Say No To Long Queues At The Airport By Installing The Digiyatra App

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Technology and innovation are ever-growing and ever-changing, and every day there is a new invention or discovery, be it the Space Wedding or anything you can or cannot imagine. Technology has revolutionised the way we think and make plans, including travel. 

With the fast-growing technology, one such innovation that we have been introduced with and it has broken all grounds as it will change the way we travel and revolutionize the entire aviation industry. The tool is called Digiyatra which is the blend of an english word Digital and hindi word yatra making it like a Digital Journey.

Introduced by the Digiyatra foundation along with the Ministry of Civil Aviation(MOCA) the tool is the future of air travel and it would transform the way you travel. No doubt it will revolutionize the aviation industry and change everything about the traditional ways of flying and check-ins. 

So What Exactly Is Digiyatra?

Digiyatra is quite a trending tool, launched as an initiative by the Ministry Of Civil Aviation(MOCA) India to make air travel seamless, paperless and secure for the passengers in India. 

To reduce the usage of papers, and to save your time by avoiding standing in queues, the government has introduced digiyatra which uses your face as a boarding pass, making the boarding process easier and less time consuming. Isn’t that exciting? 

In the era of Covid-19 and various other diseases that may attack us in the near future, it is essential to have tools such as Digiyatra to make contactless process which eventually makes everything seamless and more efficient.

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How Does Digiyatra Tool Work?

The Digiyatra Tool uses biometric technology such facial recognitions and fingerprints to automate the boarding as well as the check-in process. So you can register your data by getting facial scans and inserting your finger prints, and finally stop the manual boarding and check-in process and make your travel easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You get E-boarding pass which means the traditional days of getting boarding passes paper are now gone for you can receive them on your phone and reduce the need for printing any physical document. 

The tool creates digital identities with the help of your biometrics and creates a unique identity linked to your biometrics, which serves as a secure and verifiable form and eliminates the need for multiple checks at each stages because In India there are multiple check points where you have to stop and show the same thing time and again. So to make it convenient the government has launched Digiyatra to your rescue. 

With the help of this the app, the passenger can get real time notifications and updates regarding their flights and also eliminates any scope of coinfusion among the passengers because they have everything in their phone. 

Besides, you can also track your baggage, because the app allows you to do so. Often people lose their bags at the airport, so now that won’t be a problem for you because of the digital tags, you will be able to track your luggage, ensuring efficient baggage handling processes.

You can download the app from playstore in android and appstore in IOS, for the app is available in both the operating system. Register to the app by putting in the correct information and also feed in your biometric information. 

The app will create a unique identity for you that will help you while travelling. You will receive updates and notifications regarding your flights and also the receive the boarding pass on your phone.

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To use the app at the airport, just go to the Digiyatra Departure Entry Gates, scan the boarding pass that you have received on your phone on the E-Gate, and look into the camera. The camera will scan your face and once identified, the gates of the terminal will be opened for you and you can proceed further now.

After giving your bags to the checked-in baggage, move to the Security Check Gate and walk up to the E-security check in gate, again look into the camera, once validated the gates will be opened and you can now move towards the boarding gate. 

Once you get the call for boarding, and like any other Indian guy you would wait for tha last call for boarding the flight, so when that happens, you can now get up get your facial scans at the gate and post validation,you can board the flight and relax for the entire flight. 

When you land, you can easily track your luggage because the digital tags will help you. Just take out your phone and look for the baggage tracking option and you are good to go. 

This will reduce the number of lost baggages for there is always someone at the airport who cannot find their luggage, so with the help of the app, you can avoid that to happen with you and you can be absolutely carefree during your flight for you know that your luggage is not going anywhere and even if it is, it can still be tracked down.


The Digiyatra Tool promises a significant advancement in the future of air travel and is likely to change the future of the aviation industry making travel as seamless and as efficient as possible. The convenience of not having to wait in long queues and wait at several security check just to take a 1 hour flight would be so cool. 

The future of the Digiyatra is quite hopeful, for the tool is not only limited to air travel but the biometric authentication can also be used for other modes of transportation such as buses and trains, making traveling in other modes of transportation convenient. 

However, like every good thing comes with a price, so does the digiyatra tool. The fact that you have to put in all your information in an application, is a little scary because nowadays even if you are thinking about buying something, lets say a mixer grinder, and next day you see its advertisement pop up on your istagram or facebook. So keeping that in mind, it is something to think about because all your data including your finger prints and facial recognition is being accessed, so again how safe that is, will always be a question in our minds.

On the other hand, your data is being accessed by your social media as well, you don’t seem to have much problem with that, and even if you have, you are not doing anything to stop it so that means it not a deal breaker for you. In that case, I don’t think, that this tool accessing your data will be a problem for you because eventually it will make your life and travel easier and if it becomes successful among the travellers, who knows where the future of Digiyatra takes us. 

So I would suggest not to overthink and ruin it and just go with the flow.  Install the app now so that when you travel the next time, you don’t have to worry about having to wait in long queues and wait at multiple check-in points and show your identity. 

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