Best Summer Destination: Shimla Witnesses A Surge In Tourists!

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During summer, people prioritise travelling to places with cool and pleasant weather! Plenty of people are rushing to hill stations like Shimla because it’s really hot in North India. Shimla witnesses a surge in tourists recently to beat the scorching heat of the sun. It’s super hot in many places, and the heat is making it really hard to bear. That’s why people are heading to cooler spots like Shimla to escape from the heat because of which Shimla Gets Crowded With Tourists, almost every year. 

Currently, Shimla is a top spot for vacations in India. Lots of people are going there to chill out and take a break from their usual routines. Shimla’s got some amazing views of nature that make it a great place to explore and have a peaceful vacation. You can wander around in the forests, enjoy the beautiful mountains, or just take relaxed walks through the cute streets. It’s a really calm and beautiful place to relax and feel refreshed hence during this hot summer Shimla Gets Crowded With Tourists.

This year, the tourism industry is feeling really hopeful. Lots of people from India are visiting the place which is great news for businesses and hotels. With more people booking trips, it looks like there’ll be a big increase in visitors soon. This boost in tourism is like a light at the end of the tunnel, bringing hope for businesses to make more money after a slow couple of years.

According to the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department, more than a thousand tourists visit the hill state every year. In 2019, around 1,720,000 tourists came, with about 400,000 from other countries. This was almost 5 per cent higher than the year before, showing that lots of people still love coming to Himachal Pradesh for vacations.

From 2021 to 2022, fewer people visited Shimla because of the pandemic, but now, more are starting to come again. However, there have been some problems with rain and floods lately. Tourism is really important for Himachal Pradesh. It brings in over 11,000 crore rupees to the economy. It’s like the main support of the state’s economy, making up about 7.3 per cent of the state’s total money.

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