Russian Tourists Clean Kerala Beach: Government Asks For Clarification

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In a striking incident, a bunch of Russian tourists rolled up their sleeves to tackle the growing trash trouble at Fort Kochi Beach. Forget the serene scenes painted by Kerala Tourism because the reality on the ground was a bit more trashy.

Viral videos and pics showed these tourists turning into beach superheroes, picking up garbage and leaving behind a message for locals: “Hey, let’s keep this place spick and span!” This cleanup threw a spotlight on the big gap between the dreamy pictures of Fort Kochi beach and the sad truth of its litter-filled shores.

Kerala Tourism jumped into action, launching an inquiry into the state of the beach. This fits perfectly with the state’s grand plan, “Tourism Vision 2025,” where they aim to make the most of tourism while being super kind to Mother Nature.

Now, Fort Kochi Beach is not just any beach – it’s where you go to check out those fancy Chinese Fishing Nets doing their thing. They’re like Kochi’s heritage celebs. But sadly there are only a handful of these cool nets left in town.

The videos and pics of these foreigners went crazy on social media, making everyone point fingers at the local beach cleanup crew – the Cochin Heritage Conservation Society.

The daily cleaning squad of about 20 sweepers and garbage collectors is just not cutting it. The beach needs serious help!

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