Shikara Ride In Kashmir- The Complete Guide

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The famous song ‘ Yeh Haseen Vadiyan’ reminds you of the many valleys in Kashmir that offer something new and beautiful at every step that you take. The unparalleled beauty that you won’t find anywhere else except with our Kashmir tour packages just makes its place in your heart. 

But, did you know that there’s something else too that equally wins you over? Well, it is the Shikara ride in Kashmir that does the magic for you, and this is what we’re going to talk about in this blog. So, hurry and start your journey through the many places in Kashmir, but this time in a unique exploration mode. 

A Journey Through The Dal Lake Via A Shikara Ride In Kashmir 


Gliding across Dal Lake on a Shikara ride in Kashmir is like stepping into a painting. The gentle ripples mirror the sky as the Shikara boat cradles you along a path of serenity. Starting from the banks lined with tall trees, you’re taken past a parade of ornate houseboats in Kashmir, each with intricate designs telling stories of their own. The lake is a stage, showcasing the majestic peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains in the backdrop, a sight that can draw a gasp from anyone.

As the oar slices through the water, you’re met with the vibrant colours of floating gardens, a unique feature of this place. The route takes you through a bustling floating market, where the daily life of locals unfolds. Here, you can witness the heart of things to do in Srinagar – from buying flowers to savouring traditional street food, all without leaving the comfort of your Shikara.

Each bend in the lake brings a new perspective, a different view that feels untouched by time. From the reflection of the Hazratbal Shrine to the distant outline of Shankaracharya Temple, the journey on a Shikara is a quiet promise of tranquillity that stays with you long after you’ve stepped ashore.

The Essence Of Shikara


The Shikara ride in Kashmir is not just a boat ride; it’s a glide through history on the serene waters of Dal Lake. Picture a slender wooden vessel, the Shikara boat, with its intricately carved patterns and vibrant cushions, each one a testament to the skillful hands that crafted it. These boats are not only a means of transport but also a cherished tradition, passing from one generation of Kashmiri artisans to the next.

Stepping into a Shikara is like stepping back in time, where the simplicity of the design blends with the natural beauty around, showing why Kashmir is called ‘Heaven on Earth’. The Shikara holds a mirror to the region’s soul, embodying the peaceful coexistence of humans with nature. It is more than just a symbol; it’s a floating embrace of Kashmir’s heritage, ferrying stories of the past into the present.

Best Time To Visit And Prices 


The best time to indulge in a Shikara ride in Kashmir is during the autumn season. Autumn in Kashmir paints the valley with a palette of golden hues, and the lakes are usually calm, reflecting the clear blue skies above. This serene atmosphere makes for a perfect Shikara ride experience.

If you’re planning a visit to Kashmir in June, you’ll be greeted with the fresh bloom of summer flowers and a vibrant energy in the air. The weather is pleasant—not too cold and not too warm—ideal for a relaxing ride on the lake. However, it’s also a peak tourist season, so expect a bit of a crowd.

As the summer heat begins to go, Kashmir in September offers a mild and comfortable climate, making it another excellent choice for Shikara rides. The water is tranquil, and the surroundings start to display the first signs of the golden autumnal beauty.


When you decide to hop on a Shikara boat, here are a few practical tips to keep in mind:

Pricing: The cost for a Shikara ride can vary, so it’s wise to agree on a price with the boatman beforehand. Don’t shy away from a little bargaining to get a fair deal.

Duration: Rides can last from a quick half-hour tour to a more leisurely few hours. Decide how long you want to be on the water and discuss this with the boatman.

Safety Tips: Always wear a life jacket if provided, and keep your belongings secure. It’s usually safe to bring your camera or phone to capture the picturesque views, but hold on to them tightly.

To Sum It Up

Image Source : OneIndia

As our Shikara gently glides back to the shore, we carry with us the serene essence of Kashmir’s soulful beauty. Each stroke of the oar through the reflective waters of Dal Lake writes a silent ode to peace. This enchanting experience of a Shikara ride in Kashmir is more than just a simple tour; it’s a cherished memory painted with the hues of the setting sun and the heartfelt smiles of the locals.

It’s a call to travel lovers everywhere to tread softly upon this land, to stay in the welcoming hotels in Srinagar, and to leave only with stories while supporting the vibrant culture that thrives here. The tranquil waters whisper tales of the past and hope for the future, and aboard a Shikara boat, you listen to a world that speaks in the language of beauty, inviting you to return, time and again, to its timeless embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a Shikara ride in Kashmir?

During a Shikara ride in Kashmir, expect serene waters, panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, floating markets, and the vibrant life along the shores of Dal Lake all from the comfort of a traditional wooden boat.

How long is a typical Shikara ride, and what are the best times to experience it?

A typical Shikara ride lasts about one to two hours with sunrise and sunset being the most magical times to experience the tranquil beauty and changing colours of the skies reflecting on the water.

Is it necessary to book a Shikara ride in advance, or can I arrange one on the spot in Kashmir?

It’s not necessary to book a Shikara ride in advance; you can easily arrange one on the spot as many are readily available along the banks of Dal Lake and other popular spots in Kashmir.

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