Singapore Replaces Japan, Becomes The Most Powerful Passport

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In a recent event, Singapore has just replaced Japan and has become the most powerful passport in the world. 

All Singapore passport holders can travel to 192 countries without a visa. According to the Henley Passport Index, Japan has been on top for five consecutive years, but now it has dropped to third. Countries such as Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Finland, South Korea, and Austria share the third position with Japan, and people with these passports can visit 189 countries visa-free. 

The good news is that the Indian passport has moved five spots up, securing the 80th position, meaning that Indian passport holders can visit up to 57 countries without any visa. 

The report also stated that the US passport, which used to be on top some ten years ago, is currently in the 8th position. 

Rank 1: Singapore- 192 Countries Visa-free

Rank 2: Germany, Italy, Spain- 190 countries Visa-free

Rank 3: Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Finland, South Korea, Austria- 189 countries Visa-free

Rank 4: Ireland, UK, Denmark, Netherlands- 188 countries Visa-free

Rank 5: New Zealand, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Czech Republic, Malta- 187 countries Visa-free

Rank 6: Hungary, Poland, Australia- 186 countries Visa-free

Rank 7: Canada, Greece- 185 countries Visa-free

Rank 8: United States, Lithuania- 184 countries Visa-free

Rank 9: Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia- 183 countries Visa-free

Rank 10: Estonia, Iceland- 182 countries Visa-free

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