5 Salnai Lakes Trek Attractions for Nature and Adventure Lovers

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Salnai Lakes Trek awaits explorers like a virgin beauty, quietly sitting, huddled in a secluded corner of the Himalayas. Kashmir has become a popular tourist spot for its unparalleled beauty and due to the ease of booking Kashmir trip packages, which enables people to book a tour at their convenience.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Tarsar Marsar Trek are two popular trekking destinations in Kashmir. But if you want to ditch the regular touristy treks, walk on an off-the-beaten-path, and indulge in a serene and calm environment, Salnai Lakes Trek in Kashmir is the place for you.

This trek is less popular amongst tourists, as not many people know about it and, for the same reason, it is still as good as new. This place is unexploited and you can witness nature in its full bloom here. 

From alpine rivers, meadows, and valleys to rugged mountains, you get to taste the flavors of everything. 

It is a 38 Km trek with a difficulty level from moderate to difficult. Anyone can go for this trek, but one must train and practice to get the required fitness levels, before heading on this trek. 

Without much ado, we will delve deep into the ocean-like beauty of Kashmir, fetch priceless pearls like Salnai Lakes Trek, and explore the best things to do at Salnai Lakes Trek:

Here are the top 5 things trekkers must not miss when taking this trek: 

  • Explore Three Untouched Meadows
  • Visit Naranag Temple Ruins, Base Camp for Famous Treks
  • Admire the Beauty of the Twin Lakes
  • Explore the Twin Valleys
  • Witness the Shepherd Village Life

Explore Three Untouched Meadows of Salsai Lakes Trek:

Explore the Salsai Lakes Trek Twin Valleys

Explore the Salsai Lakes Trek Twin Valleys

While crossing the evergreen forests and alpine pastures, trekkers get the opportunity to explore three lush green meadows while on the Salnai Lakes Trek


Famed as the grazing pasture for cattle for centuries, these meadows are a relief to the exhausted bodies of tourists. The fresh, cool green color of the Dhumail meadow, Marchoi meadow, and Pokhri meadow will soothe your eyes. 


Generally, the first day of the trek ends at the Dhumail Meadow, where trekkers can retire and relax for the day. Two of the most unique activities that are popularly done at the Dhumail Meadow are bird watching and trout fishing. 


The next day the group passes through the Marchoi Meadow, another pristine and immaculate wonder of nature. And lastly, the trek ends at Pokhri Meadow, which is a majestic beauty on its own. 

Visit Naranag Temple Ruins, Base Camp for Famous Treks:

Visit Naranag Temple Ruins, Base Camp for Famous Treks:

Visit Naranag Temple Ruins, Base Camp for Famous Treks:

The Salnai Lakes Trek route starts from the Naranag village at an altitude of 2270m, a major tourist attraction, which acts as the base camp for many popular treks like Gangabal Lake Trek and is the end point of the mother of all treks; Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. 

Naranag village is among the major attractions at Salnai Lakes Trek because here tourists can also see ancient temple ruins, this place holds great significance amongst Kashmiri Hindus and is one of the important religious places in Kashmir, it also has a Shiva temple. 

Admire the Beauty of the Salsai Lakes Trek, Twin Lakes:

A noticeable feature of the Salnai Lakes Trek in Jammu and Kashmir is the fascinating five alpine lakes. There are five lakes in this area Gumber Sar, Salma Sar, Marchetuker Sar, Krim Sar, and Kai Sar Lakes.

Imagine sitting next to the clear azure blue waters of these pristine water bodies and breathing in the pure and therapeutic air of the mountains. The site is a delight, surrounded by mighty mountains, these inconspicuous lakes are a gem, hard to find in the bustling city life. 

Although, there are five lakes to be explored on the Salnai Lakes Trek, mostly, Krim Sar and Kai Sar, the twin lakes are covered.


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Explore the Salsai Lakes Trek Twin Valleys:

Explore the Salsai Lakes Trek Twin Valleys:

Walking along the mountainous paths, trekkers come across some of the most stunning views of the valleys, meadows, and lakes. The trek proceeds through thickets of tall pine trees and jungles. As this area is lesser known to tourists, it is cleaner and quieter.

Trekkers who want a calm retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of life, find immense peace in the lap of the two sister valleys of Salsai and Lashnai

The ambiance here is so serene and soothing that if you close your eyes and just sit in a corner, you’ll get the same amount of relaxation as you would with meditation. 

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Witness the Shepherd Village Life of Salsai Lakes Trek:

On the Salsai Lakes Trek in Kashmir, you can experience the humble and unadulterated life lived in the remote villages, thousands of feet above sea level. 

While crossing the meadows and valleys, you will come across small muddy houses of the shepherds who live in these forests. 

Can you get such an experience anywhere in the city? Guess not. You can mingle with the locals, talk to the shepherds, and understand their way of living. 

You can closely look at the difficulties, they face, daily and how they manage their food and other supplies at such high altitudes. 

What is the best time to do Salnai Lakes Trek?

What is the best time to do Salnai Lakes Trek?


The summer months from July to October are most appropriate for heading on this Trek. The weather is clear, and not very warm, making it easier to climb uphill. There are fewer chances of rain and paths getting slippery. 

How to reach Salnai Lakes?

To reach the starting point of the Salnai Lakes Trek, you must reach the village of Naranag, which is at a distance of 50 Km from the capital city of Srinagar. 

You can reach Srinagar via Flight or Train, there is good connectivity between Kashmir to the other parts of India, so getting a flight or a train won’t be an issue. In case you are traveling from a city close by, then taking a government-run bus is also not a bad idea. 

From Srinagar, you can take a bus or hire a private taxi and reach Naranag, the starting point of the Salnai Lakes Trek. 

For a great and memorable experience visit Paradise on Earth, here are a few tips that will make your stay even more joyous and safe.

How long is the Salnai Lakes Trek?

The Salnai Lakes Trek is a 38 km long Trek that lasts for around 4 days.

What is the best time to do Salnai Trek?

The best time to do the Salnai Trek is in summer from July to October.

Is Salnai Lakes Trek safe?

Yes, the Salnai Lakes Trek is absolutely safe, but necessary safety precautions must be taken.

How difficult is Salnai Lakes Trek?

The difficulty level of the Salnai Lakes Trek changes every day. It is from Moderate to Difficult. 

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