Specially Abled Man Takes Solo Bike Ride Covers 3700 Km In Four Days

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While we cannot stop making excuses for taking long bike rides, Prasanna Kumar, who is a specially-abled man from Hyderabad, took a solo bike ride all the way from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering a distance of approximately 3700 km. He completed the trip in just four days. 

Just like we keep planning our Goa trips, Kumar’s friends were planning a bike trip together, but unfortunately, Kumar couldn’t accompany them because he had a smaller bike than his friends. Instead of giving up and feeling sorry for himself, he took matters into his own hands and just went solo. Completing the trip in four days, Prasanna Kumar has set an example for all of us. 

Although several people have completed the Kanyakumari to Kashmir road trip, but in Kumar’s case, it is an achievement of a lifetime, and his undying spirit is worth applauding. 

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