Sea Walk in Andaman: Travel Guide to Unique Underwater Adventure

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Sea Walk in Andaman is one of the most unique experiences offered in the Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package. Imagine being entirely submerged in the crystal-clear waters around Andaman, surrounded by the most vibrant and colorful marine life as you go on a sea walk in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Situated in the mighty Indian Ocean, the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands is a popular tourist hotspot for travelers seeking a relaxing island experience. The diverse culture, the best beaches in Andaman, and the diverse array of water sports activities make Andaman a must-visit destination. 

Amongst the several best water adventure activities on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, sea walk in Andaman is the only activity limited to this archipelago in India. So, if you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Island, you must do the best sea walk in Andaman. 

In this blog, let’s dive deeper into the captivating world of a sea walk in Andaman to explore the aquatic wonders, understand the process, cost, timings and why it’s a must-try experience.

About Sea Walk in Andaman


Take the best sea walk in Andaman to experience the unique adventure that blends scuba diving without the need for continuous swimming. Picture yourself walking in the ocean bed without the need for balance or constant swimming.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll on the ocean floor, surrounded by vibrant live corals and the stunning beauty of underwater life. The experience allows you to marvel at the underwater biodiversity, creating lasting memories amidst colorful fishes and fascinating creatures.

The experience of sea walk in Andaman is enhanced by its diverse marine ecosystem. So, get ready with all the gears and dive into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves, where colorful coral reefs and exotic fish create an enchanting spectacle, making it an ideal location for this extraordinary activity.

Sea Walk in Andaman is perfectly suitable for swimmers, non-swimmers, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts without prior experience. Unlike traditional scuba diving in Andaman, taking a sea walk in Andaman is a hassle-free underwater adventure and easily accessible to everyone.

Many tour operators also offer complimentary videography while doing the sea walk in Andaman. This video will capture your entire experience of the sea walking in Andaman along with the colourful marine life that you will be seeing underwater. You will receive your video footage at the end of the activity which you can keep as a wonderful memory of this unique adventure of sea walk in Andaman.

You will also be surprised to know that Andaman prioritizes environmental conservation to ensure a sustainable experience of sea walk in Andaman. So, most of the water sports activities in Andaman do not harm the delicate marine ecosystem here. The commitment to preserving the underwater environment adds to the appeal of seawalking in this pristine destination.

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Choosing The Best Place For Sea Walk In Andaman


It takes a lot of research and expert opinion to find the best place for sea walk in Andaman. Different factors affect the selection of the right place for taking a sea walk in Andaman.

Some of the factors that are considered while finding the right place for a sea walk in Andaman are the depth of the sea bed, the type of current underwater, accessibility, etc. One of the main factors in finding the perfect is that the place should be a natural aquarium with a variety of underwater life to enjoy the activity to the fullest.

2 Best Places for Sea Walk In Andaman


1. North Bay

In Andaman, the first-ever sea walk was developed at North Bay after extensive research by experts. Chosen for its best coral reef and abundant wildlife, North Bay Island emerged as one of the best place for sea walk in Andaman, resembling a natural aquarium with diverse fish species and an impressive sea bed. The coral formations, divided into small yet dense parts, host a variety of majestic fish species and lobsters, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

At North Bay which is one of the best places to visit in Andaman, the Sea Walk in Andaman experience is set against the backdrop of the best-selected coral reef in the region. A stationed platoon (anchored boat) enhances the experience for first-timers, ensuring safety and comfort. 

The area is expertly managed by trained staff, with netted boundaries along the platoon providing a secure and amazing sea-walking experience. Trained divers are readily available to guide participants through the underwater adventure.

Access to North Bay Island is exclusively by boat, and since there are no accommodations on the island, visitors typically return to Port Blair on the same day. Despite the lack of overnight stay options, North Bay is a great choice for sea walking enthusiasts seeking a unique experience in a breathtaking underwater environment.

2. Elephant Beach, Havelock Island

Another best place for a sea walk in Andaman is Elephant Beach on Havelock Island (now called Swaraj Dweep). To enhance the sea walking experience, vibrant corals have been deliberately planted to attract a diverse array of fish species. These thick coral forests at Elephant Beach are now home to some of the most vibrant and rare species of fish found in Andaman.

Havelock Island is a playground for some top things to do in Andaman. There are a plethora of water activities at Elephant Beach, thus making it a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Some of the popular activities at Elephant Beach include trekking, snorkeling, beach combing, and much more.

