Sleep Tourism: What Is It And Why It’s Making Headlines

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Why do we travel? 

Do we travel because it’s fun, or do we travel to witness the beauty nature has bestowed on us and captivates our hearts? 

Do we travel only to escape reality and stay deluded for a few days? 

If I tell you that there are people who have risen above the beauty, admiration and fun and only take a trip so that they can sleep, how surprised will you be?

Yes, you read it right! 

People are now taking trips so that they can sleep. You must think that if they only wish to sleep, why not do it at home in their beds? They refuse to do so and instead spend money and travel to a completely different place just to sleep. 

Sleep Tourism is becoming popular, and we can see more and more people are open to the idea and don’t think it’s a waste of money or anything like that. 

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Why Is Sleep Tourism Gaining Popularity?

You may not understand why sleep tourism is so important if you can sleep in no time as soon as you hit the bed. 

Those who struggle with sleep might understand it better because they know how often they have to toss and turn before falling asleep. So for some people, it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Sleep deprivation is not a joke; after all, books are written about it and how one can fall asleep, which is enough for anyone to understand that it is a severe issue for those who struggle to sleep every day. 

Sleep Tourism is being promoted because our lives have become very complex. We are all caught in a web of chaos, which is quite hard to get out of, making us worry about everything that happens during the day, including bills, work, family pressure and an endless amount of things that you can think of. 

During the day, you hardly get the time to think about all of it because you work so hard to fix everything that’s messed up in your life, but as soon as you hit the bed, the clouds of thoughts make your mind foggy, and all you can think about is where did you go wrong and ended up in the mess you are in. Can you relate? 

If you have trouble falling asleep, then you can relate to this.

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In 2019, the news about Sleeping Pod hit the headlines. Do you know what Pod is?

So pod is an AI-controlled bed introduced to change how you sleep forever. The AI can change the temperatures you sleep in to make you sleep peacefully.  

According to stats, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? 

Over the span of time, technology has picked up on sleep tourism. The changing trends of travel have left hotels and other places to change the old patterns, because of which airports have come up with sleeping pods, and hotels and resorts across the world have come up with unique suites that are sole to make you sleep better. 

The demand for sleep tourism sky-rocketed at the beginning of the pandemic. You must be thinking, what has the pandemic got to do with it?

Well, the pandemic has played the role of the villain trying to destroy the world and left us all sleepless, worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Every time the phone rang, there was news of someone’s death, giving a chill down the spine, and people who lost their loved ones still live with the excruciating pain of their losses, making their nights sleepless. Thus, sleep tourism was the need of the hour because the impact of the pandemic still lingers in our brains, eventually leading us to sleep deprivation.

Seven Senses, which is a famous luxury hotel brand, have introduced a sleep program which could last for three to seven days, allowing you to sleep soundly, while Brown Hotel in London came up with the idea of Forte Winks, which is a two-night experience to help their guests with sleep and have the most serene sleep of their lives. 

Previously, hotel rooms were curated to make you skip sleep on your trip. I have been doing it for years because I always think that what’s the point of coming for a vacation when you have to spend the entire day in bed and not enjoy the captivating view that waits outside the room? 

With the increasing demand for sleep tourism, hotels and airports have devised different strategies to make sleep comfortable. With the latest technologies, the bed’s temperature is controlled through AI to change your sleeping experience forever. What more can you ask for?

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People who still struggle to sleep even after laying on the comfiest bed with all the technologies trying to make them fall asleep suffer from some severe sleep disorder that has been left untreated. In that case, it’s best to consult a doctor. 

The funny part is that people are paying and travelling to sleep while some of us can close our eyes and sleep in no time. 

Although I can’t help but wonder when sleep became such a luxury. Wasn’t sleeping the easiest thing in the world while listening to the stories of our Grannies?

The more important question is, have our corporate jobs exhausted us to the extent that we are too tired to fall asleep? 

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