Saligao Village Horror Story: Unveiling Goa’s Dark Secrets

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Goa is famous for its pristine nightlife, it’s the smallest state in the country and is home to some of the incredible beaches in India too. Goa has everything for everyone, it might be beaches, churches, forts, temples, waterfalls, markets, and many more. 

Like we said before, it has everything for everyone, Goa does have its share of dark mysteries, which could rush your blood with curiosity and fear. It has many locations that are known for their haunted stories. If you are willing to discover some of the hidden mysteries of Goa then you must visit the Saligao Village in Goa. 

Saligao village located at a distance of 15 km far from Panaji, is one of the most haunted places in Goa and is prominent for Saligao Church ghost Stories in Goa. Many paranormal activities take place in Saligao Village in Goa, everything was different 70 years ago as compared to now. 

Before that point, a Banyan tree was so notorious for evil hunting. According to local people, the tree was possessed by a spirit. Saligao Village Located 15 km away from Panaji, this small village named Saligao is also one of the haunted places in Goa. 

Although the village is famous for churches and Saligao Church ghost Stories in Goa, it is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman known as Christalina, and was called Christalina’s ghost. Most of the time locals there used to avoid this place. The Saligao village horror story is very famous in this village, unveiling the Saligao haunted history. 

Saligao Haunted History

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Saligao Haunted History isn’t just history but also the Saligao village horror story, it all started in 1952, and the prominent Saligao-Pilerne Seminary was then under construction.  Paranormal activities in Saligao Village in Goa started when Padre Inácio Lourenço Pereira was appointed as the manager. 

A few weeks later, after the inaugural of the Seminary, on a Sunday morning in January 1953, Padre Lourenço was missing at St Anne. He walked along the Seminary road as usual. And then he didn’t return till night time. Padre’s helping hand Frank and others started trying to find him. They found him unconscious and flat on the ground having their face into the mud. 

He was found near the haunted Banyan tree. They saved him and carried him to his residence. A priest came to help Padre.  After that Padre became silent and unmoving for almost four days, Frank and his people fixed a cross on a branch of the tree. 

After that Padre started talking in the Konkani language and a female voice, sometimes he simply shouted ‘Christalina’. Rumours spread very rapidly in the village. The Saligao village horror story is a prominent story of the area, where people have become very scared as they know Christalina’s ghost possessed Padre. He was admitted to hospital and from there he was sent to Portugal and never returned again.

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Saligao Village Horror Story

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In 1957, a horizontal component was found missing from the cross on the branch of the tree. Saligao village horror story rumours commenced once again as Christalina’s ghost came again. The site at which Saligao village is located, is believed to be haunted until today. People avoid taking this route mainly at night time. According to an old story, lurking around this banyan tree at night can be dangerous. 

Nevertheless, for the elders of Saligao village in Goa, the perceived actual Saligao church ghost stories in Goa are evergreen, and the Goan ghosts, in particular, Saligao’s Goan ghost Christalina and the haunted tree near the Saligao Seminary remain a veritable alliance. 

As per the Saligao Church ghost Stories in Goa, people in Saligao Village located here practise many spiritual rituals in the Christian and Hindu manner to please the spirit of Christalina. In reality, the Hindu villagers living close to the haunted tree have built a small area of interest and offer gifts to the spirit, whom they name Ximecho Devchar or Boundary (Protecting) Devil. To avoid the Saligao Church ghost Stories in Goa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the haunted story of Saligao?

The tree is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman called Christalina, who once lived here. People avoid taking this route at night as according to an old story, lurking around this banyan tree at night can be dangerous. 

What is the history of Saligao?

 The history of Saligao is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman known as Christalina.

Who is the Lady of the Church in Saligao?

 The Lady of the Church in Saligao is Mae de Deus

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