Scuba Diving In Dubai: An Underwater Paradise

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Dubai is a hub for adventure activities, which means paragliding and parasailing in Dubai, kite surfing, and Scuba diving in Dubai is a pretty common activity. Dubai provides some of the best diving experiences in plenty of places making your Dubai Trip, a memorable one. 

Dubai is a man-made paradise that attracts people worldwide to witness this city of limitless possibilities with a vision beyond the powers of ordinary countries. 

Scuba diving in Dubai is a unique experience for the explorers. Since Dubai is always developing and flourishing, the water near the ocean is a little murky, which makes it a little unclear, which for some reason, makes the experience one of a kind. 

Under the water, where the concrete meets nature, which is by the way is the most beautiful site, makes everything under the water a dream. As you dive inside the water, you will be able to witness a completely different world where the corals and the marine life rule the place. 

There are wrecks where you can go for scuba diving, which means you will be able to see some of the sunken ships. The sad story of the sunken ships, is also one of the most beautiful sites for Scuba diving. It might sound weird but it is what it is. 

Some of the popular places for Scuba diving in Dubai are

  1. Jumeirah Beach
  2. Martini Rock
  3. Sharm Rock
  4. Dubai World Island
  5. MV Ludwig
  6. Zainab
  7. Mariam Express
  8. MV Dara
  9. Mv Victoria Star
  10. Cement Barge
  11. Shiekh Mohammad’s Barge

1. Jumeirah Beach


Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular beaches and is also one of the best places for Scuba diving in Dubai, offering small sites for beginners to witness the most beautiful aquatic life of Jumeirah Beach. 

Being a popular beach, several agencies are offering one of the best scuba diving in Dubai experience and providing the equipment required for the activity. 

Advanced divers can see some of the shipwrecks inside the water as well. 

Price Per Person: INR 3500 Approximately

2. Martini Rock

If you want to immerse yourself in the tranquil waters and forget about your chaotic life, Martini Rock is the best scuba diving in Dubai experience. 

Martini Rock is a natural aquarium and becoming a popular spot for scuba diving in Dubai, as it has the most vibrant aquatic life on all of Dubai’s beaches. 

Price Per Person: INR 3200 Approximately

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3. Sharm Rock


Sharm Rock is a spectacular natural aquarium off the Dubai shore, offering one of the best sites for scuba diving in Dubai. 

You can see plenty of coral reefs here in the hues of pink and purple and several fishes, making it a sight to behold. 

It is the perfect place for scuba diving in Dubai for beginners. 

Price Per Person: INR 3000 Approximately

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4. Dubai World Island

The Dubai World Island is a group of artificial islands on the west coast which makes scuba diving in Dubai, the best part of your trip. 

Though made by man, the island is now home to budding corals and colony of flora and fauna. The island is quite maintained, attracting people seeking some good adventure activity under the water. 

It is believed that very soon, Dubai World Island will be one of the leading sites for scuba diving in Dubai, and in all of the United Arab Emirates, U.A.E. 

Price Per Person: INR 3900 Approximately

Wreckage Sites For Scuba Diving In Dubai

For some people, regular things are never enough, they want a little extra, myself included. So if you are like me, who is never satisfied with the bare minimum or what the world considers as normal, then scuba diving in Dubai at the wreckage sites is something you need to feel the rush of adrenaline. 

Offering the most curiosity evoking experiences, these wrecked scuba diving sites usually charge somewhere around INR 5000 totally depending upon the location. 

There are several agencies that offers you scuba diving in Dubai under the wrecks, also providing you with the equipments. 

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5. MV Ludwig


If we talk about the most well-preserved wrecked site, then MV Ludwig has to come up. It is a popular diving site. 

The MV Ludwig was a ship that sank during its practice session, and after all this time, it still stays inside as the hardcore explorers visit the wreck. 

Serving as a haven for fish species, including sea squirts, damselfish, pennant fish, and so on.

6. Zainab

If you are looking for the Scuba Dubai experience, something that you will cherish for the rest of your life, then Zainab is the place for you. 

It is one of the most loved and popular wreckage sites for scuba diving in Dubai. As per the story, the ship caused a major oil spill in the region because of the deadly waves that came in the way, and the ship failed to battle the waves and ended up drowning. 

That is how the most beautiful diving site in Dubai was made by one of the sad shipwrecks. 

The accident took place in the year 2001, and after 23 years, it is home to some of the most beautiful aquatic species in the world. 

