Haunted Sina Hotel In Goa: A Spooky Retreat

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If you are planning for a holiday, then Goa will be at the top of the list. As we all know Goa is one of the most visited places in the entire country. It’s famous for multiple things, it could be pristine beaches, scenic viewpoints, temples, churches, forts, vibrant culture and many more. 

Goa has something for everyone and mostly is the most popular for its lively nightlife. It’s a great place for destination weddings and also one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. Goa is a paradise on the earth. 

And if you are thinking this is all about Goa, then you may be a little wrong! Goa has a paranormal side, a side that many of us don’t know. Have you ever heard of ghosts in real life or ghost stories? If you haven’t then you should come visit the Sina Hotel in Goa. This is one of the most haunted places in Goa. This Sina Hotel in Goa offers a picturesque view, yet it’s mysterious. The Sina Hotel haunted history promises an unforgettable and unique experience that will make you believe in supernatural creatures for sure. 

Delve yourself into the Sina Hotel haunted history and chilling atmosphere at the Sina Hotel location which will make anyone visit this Sina Hotel at least once in a lifetime and be intrigued by the paranormal.

Sina Hotel Haunted History

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The Sina Hotel in Goa is situated in an area rich with history, as the Sina Hotel haunted history states that it is not uncommon for tales of the supernatural to spread, especially in ancient colonial buildings. 

According to locals, the Sina Hotel horror story is stated to be that the Sina ghost hotel is haunted by the spirits of Portuguese soldiers and previous residents. Visitors have noted weird experiences such as paranormal noises, ghostly phantoms, and sudden temperature drops.

One of the most typically told Sina Hotel horror stories, entails a female in white who allegedly roams the hallways, acknowledged to be a former guest who met a tragic cease. Other stories state phantom footsteps and doorways that open and close by themselves. 

Despite these blood-chilling stories, many consider that those Sina Hotel horror story are just regular stories, fueled by the hotel’s vintage structure and atmospheric setting.

While the haunted prestige of Sina Ghost Hotel provides its charisma and attraction, it remains a popular vacation spot for those fascinated by the paranormal and people who surely admire its ancient attraction. Visitors regularly leave with memories, stories and experiences to share.

Sina Hotel Horror Story


The Sina Ghost Hotel stands as an antique colonial majesty, but its beauty hides a blood-chilling mystery. Legend has it that in the early 1900s, a Portuguese female named Isabella, who was deeply in love with a soldier, stayed at the hotel. When her lover died in conflict, Isabella fell into sadness. One rugged night time, she was found dead in her room, her motive of loss of life is still a mystery.

Visitors nowadays report experiencing a vision of a female in white, roaming the halls and gazing out of windows. One such tourist, a suspicious businessman named Raj, checked into room 203, who was unaware of its Sina Hotel horror story. He was woken up by a cold contact and the sound of sobbing. Opening his eyes, he noticed a faint, sorrowful figure on the foot of his bed. He’s terrified, and stepped out of the room and never returned.

The locals signified the ghosts of the frustrated spirits that still haunt the preliminary hotel premises, which many people have noticed. They often listen to noises of glass breaking, windows shutting wildly, and evil screams from this abandoned house.

Sina Hotel Location

Sina Hotel location: At the exit of the Agonda beach in Southern Goa, you can discover a spooky little structure lying abandoned for years which the locals refer to as the Sina ghost hotel. It‘s an incredible resort as it’s far set back from the seashore on a hill, with a splendid view of Agonda Beach. The villagers there say that the owners ran out of cash and additionally, that building stopped suddenly after one of the owners was massacred.

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Places To Visit Near Sina Hotel In Goa 

1. Calangute Beach 


Calangute Beach is one of the most prominent beaches in Goa and the lengthiest beach in North Goa, which extends from Candolim to Baga and is placed at a distance of 15 km from Panjim.  It is one of the best places to visit near Sina Hotel in Goa, due to its huge length, Calangute is one of the most famous beaches in Goa, drawing vacationers from all around the world. 

Calangute Beach, also called the Queen of Beaches, ranks number one among the 10 bathing beaches in Goa. The beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Goa, as there are multiple food joints, shacks, clubs, and bars in which you may enjoy tasty seafood and beverages. 

2. Agonda Beach


Among all of the top beaches in Goa, the great beach is Agonda Beach in Goa, located in South Goa, which is one of the calmest and most stunning beaches in Goa which can make your soul happy with its beautiful viewpoints. If you are searching for a peaceful and serene vacation, then Agonda Beach is the perfect area for you. You can encounter it by the shore, watch the various shades of sundown, and relax. 

Agonda Beach stretches up to two miles and is filled with numerous huts wherein you can eat up some of the great Goan food and drinks at the same time as seizing part in the stunning views of the beach. This is another one of the best places to visit near Sina Hotel in Goa.

3. Baga Beach


Baga Beach in North Goa is one of the prettiest beaches in Goa, located around 30 km north of Panjim. Baga Beach is the ultimate alluring beach in Goa, recognised for its quality-dining restaurants, golf equipment, and bars. You can take pleasure in a number of the quality water sports in Goa at the Beach. Water sports such as parasailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and so on. You can additionally go for island voyages and dolphin spotting tours at Baga Beach.

Is it safe to visit the Sina Ghost Hotel?

As per the stories, it is now a tourist spot, so it is safe to visit, but it is advised not to visit in the late hours.

Why is the Sina Ghost Hotel considered haunted?

The hotel’s state to alleged paranormal phenomena, specifically the death of one of its owners. According to this story, the owner was purportedly murdered, leading to a halt in construction.

What is the Sina Ghost Hotel?

It is an abandoned hotel complex situated in Agonda, in the Indian coastal state of Goa.

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