most luxurious rooms. Get your private time in the most romantic getaway resort. Also, have some rejuvenating spas and therapies to spend a relaxing time. 

Enjoy your vacation with your partner by booking the best for yourself. 

Price: US $400 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Enjoy various activities such as pool games, chess, and many more. 
  • Release turtles in the Fortress Turtle Conservation Project 

9. Era Beach, Galle

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This is a beautiful resort in the country with a very relaxing and serene ambiance. The private beach and beautiful gardens have made its beauty much more enhanced. 

Planning your romantic getaway would be fulfilled if you are staying in this amazing property. Enjoy the mouthwatering food, relaxing swims, and long walks along the beach with your partner to have a great time. 

Here, the luxurious vibe will make you have a glorious time with your partner. Get going and have the best time in one of the romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka. 

Price: US $250 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Enjoy swimming in the sea. 
  • Visit the Galle Fort in Sri Lanka – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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10. Serene Pavilions, Wadduwa

Image Source : Serene Pavillions

It is a perfect resort to stay for a dreamy vacation in Sri Lanka! These pavilions are built like fancy little houses surrounded by greenery all around. 

Enjoy the breathtaking scenic views by sitting on the poolside and have a romantic holiday, binging the delicious food and relaxing. Have your private butler by your side and get all the help that you need. 

Stroll in the palm garden and have a wholesome time with your better half. This is a spacious tropical paradise with all the pavilions around and great views all around. 

Price: US $500 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around:

  • Explore Kandy 
  • Visit Pinnawela 
  • Visit the Galle Fort

11. Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo


This is heaven for all the couples who are looking for the romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka! This is a former palace in 1806 and now built into a grand 5 star heritage property with the colonial style. 

This is one of the top-class Sri Lanka honeymoon resorts that should be considered on your list. Because, why not enjoy in a place which has everything to offer including luxurious rooms, food and other facilities. 

Pamper yourself with the luxurious spas and beauty massages. Also, it has a pool and unlimited entertainment service for the guests. Get ready to have a great vibe in Sri Lanka only with the Mount Lavinia resort! 

Price: US $130 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Visit the Dehiwala Zoological garden 
  • Enjoy at the Mount Lavinia beach 
  • Sri Lanka Airforce Museum 
  • Visit Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

12. Paradise Road The Villa Bentota, Bentota

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Paradise Road The Villa Bentota in Bentota is a beautiful and serene place to stay. It’s like a paradise on Earth! 

The Villa is surrounded by greenery and is located right by the beach, offering stunning views of the ocean. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, providing a perfect retreat for relaxation. The staff is friendly and always ready to help, making you feel at home. 

The architecture of the Villa is unique and adds to the charm of the place. You can enjoy delicious food at the on-site restaurant, and the swimming pool is a great spot to cool off and unwind. 

Price: US $115 PER NIGHT

Things to do in and around: 

  • Walk in the Lush Brief Garden 
  • Relax at the Bentota beach 
  • Explore the Cinnamon Island 
  • Water sports at Diyakawa 

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What makes Sri Lanka a romantic beach destination?

Sri Lanka is a super romantic place for a beach getaway! The golden sands, crystal-clear blue waters, and palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. 

The beaches in Sri Lanka are like a dream come true for lovebirds. You can take a romantic stroll along the shore, hand in hand, or enjoy a cozy sunset picnic. The warm and friendly locals add a special touch, making you feel right at home. 

Plus, there are charming beachside resorts where you can wake up to the sound of the waves and enjoy breathtaking views. Whether it’s the vibrant culture, delicious food, or the serenity of the beaches, Sri Lanka has all the ingredients for a perfect romantic escape.

Can you recommend some romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka?

Yes, here are some of the best romantic beach resorts in Sri Lanka which include Jetwing Lighthouse in Galle, The Kingsbury in Colombo, Saman Villas, and many more on the list.

Is Sri Lanka popular honeymoon destination for couples?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a popular honeymoon destination for couples. With its beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, it provides a romantic setting for newlyweds. 

Couples can explore ancient temples, go on scenic train rides through the hills, and enjoy a relaxing time by the pristine beaches. The diverse and flavorful cuisine also adds to the overall experience, making Sri Lanka an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable and romantic honeymoon getaway.

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