Fun Frolic and Food at Splash The Water Park

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“Full Masti Aur Aish Yani Splash!”. Summer Vacations are on, it is time to hit Splash-The Water Park! 

The only way to beat the scorching heat and the blazing sun is by hitting the most fun places like Splash The Water Park in Delhi. Travelers on a Delhi, India tour or residents, everyone makes memorable memories here. 

Established as a family business by two brothers, Splash The Water Park is one of Delhi’s most fun places to visit. There are many famous amusement parks in Delhi like Fun N Food Village, Worlds Of Wonder, Appu Ghar, and many more. 

Be it School picnics, birthday parties, or conferences every occasion at Splash The Water Park is a celebration. 

The Splash Water Park, located on the fringes of Delhi, is the perfect weekend getaway destination for locals and visitors who wish to relax and engage in water activities amidst rural landscapes. 

Spread across a sprawling space of 5 acres, it offers a seamless blend of an amusement park and a water park experience.

Now, let’s swim through! the best things to do in Splash The Water Park one of the most famous amusement parks in Delhi and nearby areas.

Imagine stepping into chilled turquoise waters, surrounded by colorful slides intertwined to form a jungle of thrill and adventure. At Splash The Water Park, you can taste the thrill of excitement and joy at the same time. 

Here’s what all you can expect from your visit to Splash The Water Park in Delhi.


Enjoy the Thrilling Rides: For the perfect weekend getaway, families, friends, and couples love visiting this amusement park as it offers a range of land rides ranging from adrenaline-pimping to moderately scary.

Go Crazy! on Splash The Water Park Rides: The major attraction of this amusement park is the water park. It’s not just about regular water rides, here you can experience something different. 

From spine-chilling rides like Turning Point, and Cyclone to rides best enjoyed with families like Mushroom Slide, and Family Slide, and activities which can only be fun with your buddies like Wave Pool, Waterfall, H2O Slides, Aqua Dance, Body Slide, and Lazy River. Splash The Water Park knows how to make everyone happy. 

Give a Fun Ride to your Tastebuds: There’s no fun if your tummy isn’t happy. At Splash The Water Park, you can enjoy multi-cuisine dining, get refreshments and snacks at the cafes here, and have a fun-packed outing experience.  


Something for the Kiddies: If you thought, Splast The Water Park was only for adults and young teens seeking adventure and thrill, then you need to check out the kiddie rides here. There are ample rides designed especially for the little ones, which are safe and enjoyable.

Mini Columbus, Cup Plate, Carousel Revolving Tower, Striking Cars, SkyTrain, and Break Dance are some rides kids love here. 

Relax at Hotel Retreat: Another fascinating part of Splash The Water Park is the ‘Hotel Retreat’ a luxurious and well-established stay option within the area of the park. This hotel is a great stay option for visitors. 

After a tiring day at the park, you can rejuvenate your senses at the retreat hotel.

Experience other Entertainment Activities: Along with enjoying the day going on fun rides, splashing down the thrilling slides, treating your taste buds to amazing food, and spending great time with family. There is so much more to do at Splash The Water Park.

Relaxing under the poolside umbrellas, basking in the sun on a recliner after a cool dip, clicking crazy photographs, and checking out amazing places to eat in Delhi near the amusement park, are some fascinating activities one can do here. 

Celebrate your Special Events: Splash The Water Park is different from a regular amusement park. It is popular for organizing various events like Birthday Parties, Functions, Conferences, and School Picnics.

You can make special bookings here to celebrate important events. From welcome drinks to stay everything is organized by the park authorities. 

What’s the best time to visit Splash The Water Park?

Depending on the weather conditions in Delhi, the best time to visit this amusement park is from March to December. However, the most favorable period would be during summer for the water park. 

Another important thing to note is, Splash The Water Park timings, the park functions from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and weekends.

How to Reach Splash The Water Park?


Splash The Water Park location is on the outskirts of Delhi and it takes approximately 48 mins to reach from Indira Gandhi International Airport. There are two branches of Splash The Water Park, one in Rohtak and the other in Hisar. Both the centers are close to Delhi.

For visitors who wish to visit the park by road, taking your car or hiring a cab is the best option.

Are there any other attractions near Splash The Water Park?

Fun Frolic and Food at Splash The Water Park

There are several other places to explore around Splash The Water Park such as: 

  • Red Fort
  • Jama Masjid
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Shree Khatu Shyam Delhi Dham Mandir
  • Haveli Mirza Ghalib
  • Japanese Park: Swarna Jayanti Park
  • Khas Mahal
  • Diwan-i-Aam
  • Moti Masjid
  • Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
  • National Museum
  • India Gate
  • Lotus Temple

Restaurants near Splash The Water Park

  • Yolo21
  • Habibi
  • The Husdon Cafe
  • Taxi- World Food Cafe

What are Splash The Water Park Entry Fees?


The entry ticket for Splash The Water Park may vary, therefore it is advisable to check the prices on the official website. However, the tickets start from 450/- INR. 

Here are certain Splash The Water Park Travel Tips to keep in mind, for a better experience:

  1. Carry your swimwear, you can also rent swimwear from Splash The Water Park but it is advisable to carry your own, for sanitary reasons. 
  2. Reach before time, as the number of hours you can spend on the premises is limited, so make the best of it.
  3. Carry an extra pair of clothes along with a towel, moisturizer, shampoo, body wash, sunscreen, and sunglasses. 
  4. Wear comfortable footwear. 
  5. Book tickets in advance, as it is difficult to get tickets, especially for a large group, during peak seasons like summer.
  6. Carry basic medicines for fever, headache, stomachache, vomiting and dizziness. 
  7. Wear light and breathable clothes, especially when traveling during the hot summer months.
  8. Stay hydrated, and carry a water bottle. Chlorinated pool water can be quite dehydrating, make sure you keep drinking fluids. 
  9. If you plan on staying at the Hotel on the park’s premises, make reservations in advance. 
  10. Splash The Water Park has two branches (Hisar and Rohtak), so make sure, you book your tickets at the correct location. 

Splash The Water Park offers a whole enchilada, it has something for one and all. For a great time with family, friends, and loved ones, explore this fantastic destination for some amazing fun and frolic.

Is there a dress code at Splash The Water Park?

No, there is no dress code in Splash The Water Park, but all entrants must wear Splash Water Park’s buoyancy aid at all times.

Are outside food and drinks allowed inside Splash The Water Park?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed in Splash The Water Park.

What are the ticket prices for Splash The Water Park?

The prices start from 450/- INR, however, it is advisable to check the ticket prices on the official website.

What are the operating hours of Splash The Water Park?

The operating hours of Splash The Water Park are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and weekends.

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