Shilpgram Udaipur: A Journey Through Rajasthan’s Culture, Art And Craft

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Looking for an incredible Rajasthan Trip? Shilpgram Udaipur Festival will only enhance your experience and complete your trip.  In today’s digital world, it’s hard to keep old traditions alive. But some places in India, like Shilpgram, are working to protect their history and culture.

Shilpgram means “village of artisans”. It is a special place in Udaipur where you can see traditional arts and crafts from Rajasthan. It also shows some Mughal and European influences.

Shilpgram in Udaipur gives rural and local artists from western Rajasthan a chance to show their skills. The Shilpgram Udaipur Festival is a great example of this. 

Shilpgram History


Shilpgram in Udaipur is a great place to see and learn about Indian art and culture. It shows India’s history and traditions in a beautiful way. The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi opened Shilpgram in 1989.

It’s located in the countryside near Udaipur to show how rural artists live and work. Every year, at the end of December, there is a big 10-day festival at Shilpgram. Artists and performers come from all over India to show their skills and celebrate.

Shilpgram is a great place for rural and local artists from western Rajasthan to show their art and craft skills. But Udaipur has more than just Shilpgram. The city has many other places that show its rich history and culture.

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Architecture Of Shilpgram


Shilpgram is built to look like an old rural market. It has many small huts made of mud and natural materials. These huts show how people live in different parts of western India.

The huts are workspaces for artists and craftspeople, which makes Shilpgram feel lively. Each hut looks different, showing the culture of the state it represents. There are 26 huts in total:

  • 5 from Rajasthan
  • 5 from Maharashtra
  • 5 from Goa
  • 7 from Gujarat

The huts are built close together to show how different cultures can live side by side peacefully.

Shilpgram also has a big outdoor theatre that can seat 8,000 people. They use this theatre for festivals where you can watch special tribal and folk dances.

Best Time To Visit Shilpgram

Shilpgram is most exciting in December. Every year, there’s a big 10-day fair at the end of the month. It happens from December 21st to December 30th. 

This festival is both fun and educational. It’s the best time to visit Shilpgram because you can see and do so many things during these days.

Shilpgram Timings 

Shilpgram is open every day from 11 AM to 7 PM. And the Haat Bazaar (market) opens at 12 noon daily.

Shilpgram Udaipur Entry Fee

Ticket prices

For Indians: 

  • Adults pay 30 rupees
  • Children pay 15 rupees

For Foreigners: 

  • Everyone pays 50 rupees

Location of Shilpgram 

Shilpgram is located in western Udaipur, it’s very close to the city at a distance of 3km. Shilpgram is a big place, covering 70 acres of hilly land. It’s surrounded by the Aravali mountains, which makes it a special and beautiful spot in nature.

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How To Reach Shilpgram? 

Source: Udaipur Railway Station Forum/Discussion - Railway Enquiry

Shilpgram is easy to reach. It is about 10 km from Lal Ghat in Udaipur. You can reach it by plane, train, or bus.

By Plane:

  • Fly to Maharana Pratap Airport
  • The airport is 23.3 km from Shilpgram
  • Take a taxi from the airport to Shilpgram

By Train: 

  • Reach Udaipur railway station
  • The station is 2.4 km from Shilpgram
  • Take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to Shilpgram

By Bus: 

  • Many buses go to and from Udaipur
  • State-run buses are safe and comfortable

However, getting around can be tricky because of new places and traffic. It’s best to hire a private taxi. 

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Things To Do At Shilpgram

  1. Enjoy a 10-day festival showing rural life in western India through art, dance, music, and performances.
  2. Join in local dances, eat local food, and watch amazing stunts like rope walking.
  3. See art shows and talk to local craftspeople about their work and lives.
  4. Take workshops to learn more about arts and crafts.
  5. Buy handmade items like furniture, glasswork, clothes, jewellery, and other crafts.
  6. See daily exhibitions by both rural and city artists, including potters and designers.
  7. Shilpgram is a great place to experience Indian culture and buy unique handmade items.
  8. Look at beautiful art from different states:


  1. Gujarat: Mirrorwork, beadwork, weaving, pottery, and embroidery
  2. Goa: Fisherman and potter houses, grass and cane work
  3. Maharashtra: Wall paintings, metal casting, leatherwork 

Some Of The Best Hotels Near Shilpgram

  1. Hotel Park Exotica Spa And Resort
  2. Shouryagarh Resort
  3. Vijaygarh Resort & Cottages
  4. Mount View Retreat
  5. Amantra Shilpi Resort & Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time of Shilpgram in Udaipur?

Shilpgram is open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is Shilpgram famous for?

Shilpgram represents and celebrates the Indian rural culture. It is famous for its arts and crafts, the 10-day annual festival, and a large outdoor theatre for cultural shows.

Is Shilpgram worth visiting?

Shilpgram is a great place to see traditional Indian arts and crafts. You can watch artists work, enjoy cultural performances, and buy unique handmade items.

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