Love Is In The Air This New Year At These Destinations In India

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Posing for a romantic shot in the evening light of an Indian city, the two love birds might be the perfect representation of what it means to have a romantic couple night  in their home country. These are the best places to go for a New Year trip, whether you enjoy mystic natural sights and candlelight or dance on rooftops. This year, if you are planning on seeing snowfall while being in the warmth of your loved one, then you need to start figuring out the best spots for yourself.

Romance is a powerful emotion we all want to experience but struggle to find. The magic of the New Year will be romantic gestures; the perfect way to do this is with your partner. Surprise your better half with a romantic spot in India that would have never been seen.

A few popular New Year places ideas for couples in India, like Kullu, Manali, and Kashmir, are generally crowded during this time of the year on New Year. But, still, there are places where you can celebrate the best New Year of your life with your partner without being rushed by huge crowds. So, without further ado, let’s find more about these ten best travel destinations for a romantic couple night on the New Year:

1. Leh, Ladakh

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Ladakh is famous for the snow-capped Himalayas known as “The Roof of the World” and other favourite destinations for their extreme beauty, making Ladakh tour packages a favourite among all travellers. Scenic mountain passes, majestic mountain treks, Buddhist monasteries, beautiful Ladakh lakes Nubra and Zanskar valleys are significant places to witness to enhance your romantic couple night. 

Not only can you cover a romantic trail of beautiful mountains, but you can also have some adventure and enjoy the snowfall during your Ladakh trip. It is also the place where you will have a better opportunity to behold New Year fireworks from your luxurious hotel in Leh. You can also have a romantic bonfire with snowfall on the cold nights of New Year’s Eve.

Enjoy a romantic couple night sky view, combined with snowy white structures surrounding you during this time of your life. However, before planning your trip, review the highway condition in this area, as roadblocks due to snow are usual during the winter season in Ladakh.

Reasons to visit Ladakh

  • An ideal destination for couples during the winter season.
  • Adventurous activities like trekking and camping.

2. Pondicherry

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Renowned as the  “City of Romance”, Pondicherry is a stunning coastal city that remains one of the most sought-after and  best places for couples in India to turn their New Year unforgettable experience. A land with a town filled with spirituality and love for nature, the beauty of this place reminds you about your true identity as a human being. Visit the French influence of the past and enjoy an exotic blend of old buildings and beautiful gardens that have remained untouched in recent times.

If you are looking for a romantic couple night, book a hotel in Paradise Beach (Plage Paradiso), one of the best party venues in Pondicherry. You can spend New Year’s Eve away from the crowds and festivities while enjoying the splendid view of stunning ocean views and snow-covered mountains. It is the perfect option if you’re  exploring romantic new year celebration ideas. Make sure you check-in early to get a table early otherwise it’s impossible to get seats later in the night. It is also imperative to make a reservation on your preferred date before coming here, as this place gets crowded, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Reasons to Visit Pondicherry 

  • Fun beaches to spend a hot sunny day and enjoy night parties.
  • Beautiful city with rich cultural history.

3. Dharamshala (Mcleod Ganj)

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The perfect getaway for a romantic couple night with your partner is the charming hill station of Dharamshala, which contains many historical and religious sites you can explore while on your New Year trip in the country. With breathtaking views of snowy mountains, this place is a perfect spot for a honeymoon trip. Mcleodganj exploration is one of the best New Year celebration ideas for couples looking for romantic spots to spend the night of New Year. In this place, you also find many restaurants to enjoy delicious meals from multi cuisines on New Year’s Eve after spending time in Dharamshala’s beautiful snow-clad hills and lakes. 

Mcleodganj is indeed a beautiful heaven of Himachal Pradesh located just a few miles from Dharamshala. From tasting the flavours of regional foods while enjoying snowfall in a romantic couple night, it is indeed an amazing place to goof around with your partner. In addition, the city is touched by Tibetan culture, which you can witness in the Buddhist temples and local masses. 

Reasons to Visit Dharamshala

  • Several special events on New Year’s Eve.
  • Proximity to Delhi (5-6 hours drive) and Chandigarh (3.5 hours).

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4. Nainital

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If you are planning a romantic destination for the New Year, this lake city is one of the most known places where lovers prefer to have a lovely and even better, a romantic couple night. The place has been home to many famous love stories that took place by looking at the beauty of nature.

Nainital is famous for its scenic location, hundreds of romantic New Year’s eve ideas and pure-hearted people. It requires some patience to reserve the spot, but it’s worth it. You can enjoy the romantic view during this time of the year as this place sometimes gets covered with snowfall in winter. You get a chance to see the same once in a lifetime reason by visiting Nainital covered with snow.

Reasons to visit Nainital

  • A perfect place of romantic nature to enjoy your New Year’s weekend while having snowfall around you.
  • The romantic environment with hill views and snowfall during New Year

5. Goa

Image Source : Next Gen Traveller

The most famous destination for a New Year celebration in India, Goa is among the best couples places in India to make unforgettable memories. You can check out different beaches and cosy hotels in Old Goa to see an array of activities while on your New Year trip. Also experience the beach life by enjoying the sunset while having your favourite food and drinks by sitting on the beach. The best part is waking up to see the dolphins playing in front of you like a magic mirror. You can also celebrate New Year’s eve in Goa by sitting in front of a raging bonfire with a glass of wine and delicious recipes. Enjoy the fireworks at midnight while sitting on the beach and watch your evening turn into morning. 

