Songkran Festival In Thailand: A Splash Of Tradition And Fun

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Thailand is a land of vibrant traditions, stunning landscapes, and a rich cultural tapestry. One of the most celebrated and awaited festivals is the Songkran festival in Thailand, popularly known as the “Thai New Year” celebrations. 

This festival is much more than just turning the calendar page, it’s a colorful, joyous, and deeply spiritual event that brings people together to celebrate renewal, pay respect to the ancestors, and engage in the world’s largest water fight. If you are planning to witness the Songkran festival in Thailand in 2024, make sure to book your Thailand trip packages according to reliable dates and times. 

What Is The Songkran Festival In Thailand? 

Songkran, pronounced as “Saw-wan” originates from the Sanskrit word “Sankranti” which means transformation or change. This term reflects the festival’s purpose, which is to mark the transition of the sun into a new zodiac sign and the beginning of the Thai New Year. The Songkran Festival falls on April 13th each year, although celebrations often extend for several days.

The roots of Songkran are deeply intertwined with Buddhism, the predominant religion in Thailand. It is a time for paying respect to elders, visiting temples, and engaging in acts of merit, which include offering alms to monks and releasing animals to gain spiritual merit.

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Origins Of Songkran Festival In Thailand

This festival in Thailand has its roots embedded in the history and culture of the beautiful island. Historically, Songkran marked the transition from one solar year to the next, but over time, it has evolved into a time for various customs and celebrations.

The festival can be traced back to ancient Southeast Asian cultures and the influence of Buddhism. In Thailand, Songkran is deeply associated with the lunar calendar and the veneration of elders and deities. The celebration typically lasts for three days, during which various rituals and customs are observed.

Traditional Customs And Rituals

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Celebrating the Songkran festival in Thailand is a big time traditional togetherness of people. So, there are some customs and rituals as well which are usually followed during the new year time of the festival. 

So, here are these that you can have a look upon! 

Water Splashing: The most iconic feature of Songkran festival in Thailand is the enthusiastic water splashing that takes place throughout the festival. 

People of all ages come out into the streets with buckets, water guns, and hoses, drenching each other as a gesture of purification and good luck. The water symbolizes the cleansing of past misdeeds and the start of a fresh, pure new year.

This is the most fun activity which is followed by everyone at the festival! Many people enjoy their own customs but this is the common one which gives it the name of the water festival of Thailand. 

Alms-Giving: Another significant tradition during Songkran is making merit through alms-giving to monks. Devotees offer food and other necessities to the monks as a way to earn blessings for the upcoming year.

Bathing Buddha Images: Many Thais visit temples to clean and bathe the Buddha images. The water used for this ritual is collected, scented with herbs, and poured over the images to bring blessings and good fortune.

Family Reunions: Songkran is a time for families to come together. Younger family members pay respects to their elders by pouring scented water over their hands and receiving blessings in return.

Traditional Dance and Music: Folk dances and traditional music are an integral part of the celebrations, bringing a sense of cultural pride and community to the festival.

Sand Pagodas: In some regions of Thailand, people build sand pagodas at temples and riversides. This act is not just a symbol of tradition but also reflects the importance of community and unity.

These are the famous rituals and traditions that are followed by the Thai people to immerse in the biggest festival of Thailand! But, you must be aware of the varying traditions that are followed in different places of the island. 

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Regional Variations:

Songkran festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Thailand, but there are some unique variations for every place. Let us have a look at how these places celebrate the biggest festival. 

  • Chiang Mai 

It is located in Northern Thailand, is famous for hosting the grandest Songkran festival in Thailand. It is the city’s old town which becomes a battleground by fighting with water! It attracts a lot of tourists and locals at the time and results in great madness.  It is also famous for the parade of Buddha statues from various temples. 

It is the hub of celebrations where you can easily enjoy the festival even if you are a tourist. The new year time can be the best one here if you are planning on visiting Thailand for the big-time madness. 

  • Bangkok

In the bustling capital city of Bangkok, Songkran is a blend of traditional customs and modern festivities. Alongside temple visits and water splashing, there are also vibrant street parties and musical performances.

  •  Ayutthaya

The ancient city of Ayutthaya is known for its more traditional Songkran celebration. People here engage in cultural activities and processions that harken back to ancient Thai traditions.

  •  Phuket

Phuket’s Songkran has a unique twist as it coincides with the Phuket Bike Week, an international motorcycle event. The island comes alive with motorcycle shows, parades, and of course, water-based celebrations.

Songkran And Tourism

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Songkran has become a major tourist attraction in Thailand, drawing visitors from around the world. The festival’s vibrant and exuberant atmosphere, along with the chance to participate in epic water fights, has made it a must-attend event for many. 

In fact, Songkran is often referred to as the world’s largest water fight, and the sight of locals and tourists alike engaging in good-natured water battles is a truly memorable experience.

While Songkran offers tourists a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in Thai culture, it’s essential for visitors to respect the customs and traditions associated with the festival. This means understanding the significance of water in cleansing and renewal and approaching water fights with a sense of fun and respect for the local population.

Tourists have so many places to visit in Thailand, but celebrating their culture is one amazing thing to do when on that beautiful island. 