The site is massive, and people take a couple of dives to explore the entire area. It is advisable that you take a professional diver along with you because it is no ordinary site. 

7. Mariam Express


Mariam Express was a ferry that used to sail between the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. However, in the year 2006, there were strong currents of the raging waves that took the ferry with it, making it a beautiful wreck. 

The reason for the wreck was not only the strong currents but also because of the fact that the ship was overloaded, and its cargo became a popular spot where divers were seen. 

It is home to a variety of marine species, including flatworms, nudibranchs, yellowtail barracuda, torpedo rays, and a spotted eagle. 

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8. MV Dara 

MV Dara was a passenger ship that sunk in the year 1961, causing the death of 238 people, which eventually turned out to be a beautiful wreck for the diving site for the divers. 

It is one of the few ships that became victim to a horrifying ship wrecks, and has been compared to the Titanic. Home to some of the most beautiful aquatic creatures, MV Dara is a stunning site for scuba diving in Dubai. 

9. MV Victoria Star


If you want to explore the most recent wrecks in the United Arab Emirates, then MV Victoria Star is where you should go for scuba diving. The ship sank in the year 2013, and is located at a depth of 14 to 23 meters. 

It is advised that beginners should go with a professional guide for the scuba diving activity, and the advanced divers, usually take multiple dives to explore the wreck entirely. 

Tourists come here quite often to make the most of their Dubai Trip, and have the best experience of scuba diving in Dubai.

10. Cement Bridge

If you want to dive in one of the most popular diving sites in Dubai then you should definitely explore the Cement Barge. 

The depth of the cement barge is between 5 to 20 meters approximately. If you are a beginner, and have never tried scuba diving before, then this is the best site for you. 

If you are an expert, then too it is a fabulous diving site for you. Besides scuba diving, you can also go for snorkelling, and night diving at the Cement Bridge diving site in Dubai. 

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11. Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge


Dubai is known for its top-notch inventions and efforts to provide the best experiences to the tourists, and the people living here. Like always Dubai always surpasses the expectations of its people and never disappoints. 

In that context, let me tell you that to promote tourism, several efforts have been made one of which includes sinking ships on purposes. 

Yes, you heard it right, Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge was sunk intentionally to create a man-made wreck so as to create a beautiful wreck site for the divers, who are always up for exploring something unique and also to create an environment for the corals and the marine liffe off the Dubai coast. 

The Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge is one of the man-made wrecks by sinking a ship intentionally and is 18 to 23 meters deep in the gulf, which requires the divers to atleast take two dives to explore the entire wreck. 

You can see plenty of coral growth which makes the site so beautiful, you will be in awe seeing the hues of pink, and purple, while feeling the gushing sound of water, and the extreme pressure on your body. The feeling is going to be so beautiful, it will be difficult to put into words, and that is what a good diving experience all about. 

Tips For Scuba Diving In Dubai


While planning your scuba diving activity in Dubai, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, to have the best vacation of your life, and probably the most fascinating underwater adventure. 

  • Ensure that the weather is suitable for scuba diving, for sometimes the weather does not permit, so its better that you take the advise of the professionals before going further with the dive. 
  • Try not go inside the water all by yourself. It is advised that you take a trained professional with you to avoid any risk factor. 
  • Listen to all the instructions given by the instructor and follow them under the water. 
  • While you are inside the water, you have to maintain basic underwater etiquettes, and try not to touch the corals, and avoid getting very close to the aquatic species, for some may bite. 
  • Before you go inside the water, ensure all your underwater equipments are working properly. 
  • Do not swim far away from the reef, and follow your instructor. 
  • If things go wrong, do not lose your calm, try to thik of a solution instead of panicking. 
  • Do not try anything new because under the water you have very less control, and the movement cannot be fast, so avoid it all costs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Dubai

1. Is Dubai a good place for diving?

Yes, Dubai is perfect for scuba diving, and you should definitely try the activity for the best scuba diving experience. 

2. Is scuba diving in Dubai safe for first-timers?

Yes, scuba diving, no matter if its your first time of your hundredth, it is safe but you should go with a trained professional, and not alone. 

3. How much does scuba diving cost in Dubai?

The cost of scuba diving is somewhere around INR 3500 to INR 4000, however diving at the wreck sites, the cost can be expected to be INR 5000

4. Which is the best scuba diving centers in Dubai?

Jumeirah Beach is one of the best scuba diving centers in Dubai, and is a popular spot for the activity. 

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