Shankus Water Park: Ahmedabad’s Perfect Weekend Getaway

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Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, with a semi-arid climate. To beat the heat in this urban metropolitan city of Gujarat with a perfect weekend getaway with your family and friends you can visit Shankus Water Park in Ahmedabad. Shanku Waterfall in Ahmedabad is located in Amipura, near, Mehsana Highway.

The vicinity of Shankus Water Park and Resort Mehsana is known for its luxurious stay and has a world-class resort with some scrumptious food. The vicinity is also used for many corporate and family functions.

The waterpark has many slides for your adventure soul and is a perfect getaway from your regular city’s mundane life. So, let’s waste no time and dive into the adventure of Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad.

Shanku’s Water Park Ahmedabad Gujarat

Gujarat Tourism

Nestled in the vicinity of Shanku’s,  sprawls an amazing waterpark offering some adventurous water slides for those with an adventurous soul. Apart from various adventurous water slides, there are 4 different food courts, and a wave pool with a DJ, Shanku’s waterfall also offers school group tours and birthday bash celebrations. 

Water Slides


Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad is one such place famous for its adventurous water slides for both kids and adults. These slides can be enjoyed solo or with a group. Some of these fun slides include Manta and Bubble Tub, Tumble Jumble, Whizzard, Insano, Aqua Drag, Tornado, Twister, and Buttle Bowl.

Other Activities


Activities other than water slides include Thrill & Chill Creek, splash pad, Kids complex (which is specifically for kids), and wave pool DJ which doubles the fun and gives you an ecstatic experience. 

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Food Courts

Shankus Water Park

In the vicinity of Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad, are food courts for toddlers, young, and adults. From Delhi to Mumbai, street delicacies to continental mouthwatering delicacies it has everything. Your kids’ small pangs of hunger will be satisfied with combos of their favourite yummy food

The food court also includes hot and cold beverages be it to beat the heat or to envelop the coziness in the cold. There are three food courts at Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad including Mandy’s Kitchen, Today’s Eatery, and Buddy’s Food Court.

Shanku’s Water Park Ticket Price

Shanku’s Water Park price is Rs. 1225/- per person from Monday to Saturday and Rs. 1425/- on Sunday, this ticket includes food as well. 

If you want to try costumes then Shanku’s Water Park price goes up to Rs. 1525/- per person from Monday to Saturday and Rs. 1725/- on Sunday. The ticket of Shanku’s Water Park is free for kids below the age of 3.

Timings Of Shanku’s Water Park

The timings of Shanku’s Water Park are from 10:00 am to 05:30 pm and is open on all days. 

Shankus Resort Mehsana

Not just a waterpark, Shankus also has a separate property resort. Be it a Mughal Cottage, Delux Cottage, or a Suite Room they have it all. So planning a staycation near Ahmedabad then Shankus Resort is a perfect destination for your vacation. 

The accommodation is nestled between the lush green trees which sprawls across several acres. The stylish designs of the rooms be it Mughal Cottage, Suite Rooms, or Deluxe Cottage has not been compromised with elegance and luxury although they are at a budget-friendly pricing. The accommodations also feature Basic Guest Rooms, Cottage Rooms, Deluxe Cottages, and Grand Suites to match every budget and interest.

Fun Fact – There are a lot of squirrels in the resort vicinity. 

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Ahmedabad Tourism

The other amenities at the Shankus Resort are Indoor and outdoor games including table tennis, carrom, tennis, etc which are designed for all age groups. Then they have a swimming pool for the vacationers who have come to spend their leisure time at the resort. You can start your day with an unwinding dip into the pool and relax. 

They also have the facility of horse riding with safety measures and proper arrangements. Spa and Wellness Center has been arranged for the visitors making it one of the best things to experience. To book the Spa treatment you have to book an appointment beforehand at the reception desk. The spa is so relaxing that will make you fall asleep. 

For the gym freak who does not want to miss even a day without lifting weights have a proper arrangement of the gym in the vicinity of Shanku’s Resort. They also have a Yoga center where as per the schedule teachers come and teach you Yoga. 


Ahmedabad Tourism

1. Cascade

Located in Shankus Water Park and Resort Mehsana, Cascade Resort offers you a delicious experience of food with a diverse array of global and appetising cuisines. Not just the food, but the grand ambience of Cascade will put you in awe.

2. Cabana Restaurant 

The Cabana Coffee Shop at Shankus Water Park and Resort Mehsana offers you a beautiful experience of coffee by the poolside. The shop is open 24 hours and is a one-stop solution for convenience and delectable dining

It is an ideal stop for a roadside experience and someone who is a coffee connoisseur. One of the best things on the menu of Cabana is their cold coffee. 

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Organised Events

Shankus Water Park

The venue of Shanku’s Resort is used for many corporate, personal, and family events. They have an open ground for weddings receptions, and engagements. Some of the scenes of films have been shot in the vicinity of Shanku’s Resort. 

Apart from weddings, many corporate events, family gatherings, birthday parties, etc happen at Shankus Water Park and Resort Mehsana.

How To Reach Shankus Water Park and Resort Mehsana

Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad is well connected with the other cities, you can get on a bus or book a cab to reach here. If you are coming via Ahmedabad then it will take you a maximum of 2 hours to reach the resort, which is at a distance of approximately 56 km. Gandhinagar is around 44 km and Mehsana is around 15 km from Shanku’s Water Park in Ahmedabad.

Roads of Gujarat are well connected so it is advisable to use public transport like buses or get your car to reach the resort. 

What is the weight limit for Shankus Water Park?

Minimum rider height 107 cm. Minimum 1 ride maximum 2 rides allowed per raft. Maximum operational load 182 Kgs. Maximum load per person 136 Kg.

Who is the owner of Shanku Water Park?

Shankarbhai Chaudhary is the founder of Shanku Water Park.

How much is Shankus Water Park for 1 person?

 Shanku’s Water Park price is Rs. 1225/- per person from Monday to Saturday and Rs. 1425/- on Sunda, this ticket includes food as well. If you want to try costumes then Shanku’s Water Park price goes up to Rs. 1525/- per person from Monday to Saturday and Rs. 1725/- on Sunday. The ticket of Shanku’s Water Park is free for kids below the age of 3.

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