Smritivan Earthquake In Gujarat Museum Nominated For Prix Award 2024

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Gujarat’s Smritivan Earthquake Museum has been shortlisted for UNESCO’s prestigious Prix Versailles Award 2024. The place holds memories from the past which gives it an emotional angle. The building symbolizes human resilience, preserving memories and offering hope, and is dedicated to Gujarat’s eventful earthquake that claimed hundreds of lives.

The Memorial Smritivan Earthquake Museum in Gujarat has earned a place among seven remarkable museums competing for the esteemed Prix Versailles Award, an annual UNESCO competition since 2015, showcasing outstanding modern architectural projects globally.

Spread across 470 acres, Smritivan pays homage to those affected by the devastating 2001 earthquake in Bhuj, which claimed about 13000 lives. The museum’s seven thematic blocks—Rebirth, Rediscover, Restore, Rebuild, Rethink, Relive, and Renew symbolize the journey from tragedy to recovery.

This nomination highlights Smritivan’s architectural brilliance and cultural significance, positioning it as a global model for disaster memorials. Its innovative design integrates harmoniously with nature, promotes sustainable practices, and celebrates cultural heritage, aligning perfectly with the award’s criteria.

The winners of the 2024 Prix Versailles Awards—recognising excellence in architecture, interiors, and exteriors—will be announced at UNESCO headquarters in late November. Established to promote architectural projects that blend economic, cultural, and ecological dimensions, the Prix Versailles celebrates structures that enhance societal well-being and environmental stewardship through design.

About 2001 earthquake


The devastating earthquake that struck Gujarat on January 26, 2001, with its epicentre near Bhuj, remains a tragic chapter in India’s history. Registering a magnitude of 7.7, the quake claimed approximately 13000 lives and left over 167,000 injured, devastating homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods across the region. The aftermath saw a massive humanitarian response, with national and International aid pouring in to assist in rescue and relief efforts. The disaster prompted significant reconstruction and resilience efforts, leading to improved disaster preparedness and recovery strategies in the affected areas.

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