Reasons to Visit Goa

  • Watch a dolphin show every day if you visit during the New Year’s celebration.
  • Romantic spots by watching the sunset and enjoying ice cream on the beach

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6. Jaipur

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If you are searching for some of the best New Year places ideas for couples, Jaipur is one of the most popular places to visit. It is also known as “Pink City” due to the colour of its palaces and painted buildings. This city is the perfect destination for couples to spend New Year’s Eve.

If you are looking for a beautiful view while spending New Year’s Eve here, start your tour by visiting the Amber Fort which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and offers an opportunity to enjoy an evening walk on your New Year’s trip. You can also cherish your romantic couple night in the pink city- Jaipur by witnessing folk and cultural shows. The colourful land of Rajasthan is filled with stunning palaces and forts to cherish your New Year celebration. The remarkable architecture and works done by the artists will take you as a couple to a different world altogether.

Reasons to Visit Jaipur

  • Rich cultural heritage with historical monuments. 
  • Hotels and palaces with a touch of royalty and a soothing environment.

7. Sikkim

Image Source : Flickr

Also known as the “Land of God,” Sikkim is genuinely a fantastic place on earth where you can fully experience nature’s beauty. This place is a perfect weekend getaway with your partner, spend romantic couple night and you enjoy every moment of your time. If you are planning to visit this place in New Year 2024, then there are certain things that you must remain abreast of.

Everest is located in Sikkim. A trip here is definitely one of the most fun New Year’s Eve ideas for couples. The beautiful place has the world’s highest peak, which gives a beautiful view. With a picturesque lake, Sikkim is the perfect place to enjoy New Year’s eve with your partner on the banks of the lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains and lush green trees.

Reasons to Visit Sikkim

  • Views of snow-capped mountains.
  • Enjoy a walk through the rivers and valleys, surrounded by nature’s beauty.
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8. Shimla

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India’s favourite hill station Shimla is one of the most romantic New Year places ideas for couples to visit at the beginning of the year. You find magnificent views of beautiful sites, and indulge in different activities suiting your exclusive needs. This place has a rich culture and heritage reflected throughout the city.

Enjoy strolling on Mall Road, which has many small shops full of traditional items and adornments to buy. Surprise your partner with a gift or enjoy a fantastic shopping experience here with standard Indian things to keep as memories after spending New Year together in Shimla.

Make Shimla your destination for the New Year’s eve celebration. There are many restaurants here where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal. The serene places in Shimla, located on the other side of Kufri village, surrounded by snow-covered mountains are truly mesmerising.

Reasons to Visit Shimla

  • Romantic getaway with your partner in cold hills.
  • Stunning views and awesome tourism facilities

 9. Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

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Dhanaulti, a town in the state of Uttarakhand, is famous for the beauty and natural resources it offers. This place is a perfect destination to go on New Year’s holiday with your partner. If you are planning a weekend getaway to Uttarakhand, then Dhanaulti is definitely the pick for you. 

Among all New Year party ideas for couples, the Dhanaulti Rangoli festival is the best to try out on New Year. The place on the banks of the River Ganga, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, turns like heaven on earth. This festival seeks the attention of everyone visiting here as they create an incredible memory.

Reasons to Visit Dhanaulti

  • Very peaceful and quiet valley amidst the beauty of nature.
  • Less commercial activities and low tourist density.

10. Kolkata

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Kolkata, the capital city of the West Bengal state, is the fourth largest city in India. It is a favourite destination among travellers. The place offers you the natural beauty, beaches, nightlife, and a vibrant cultural spirit to enjoy an exotic destination with your partner. The city is filled with gigantic heritage buildings that reflect the rich history of the region and have exotic settings for a romantic couple night.

One such heritage site one must visit in Kolkata on New Year is Howrah Bridge. It has beautiful lights installed in every arch. On the night of 31st December, the lighting indicates New Year celebrations start with ample joy and vigour. Enjoy New Year’s Day here on the banks of River Hooghly and make memories worth a lifetime with your partner.

Reasons to Visit Kolkata

  • Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and historic buildings, this city is full of heritage.
  • Nightlife and star hotels to enhance your experience.
  • Diverse tourist choices like beaches, art galleries, and parks apart from shopping malls. 

You can visit great places for the New year’s holiday with your partner in India. With the list of places shared above, you should be able to plan a weekend getaway with your better half, and enjoy every moment of your holiday. So, pack your bags now. Our experts at WonderOn will guide you further to explore the best suitable choice for New Year Eve exclusively meant for couples for your cherishing memory. 

FAQs Related To Romantic New Year Couple Places Ideas In India

1. Does it snow in December in Ladakh?

Yes, it does snow in December in Ladakh. It snows heavily here in December, so most tourists prefer to avoid this month. Some of the best New Year’s eve ideas for couples to chill and enjoy can be found here in Ladakh.

2. Do hotels have a New Year’s Eve dinner buffet?

Many hotels offer a New Year’s dinner buffet, so it may be a good option while planning your holiday with your partner. It depends on the hotel as well as you may also find hotels which don’t have any offer like that. It, therefore, depends on you and your partner how you want to enjoy your New Year’s dinner.

3. What are the perfect beach holiday destinations for couples?

No matter what time, you can always find a beach to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner. People who love the beaches must go  to Goa, Kerala, and Pondicherry, some of the most popular places among couples. 

4. Is it safe to travel to Shimla during winter?

It would be an amazing decision if you visit Shimla on New Year as snowfall starts here and around making it one of the ideal New Year places ideas for couples. However, you may face road blockages due to excessive snowfall in Shimla.

5. Can I expect an Indian destination meant for New Year’s Eve Ideas for Couples similar to those from foreign locations?

Indeed, you can enjoy a great holiday with your partner and make lots of memories by prudently selecting a location in India. Approach experts for a customised choice.  

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