Skydiving In Haryana: Where Thrill Meets The Skies

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We have all heard about the various skydiving activities in Dubai, above the Palm Islands, and have always wondered if we will ever get a chance to experience something as cool as skydiving on a budget that can only afford a road trip. 

Well, worry no more for Haryana is all set to bring your dreams to reality with its Skydiving in Haryana activity to activate those dead hormones and get that adrenaline rushing. 

Sky High India offers skydiving in Haryana to the ultimate adventure junkies who have been waiting all their life to try something as badass as Haryana Skydiving. 

Sky High India is the country’s one and only International skydiving dropzone, located just 2 hours away from the capital city at the Narnaul Airstrip in Haryana.

Offering an experience of a lifetime, Skyhigh India also provides a premium zone for landing, giving you an experience of a lifetime. The organisation claims some of the most sophisticated equipment available all over the world, including Sigma Tandem and Parachute Systems. 

The staff and the instructors are well-trained and are certified with a USPA license. They are national award winners with a record of more than a thousand jumps, making your Skydiving in Haryana experience worthwhile. 

Safety Precautions During Skydiving In Haryana

  • Skyhigh India prioritises your safety, and offers the most experienced instructors for your jump, with equipment that has been globally certified. 
  • All the parachutes have a dual parachute system, which includes the main parachute and the reserve parachute. 
  • The Reserved one is an emergency parachute, which is equipped with Automatic Activation Device(AAD). It means in cases of emergencies, the reserve parachute will deploy automatically.
  • They also provide insurance to every jumper.

Tandem Skydiving Haryana

Universal Adventures

If you are looking for Skydiving in Gurgaon or skydiving near Delhi NCR, then you are in for a treat with Skyhigh India. If you want to have this thrilling experience but somewhere in your mind there is still fear, then you can go for Tandem Skydiving in Haryana, which is said to be the safest and the easiest way for first-timers. 

It allows you to enjoy this adrenaline-gushing activity while being strapped to the instructor. You will be tied to your instructor and will be sharing the same parachute, while you experience the rush and enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings.

Steps To Skydive In Haryana

Step 1: Step one includes ground training, which is a mandatory aspect. As soon as you touch the dropping zone, you will go through mandatory training, which involves understanding the stages of jumping, communicating during the flight, body positions and landing techniques. 

Step 2: Step two includes gearing up after the training to prepare for the skies.

Step 3: Once you are all geared up, they will take you to board the aircraft, taking you to 10,000 feet above the ground, where you can marvel at the impeccable views. 

Step 4: Step four includes taking that jump and having an experience of a lifetime.

Age Limit For Skydiving In Haryana

The age limit for skydiving in Haryana is above 16 years, however, people between the ages of 16 to 18 need parental consent to undergo the skydiving activity. 

Weight Limit For Skydiving In Haryana

Anyone who weighs up to 90 kg is fit to take the jump, however, your instructor will have the last call on whether you should take the jump or not. You need approval from your tandem instructor for the same.

Duration Of Skydiving In Haryana

The duration of the fall depends on your weight, however, a free fall usually takes 20 to 30 seconds.

Price Of Skydiving In Haryana

Now the most important question is about the price of skydiving in Haryana. The Tandem Dive starts from INR 30000, subject to changes. 

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