A Retreat To Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai

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We can visit various places in the Northern and Southern parts of India to explore the wildlife. Some of them are Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park, Bandipur National Park, etc. Speaking about national parks, did you know Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in the middle of the metropolitan city of Mumbai, has served and saved nature for ages? Let’s learn more about it, and understand the difference between national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary & National Parks

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Wildlife sanctuaries are made only to protect wild animals, and national parks are meant to protect animals and plants. The area of national parks is wider than sanctuaries as it is meant to protect the entire ecosystem. 

About Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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The Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai is spread around an area of about 34 square metres, and it is said that the entire area of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is inspired by the elements of Sahyadri Hills. According to reports, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai was established in 1969, and its headquarters are in the Borivali region. This national park is home to more than 1300 species of plants, more than 40 species of mammals, 38 reptiles, amphibians, and hundreds of butterfly species.

Topography and Geography 

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Looking at the topography of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai, the park consists of both hilly and plain areas. It has a high terrain of about 466 metres above sea level, including the geographical region the park has occupied northern suburbs of Mumbai and the areas from Malad, Goregaon, Borivali, Kandivali, and Dahisar. The national park has two lakes, Vihar Lake and Tulsi Lake, which fulfil the water requirements. This national park is also known as the “Lungs of Mumbai,” which purifies air pollution caused in the city. 

Biodiversity of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai

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The Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai is rich in biodiversity, bearing over a thousand species of floras and more than a hundred species of faunas. The floras are the most dominant type in any forest; at the lower side and the hill slopes of the national park, you will find tree species such as Teak, Arjuna, Firmiana, Dalbergia, Grewia, Adina, Ficus, Mahua etc. 

Moving upwards, you will find the semi- and evergreen floras at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai. You will observe the patches of Ashoka trees in their dense state, and Bamboo trees are widely spread here. Apart from that, you can observe the shrubs of Strobilanthes that are widely stretched in the park. These are widely spread, and you can also observe them at night. it is said that the flowers of these shrubs take seven years to bloom. 

While observing the faunas of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai, you will find that it has more than a hundred species of butterflies. Some of them are Blue Mormon, Plain Tiger, Danaid Egg Fly, Peacock Butterfly, Commando, Jezebel, Blue Oak Leaf Butterfly, etc. 

The park has many wild animals, such as Spotted Deer, Bonnet Macaque, Indian Hare, Asian Palm Civet, Leopards, Indian Flying Fox, etc. This place is a heaven for birdwatching enthusiasts and Ornithologists because the park has enlisted various species of birds. Some of them are Golden Orioles, Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, White Breasted Kingfisher, Drongos, Munias, Herons, etc. In winter, you can observe the migratory species as well. 

You can observe reptilian species such as Cat snakes, Pythons, Cobras, Monitor Lizards, Russell’s Viper, Bamboo Pit Viper, and crocodiles near Tulsi Lake. To avoid uncertainty, please ensure you are with experts while observing the reptiles. 

Because of these wild species, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is also famous. It promotes the conservation of wild animals enlisted in vulnerable categories, such as Leopards (Panthera Pardus), according to the Red Data List of the IUCN International Union For Conservation and Nature. 

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Adventure Activities At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If you are in Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai and more excited about exploring the wildlife from a different perspective, then there are various activities that you can participate in, organized by the committee members, some of which are:

1. Jungle Safari

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The National Park of Mumbai also provides a mini jungle safari, where you book a jeep or a caged bus and explore the wild in a natural habitat. You can observe these magnificent animals, such as Tigers and Leopards, roaming freely on the road. Grabbing the ticket for Jungle Safari as early as possible is requested because the queue to buy the tickets on the spot may take more than hours. Sanjay Gandhi National Park ticket price for jungle safari costs up to Rs. 100 per adult.

2. Trekking

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As the national park is in the hilly region of Mumbai, you can also opt for trekking, where you can trek for about 7.1 km. One of the most famous treks in this national park is from Main Gain to Kanheri Caves, where you can explore the caves of the ancient era. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park ticket price for trekking may vary accordingly because there are also solo and group treks. 

3. Cycling

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Suppose you are not very interested in jungle safari or trekking but want to explore this place faster. In that case, you can choose cycling, where you rent a bicycle on an hourly basis. You can start cycling from the main gate to the caves, or if you want to ride your bike on a smoother road, you can choose from the national park to Array Milk Colony of Mumbai. You can also join the cyclist’s community, which organizes various cycling trails and activities. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park ticket price varies according to age and the time. 

4. Boating

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Another activity you can do in the national park is rowing a boat in a small lake in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You have to rent a boat; the lake is yours to explore. 

5. Night Stays

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Apart from day activities, you can opt for night stays and night activities in the national park. You will spend your night in a pine hut which can accommodate 5 people easily. You can also join night activities such as herp walks, night trails, etc. 

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Ticket Price

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The entry ticket for the national park is INR 45 for children and INR 85 for adults. However, the ticket prices may vary according to the activities you want to participate in. For example, if you choose a night stay, you have to pay INR 7000. 

Best Time To Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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Mumbai has a humid climate hence, visiting these places in the cooler months from October to March is suggested. If you stay in the summer, you may need extra care. 

Places To Visit Near Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Okay, you have explored the national park and now have ample time. So here are some nearby attractions that you can visit. 

1. Mohammad Ali Road


If you are a foodie interested in tasting local delicacies, you must visit Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai. It is one of the best places to visit near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Here, you will see stalls of Nihari, Kebabs, Chocolate Shawarma, and Biryani at affordable prices. There are stalls and cuisines for vegetarians as well. 

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2. Priyadarshini Park

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The Priyadarshini Park and Sports Complex is one of the best places in Mumbai and is famous for its sea-facing location. Due to its location and different activities, Priyadarshini Park is ideal for family and friends. 

Hotels Near Sanjay Gandhi National Park

1. Ibis Thane: An Accor Brand, Mumbai

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At a distance of 5 km, you will observe a hotel named Ibis Thane, known for its value-for-money services. The amenities they provide are luxurious at affordable rates. It is one of the best hotels near Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

2. Royal Hometel Suites, Mumbai

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If you are looking for suites, Royal Hometel Suites is one of the best hotels near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is famous for its luxury experience to visitors and premium amenities. 

3. Hotel Tip Top Plaza, Mumbai

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Suppose you are looking for a budget hotel at a distance of 6 km. In that case, you will find the Hotel Tip Top Plaza, one of the best budget hotels near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This hotel is known for its value-for-money services and luxury amenities at affordable rates. 

Restaurants Near Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

1. Fusion Dhaba, Mumbai

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You can visit the Fusion Dhaba at a distance of 4 km, which is one of the best restaurants near Sanjay Gandhi National Park, for lunch, brunch, or dinner. 

2. High Point, Mumbai

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Another restaurant you can choose to visit is High Point, known for its value-for-money food services. The High Point is one of the famous restaurants near Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which has a variety of vegan menus. 

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Whether you are a nature enthusiast, cyclist, ornithologist, wildlife researcher, or a typical tourist, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park has everything for everyone. So why wait? Take those pending leaves, grab those tickets, and immerse yourself in the womb of nature. 

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