The Modern Celebration

While Songkran retains its deep cultural and spiritual significance, it has evolved over the years to incorporate modern elements of fun and entertainment.

For many Thais, it’s a time to return to their hometowns and spend quality time with their families. The influx of tourists during Songkran has also turned it into an international attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. Also, the festival does not end in the day, many tourists get away to explore Thailand’s nightlife as well! It can be one more amazing experience to have. 

In recent years, there has been an effort to promote a safer and more sustainable Songkran, emphasizing water conservation and safety during the water fights. Many major cities have designated zones for water battles to ensure that the celebration remains enjoyable for everyone.

Food plays an essential role during Songkran, with special dishes and traditional sweets served to honor the occasion. Some of the popular dishes during the festival include:

Khao Chae: A refreshing dish of rice soaked in jasmine-scented iced water, served with various accompaniments like fried shrimp paste, vegetables, and stuffed bell peppers.

Som Tum: A spicy green papaya salad that provides a zesty contrast to the scorching heat of Songkran.

Sticky Rice and Mango: This sweet treat is a favorite dessert during Songkran, featuring sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk and paired with ripe mango slices.

Preparations For Songkran

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While celebrating the biggest festival of Thailand, definitely it would need some kind of preparations. So, here are some of the rituals that the Thai people immerse in. Have a look and see how amazingly they celebrate their Thai festival. 

Spring Cleaning

As Songkran marks the start of a new year, it is customary for people to thoroughly clean their homes in the days leading up to the festival. This cleaning represents the removal of the old and the welcoming of the new. It’s a time for families to come together to tidy their houses, make repairs, and decorate with fresh flowers.

It is a way of starting their preparations for the big festival! If you ever want to be a part of this great time, you must indulge in their preparations and witness how amazingly one can celebrate their own cultural traditions. 

Traditional Outfits

During Songkran, you’ll see many Thais dressed in traditional clothing. For women, this often means wearing a “chut thai,” a colorful and elegant outfit, while men might wear a “barong” or a traditional shirt. The traditional attire adds to the festive atmosphere and showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage.

It gives a feeling of unity and how people can dress together to celebrate something of their country. It becomes much more fun when people dress together in a certain way and come out to have fun together. 

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Tips For Celebrating Songkran Festival In Thailand 2024 

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Here are some certain tips that you must know before going to celebrate one of the biggest festivals. These are some simple ones but create a bigger impact while you are there in the scenario. So, let’s get started without any further ado! 

  • Everyone should come up with the appropriate dress code because it symbolizes unity and a sense of togetherness. Everyone tends to enjoy the festival more because of the amazing dress code. So, if you are visiting there as a tourist, get along with them by dressing in the right attire. 
  • You must keep your belongings safe as there is a lot of crowd present there. You must carry your electronic devices with the utmost importance as they might even get stolen during that time. So, avoid using your phones and carrying the useful things with you during the festival. 
  • Also, it is a popular water festival, which means you must carry your water gun or water pistol with you! It enhances the crazy fun madness during the festival. You can easily find them in the stalls and shops in the festival. So, get them and make your festival much more fun. 
  • You need to be respectful during the festival. Though it is a fun and enthusiastic festival, crossing your limits is not the point. Also, in the case of treating people nice and making use of water wisely! But, you should also take care of the customs and traditions of the festival that need to be respected well. 
  • Everyone needs to use clean water during the festival. Traditionally, the water used in the festivities is blessed and pure, but in recent years it is seen that many people have been using the tap water. So, make sure that the water you use is not contaminated.
  • Sun protection: April in Thailand can be scorching hot, so apply sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Stay hydrated: Carry a refillable water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Plan your location: Songkran celebrations are held all over Thailand, but some places are more famous for their festivities than others. Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Pattaya are popular destinations. Research and decide where you want to celebrate.
  • You need to be mindful of traffic as the place and streets get really crowded. There are so many road closures due to the increased number of people. 


The Songkran Festival in Thailand is a unique and enchanting celebration that beautifully blends culture, tradition, and festivity. It’s a time for reflection and renewal, as well as joy and togetherness. 

Whether you’re dousing your friends with water guns, enjoying traditional Thai sweets, or observing the religious rituals, Songkran is a time when Thailand truly comes alive.

As you immerse yourself in the festivities, don’t forget to respect the customs and traditions that make Songkran so special. With a heart full of reverence and a playful spirit, you can experience the magic of Songkran like never before. So, if you ever find yourself in Thailand during this incredible festival, be prepared to have a splashing good time!

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

When is the Songkran festival celebrated every year?

The festival takes place in April in Thailand every year. 

What is the Songkran festival and why is it celebrated?

The Songkran festival, also known as the Thai New Year, is a vibrant and culturally significant celebration observed in Thailand and by Thai communities around the world. This festival typically takes place in April, marking the transition from the dry season to the rainy season. Songkran is a time of great joy and reverence, as it combines traditional religious customs with exuberant water fights and merriment.

How long does the Songkran festival last?

The Songkran festival, a vibrant and joyous celebration, typically lasts for three days in Thailand. This traditional Thai New Year festival marks the arrival of the spring season and is known for its exuberant water fights, symbolizing the cleansing of the old and the welcoming of the new. The festival officially begins on April 13th and continues through April 15th, although in some regions, festivities can extend for a week or more. 

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