The reefs surrounding Elephant Beach are very shallow due to the wide strips formed with underwater volcanic moments which makes it one of the best places for sea walk in Andaman. Once underwater, the buoyancy lifts the weight of your body, and you find yourself surrounded by schools of fishes and mesmerizing sea creatures, creating a beautiful underwater scene. 

Starting with a boat ride to the site, visitors receive instructions on walking underwater, including various signs for easy communication. Accompanied by trained staff, the sea walk at Elephant Beach promises an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Some operators even provide bait for feeding the fish, allowing you to enjoy their presence without the need to walk.

What To Expect During Sea Walk In Andaman


The sea walking adventure in Andaman is a well-organized and secure process designed for participants of all experience levels. The total duration of a Sea Walk in Andaman is approximately 60 minutes. 

The adventure begins with a short 5-10 minute briefing session where the participants will be introduced to the equipment, receive essential tips on walking underwater, and learn hand signs for effective communication during the sea walk.

After the briefing session, you will be taken to the site of the best sea walk in Andaman which is bordered by a fence for the protection of the divers. Once you are at the site you will be equipped with the gears. You will wear a dome-like helmet with a transparent visor. The transparent front allows for an unobstructed view of the underwater world. This helmet is connected to the oxygen cylinder with the help of a tube. 

The person is then lowered to the seabed at a depth of around 20-25 feet, allowing them to walk around and marvel at the underwater wonders. The oxygen cylinder, located in the pontoon (anchored boat), provides a continuous and convenient oxygen supply to the helmet, allowing participants to breathe normally.

The sea walk guides, a dedicated team of experts, accompany participants every step of the way, ensuring a safe, hassle-free, and truly extraordinary experience.

The sea bed, in this context, refers to a designated ground in the sea chosen for human activity for enjoyment purposes. Fences are in place to protect participants from wild marine species and the potential threat of drifting to deeper sites. 

This safety measure ensures that even non-swimmers can comfortably walk around on the seabed, making the experience accessible to all. For swimmers, the unique opportunity to sea walk in Andaman into the sea adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the sea walking adventure.

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Things To Remember For A Sea Walk In Andaman


Here are some Andaman Travel Tips for a smooth Sea Walking experience:

  • The cost for sea walking in Andaman starts at around ₹3000 per person with gear, guide, and boat transfer to the sea bed.
  • Anyone between the ages of 8 and 50 can go on to sea walk without any difficulties.
  • Travelers with medical conditions like Asthma, Heart Problems, Sinus, Blood pressure and Pregnancy should consult a doctor before undertaking this water activity.
  • If you are traveling in peak season book your activity in advance as there are only 2 major sites for a sea walk in Andaman.
  • To take part in this activity, the client must submit accurate medical data regarding his or her condition to the divemaster or manager.
  • For a good sea walking experience follow all the instructions given during the briefing and pre-diving.

In conclusion, sea walk in Andaman promises a unique and tranquil underwater adventure, accessible to all. With its breathtaking marine landscapes and commitment to environmental conservation, Andaman stands out as the perfect destination for those seeking a touch of adventure combined with the wonders of the ocean depths.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Sea Walk in Andaman

What is Sea Walk, and how does it work in Andaman?

 Sea Walk is an underwater adventure in Andaman where participants wear a specially designed helmet connected to an oxygen cylinder. This helmet allows normal breathing while walking on the sea bed, typically at a depth of 20-25 feet. The transparent helmet provides an unobstructed view of the underwater world, creating a unique and safe experience.

Where can one experience Sea Walk in Andaman?

 Sea Walk can be experienced at two prominent locations in Andaman – North Bay Island and Elephant Beach on Havelock Island (now Swaraj Dweep). North Bay offers a natural aquarium setting with diverse marine life, while Elephant Beach is known for vibrant coral plantations and a rich array of fishes.

Is Sea Walk suitable for non-swimmers or beginners?

Yes, Sea Walk in Andaman is suitable for non-swimmers and beginners. The experience requires minimal training, and participants are guided by trained staff throughout the activity. The safety measures, including wide-netted boundaries and lifeguard assistance, make it accessible and enjoyable for individuals with no prior swimming experience.

What can one expect to see or experience during a Sea Walk in Andaman?

During a Sea Walk in Andaman, participants can expect to witness vibrant coral reefs, exotic fish species, and even encounter marine creatures like lobsters. The transparent helmet provides an up-close view of the underwater world, creating a memorable experience. Additionally, feeding bait to the fishes adds to the enjoyment, making Sea Walk a convenient, comfortable, and safe adventure for all.

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