Skydiving In Maldives: The Exhilarating Aerial Experience!

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The Maldives is revered for its stunning natural beauty for various reasons, one being its exhilarating oceanic beauty.  The best part which is hardly highlighted in most of the Maldives Trip packages is skydiving in Maldives. This thrilling activity not only allows the visitors to experience the aerial beauty of this pristine island nation but also helps them build strong memories that can bind them forever.

But the question here is where to enjoy skydiving in Maldives. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, let’s explore together why skydiving is one of the best things to do in Maldives, the top places to enjoy this adventurous activity and the guided tours to opt for.

About Skydiving In Maldives


Skydiving in Maldives is one of the best activities which must not be missed. Activity has the best aerial perspective where you can enjoy the surreal nature of the Maldivian atolls and also the assured Indian Ocean waters. Over time this activity has gained popularity with social media and not most thrill seekers are looking for more options to enjoy this adventurous activity without a miss.

Whether the couple or the family, anyone can enjoy this activity in many of the important locations where this is an organized conduction of skydiving. One of the major locations is the Maafushi island which is specially known for its scenic beauty and the white powdery sands. Throughout the year skydiving in Maldives offers a memorable experience that can be cherished forever. So, let’s now check the top places for skydiving in Maldives.

Top Places For Skydiving In Maldives

Here are a few top places for skydiving in Maldives:

1 . Maafushi Island Maldives


Maafushi Island Is considered to be one of the best islands in Maldives for Island hopping with its picturesque landscapes and clear skies. This island never fails to impress its visitors with recreational activities like deep diving snorkelling indoor and outdoor games and finally the most thrilling skydiving experience.

One who is enjoying skydiving on Maafushi island can enjoy the scenic nature of the stunning oceanic backdrop and also the vibrant coral reefs all across with the heavy breeze toning all over.

2 . Dhaalu Atoll


Dhaalu Atoll with its secluded drop zones is considered to be one of the top places for skydiving in Maldives. The best part about this region is that they have less traffic and you can enjoy the less wait period to enjoy your airdrop.

Dhaalu Atoll has the best congregation of colourful corals and the crystal-clear oceanic waters can enhance your every minute of staying in the air. The untouched beaches are safeguarded from climate pollution to embrace more allure to this strategic dive location.

3 . Haa Alifu Atoll


Haa Alifu Atoll is located at the northernmost point in Maldives and tourists reaching here for the diving experience can enjoy the best aerial view of the secluded island with the tropical trees and the azure waters amidst the vibrant marine life.

As this is a remote beautified island, this is considered to be one of the top places for skydiving in Maldives. There is also a high chance of sighting marine animals like dolphins and the tranquillity amidst the turquoise Indian Ocean waters makes you hooked to this location.

4 . Veligandu Island In Maldives


Veligandu Island In Maldives is revered for its intimate atmosphere and luxurious resorts. Along with the skydiving experience, you can also enjoy the culinary adventure, spa services and beach activities on the Veligandu Islands.

This versatile location is ideal for families, friends and couples to have a memorable journey, and never miss out on enjoying the skydiving here. 

5 . Niyama Private Islands


Niyama Private Islands In Maldives caters for the perfect needs of thrill seekers who want to enjoy skydiving in Maldives. This place has breathtaking aerial views with atolls surrounded by rich marine life. These private islands are considered to be one of the top places for skydiving in Maldives for their secluded nature and the competitive price in the segment.

Best Places For Skydiving In Maldives For Couples

Here are the best places for skydiving in Maldives for couples who seek adventurous activity on their intimate trip:

6 . Baa Atoll In Maldives


Baa Atoll In Maldives has a UNESCO World Heritage site tag and is considered to be one of the best places for skydiving in Maldives for couples as well as families. This place has an eye-pleasing pleasant atmosphere enriching the sky diving experience in Maldives. The ecological dimension with the tropical gardens enhanced the aesthetic appeal of this atoll making the one of the ideal spots for the air dive.

7 . Lhaviyani Atoll


Lhaviyani Atoll is home to the luxury resorts in the Maldives amidst the clear waters and the scenic backdrop. This is the best spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the Indian oceans at its best with all the cloud-packed scenes coming close to the marine life. One can enjoy the best nature of the atolls and the naturally formed lagoons here on their aerial dive at Lhaviyani Atoll.

8 . Alif Alif Atoll


Alif Alif Atoll in Maldives is located in the central part and is considered to be one of the best places for skydiving in Maldives for couples. There is a high chance to witness the mix of traditional Maldivian culture and natural elegance with this skydiving experience at Alif Alif Atoll. 

9 . Laamu Atoll


This is one of the remote places of Maldives got is famous for serving as one of the best places for skydiving in Maldives for couples. It has some untouched landscapes which holds cultural and ecological value to provide the best aerial views during the dive.

Best Skydiving Tours In Maldives


Though skydiving is one of the best adventurous activities in Maldives, it needs proper care, for this, you need to opt for the best skydiving tours in Maldives for your safety and cater for your exact adventurous needs.

Here are the reputable skydiving tours in the Maldives to opt in for your memorable journey:

1 . Skydive Maldives

Skydive Maldives is the best skydiving guide in Maldives with exceptional services in aerial dive. They take utmost care of every diver by offering services like tandem jumps, certification courses and also scenic flights to travel for various needs. They serve with multiple jump locations.

2 . Maldives Skydiving Association

Maldives Skydiving Association promotes skydiving as a sport in the Maldives and collaborates with certified divers to offer the best services in guided jumps. They also offer training programs to emphasize on best aerial drops amidst the serene aerial views.

This skydiving guide in Maldives offers services that can satiate the needs of both couples and the family at a reasonable price.

Best Skydiving Centre In Maldives:


Here are the best skydiving centres in Maldives:

1 . Skydive Addu Maldives

This is the best skydiving centre in Maldives located on the Addu Atoll by offers guided aerial drops. They offer scenic flights to embrace the scenic views of the Addu Atoll.

2 . Skydive Maafushi In Maldives

Skydive Maafushi is the best skydiving centre in Maldives resting on one of the best islands of Maldives named Maafushi, offering exhilarating skydiving opportunities with stunning views of the surrounding beautified atolls and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions On Skydiving In Maldives

Can you go skydiving in the Maldives?

Yes! Skydiving is possible in Maldives. This place offers serene oceanic views and marine life amidst the aerial jump.

How many rupees for skydiving in Maldives?

The price for the skydiving in Maldives varies with the operators. The average price can range approximately from $400 to $1000 USD per person for a tandem jump experience.

Minimum and maximum weight required for Skydiving in Maldives?

The minimum and maximum weight limits for skydiving in the Maldives vary by operator but generally range from 45 kg (100 lbs) to 100 kg (220 lbs) to ensure safety during jumps.

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