11 Solo Travel Tips To Become An Independent Wanderer

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Are you one of those people who have often thought about travelling solo but couldn’t move further with the plan because you didn’t know how to do it or even get started?

Well, if that is the case, you are not alone because there are several others stuck in this dilemma of whether to take a solo trip or not, and even if they want to do it, they don’t know how to plan it and make it a successful one for themselves. 

Sure, it makes you nervous sometimes, even thinking about how you will be able to plan everything out and what you would do in case you get in some kind of trouble. There are plenty of things that come to mind. However, if executed properly, you are in for one of the most incredible experiences of your life. 

Don’t worry, just keep in mind a few tips and tricks before taking the trip, and you can make your next solo travel experience as smooth as possible. 

1. Visualise The Trip


If you want to make your solo travel experience a successful one, then visualize the entire trip before you start with it. This could include everything related to the trip, such as the places you plan to visit, where you can get stuck, and things like that. 

What happens is that when you visualize your trip, you think deeply, and that is when things come to mind about what could go wrong, so now you know where to work and how to get it right. 

2. Know What You Want


No one, not even your parents, knows you better than you do. What is it that you want from life and what kind of a person you are, and what do you like or dislike? 

You know everything about you and where your comfort zone lies.  If you are more of an outgoing person, you are surely going to be exploring a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars and so on. 

However, if you like to stay within the boundaries of your comfort zone, which includes staying in a hotel room, having a good sleep, and going out to see some scenic beauty and relax, then you would be doing that. So decide what you want and then take your solo travel plan forward. 

3. Research


Now this is not only limited to your solo travel but travelling in general. 

Having perfect knowledge about the place you are about to visit is essential. There are specific rules and regulations that one has to follow while travelling, especially when you are travelling to another country. 

You should know what you can and cannot do in a specific country or region. There are strange and unusual laws around the world that one has to follow if you are in that specific country or region. For instance, Chewing gum is banned in Singapore, so it may sound very petty to you, but chewing gum could land you in serious trouble, and you wouldn’t want that, right? 

So do your homework before booking your trip. 

4. Learn To Say No In The Local Language


It usually happens when you are travelling alone, especially if you are a girl. You are more likely to get the attention of the people who have noticed that you are alone. People may try to be extra nice and extra helpful for no reason, you have to use your instincts and make a decision here. If you are uncomfortable with the so-called favours, learn to say “No, Thank You!” in the local language in case you are in a foreign country. 

This may sound very small, but it could save you from a lot of trouble. It may also feel like an exaggeration because there are some genuine people who help others irrespective of their gender and without expecting anything in return. Still, since you are alone, you shouldn’t take such risks and say no to anyone being over-friendly. 

5. Eat As Much As You Can


Your solo travel experience should also include travelling to places to taste the local food and various delicacies that the place has to offer. So if you are dieting, it’s best that you stop one day before your trip, for you would regret it if you don’t try the local food. 

6. Keep Clicking


Your solo travel experience will be one of a lifetime, and if this is your first solo trip, then you should click as many pictures as you want. Take pictures of the mountains, the rivers, waterfalls, blooming flowers and anything you find interesting. Find someone who can click your pictures as well.

Plus click with random strangers. It would be a lot of fun because you will eventually come back from your trip, but the memories will linger, and what’s best than having pictures of the trip to re-live those beautiful moments again?

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7. Make Full Use Of Technology


Carry your iPad, you can get wifi everywhere, and watch a movie, take suggestions from the internet. Even if you get lost, you can check the directions on the map. You have nothing to worry about if you make full use of the internet. After all, we are living in the 21st century, and in the era where the internet is thriving, why not make the most of it?

8. Keep All Your Documents Safe

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Now this goes without saying. Even if it’s not just a solo trip, you should have all the documents that you need. 

If you are travelling to some sensitive zone, it is a must to have a permit from the government authorities, besides you should also have your identity proof at all times with you. 

If you are travelling out of the country, take very good care of your passport because if you lose your passport, trust me, your heart will begin to sink.

There is nothing worse than staying stuck in a country without a passport, and who knows how long will it take to get the new one. It will not be as easy as Deepika Padukone had it in the movie Tamasha. Reel life is way too different from the real life.

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9. Be Safe


Your safety should be your priority. At no cost should you jeopardise your safety for the sake of experiencing something you are not sure about. 

There is a popular saying that if something isn’t right, you always know that from the start, but you ignore it to the point from where there is no return. 

So trust your instincts and stay away from trouble. 

The country or the city may be free of crimes, but criminals are everywhere. Your safety is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. 

10. Shop Where The Locals Shop


Your solo travel should definitely include shopping. Every place has something special to offer in terms of handicrafts, clothes, cooking ingredients, bags, and what not. Plus, if you are travelling to some place, you are undoubtedly going to have a shopping spree. It’s essential that you know where the locals buy their stuff from. You don’t want to go to a shop, which has extremely expensive stuff, because these shops are filled with things that are overpriced. It’s best to avoid such shops and instead just buy from where the locals buy.

The prices will be reasonable, and you won’t have to regret spending hefty amounts on the most basic of things. 

11. Plan Great Evenings


Your day can be filled with adventures, but your evenings should be filled with a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Your solo travel experience should not be a lonely one just because you are alone. Plan a good dinner with drinks in a restaurant with a great ambience and embrace the fact that you made it to your first solo trip. 

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Solo Travel can be one of the best and most rewarding experiences if executed properly. If you keep a few things in mind, you can have the best experience of your life but if you go about it unplanned, then it is possible that you may get in trouble or end up being clueless about what to do next. 

So be careful, learn where to say no, and trust your instincts and when to ask for help. 

However, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, don’t over plan it, and go with the flow to make this solo travel experience, one of a kind. 

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