6 Tourists Travel To Space For The First Time

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Humans have now traveled to space via VSS Unity, which has completed its first flight to space on a mission called the Galactic 02.

A rocket-powered space which is reusable was used for this journey. The spacecraft took off at 11 am from Spaceport America in New Mexico. 

Six people boarded the spacecraft, including the commander and former astronaut CJ Sturckow, pilot Kelly Latimer, and Virgin Galactic’s Chief Astronaut instructor, Beth Moses. Beth Moses also trained the crew before the flight. 

The spacecraft took three more passengers, including Keisha Schahaff, a health and wellness coach, and her 18-year-old daughter Anastasia Mayers. The interesting fact about this flight is that it is the first mother-daughter duo to venture into space together, marking the most number of women flying to space on a single mission. 

Another exciting part of this flight is that Jon Goodwin was also one of the passengers, who was a former Olympian. He was the first Olympian to go to space. Goodwin is 80 years old and has Parkinson’s. He was the second passenger with Parkinson’s to space. 

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