Science City Ahmedabad: A Journey For Discovery And Inspiration!

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Snuggled amidst the busy street of Ahmedabad, Science City emerges as a precious jewel, pleasing curious minds and eager explorers to its gates. Beyond knowledge and innovation, here science has a magical intervention with art and technology to create a captivating essence of discovery. 

As the visitors enter the place the multiple exhibits will welcome them, and digital interactive displays will also create scope for an immersive experience. So, Let’s explore more insights into this Science City Ahmedabad, including its objectives, timings, and pricing.

About Science City Ahmedabad

Science City Ahmedabad is a dynamic centre for scientific education and exploration. This is a bold initiative of Gujarat’s government to nurture curiosity and advance knowledge in STEM fields. With the possession of 107 hectares, this land offers a perfect blend of exposure as well as insightful education.

This multifaceted complex provides a diverse array of interesting exhibitions, awareness programs, and workshops catered to specially engaged audiences of all ages. From unravelling mysteries of space to complexities of microbiology, Science City offers a better chance to have hands-on experience in learning and discovery.

Its contemporary and imaginative exhibitions also work on science working models, virtual reality, and live demonstrations to provide a clear vision of understanding technology advances in science even to the common man. With time it also conducts campaigns on the deeper appreciation of Gujarat’s cultural heritage and traditions.

With a significant focus on awareness, education, cultural exchange and innovation, Science City Ahmedabad stands as a vital symbol of enlightenment and progress.

Objectives Of Science City Ahmedabad

Science City Ahmedabad has very dedicated objectives to ignite the passion for advances and awareness of Science and Technology among all. Here are its top objectives:

1. Advancing Scientific Literacy


Science City aims to demystify complex scientific concepts and make them easily accessible and understandable to the common audience through exhibits, workshops and open demonstrations by science experts.

2. Strengthen Innovation


By showcasing the latest advancements in science and technology, Science City boosts creativity and exploration among the audience, inspiring them to realize and think critically for problem-solving.

3. Improving STEM Education


Science City Ahmedabad plays a key role in advancing education in STEM fields i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, aiming to produce the next generation with scientists, innovators and engineers of high potential.

4. Upholding Cultural Heritage


Apart from the scientific advancements, Science City also celebrates the rich local culture and heritage of Gujarat. It conducts EXPOs periodically to showcase traditional crafts and arts for exposure.

5. ​Creating Facinaiton


Science City seeks a unique spark of curiosity among all its visitors instilling a lifelong love for exploration and new learnings.

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Mission And Vision Of Science City

  • Mission Of Science City: It’s on a clear mission to be a multifaceted and imaginatively designed facility, where every visitor explores the wonders of science and technology and also has access to the most interesting and modern forms of entertainment in a pleasing environment at an affordable price.
  • Vision Of Science City: Science City has the vision to be a top world-class platform for Science promotion and popularization with education blended with entertainment.

Best Time To Visit Science City

​To learn and gain there is nothing such as a good time. But considering weather conditions and personal choices the best time to visit Science City Ahmedabad is from October to March.

This time the climate is on the scale of mild and pleasant, making the science exploration more enjoyable. Additionally, this time frame of winter to summer coincides with various famous festivals and events adding an extra layer of excitement and exposure for your visit to Science City.

Science City Ahmedabad Ticket Price

​Science City Ahmedabad ticket price is affordable, ensuring everyone has access to this amazing place. Ticket prices will vary due to various factors like age, special events, and also nationality.

On normal days the ticket price for adults is 20 rupees, children 10 rupees and for students 5 rupees. Parking also comes under the reasonable price of 5 rupees for 2 wheelers, 10 for 4 wheelers and 25 for buses.

Timings Of Science City

Science City operates from morning 10:00 AM to Evening 7:00 PM. However, the timings of Science City may slightly vary with factors such as peak seasons, special workshops, and EXPOs. The ticket counter will remain closed from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM for a lunch break, so plan your visit accordingly.

Places To Visit Near Science City

Beyond the innovative blues of Science City, there is a lot more to explore nearby points. So here are the top-picked places to visit near Science City:

1. Sabarmati Ashram


A special retreat and house of famous freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, this place offers insight into his life and teaching on a massive scale. The Sabarmati Ashram is free to enter and operates between morning 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

2. Sarkhej Roza


This architectural marvel of Indo-Saracenic design has a high historical significance that especially needs time to feel all its features.

3. Kankaria Lake


It’s a lakefront place that offers picturesque views with its lush gardens, amusement parks and recreational activities. This place is ideal in the evenings!

4. Adalaj Stepwell


The Adalaj stepwell dates back to the 15th century and showcases the architectural prowess of back craftsman with beautifully carved steps in an octagonal-shaped complex.

5. Vastrapur Lake


This lake forms an oasis for perfect evening leisure strolls and to enjoy the scenic views with the blend of street food exploration.

Is Science City Ahmedabad worth visiting?

Considering its educational and inspirational values Science City Ahmedabad is surely worth visiting!

How much time is required to see Science City Ahmedabad?

With time and interest, Science City Ahmedabad can be explored in 3-5 hours.

What is the fees for Science City Ahmedabad?

Adults-20 Rs, Children- 10 Rs and School Children – 5 Rs.

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