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As I landed in Leh, Ladakh’s capital, I could already feel the rarified air of the high-altitude desert. The breathtaking mountain vistas welcomed me, and I knew this journey would be unlike any other. After checking into a cosy guesthouse, I took the day to acclimatise as I could breathe no further. But Choosing the WanderOn Travel Community was the best random decision I made.

To be honest, I booked my Leh wonderland trip with some other travel company, but it was predestined to go with WanderOn. The planned trip with the other company was all girls which got cancelled one week prior. I have been following WanderOn for 1.5 years now, which didnt give me any second thoughts to continue my journey with them as planned. 

WanderOn covered famous places like Pangong Lake and Turtuk Village, Nubra Valley. The perfectly planned itinerary is commendable, covering all the major directions with amazing services and hospitality. I recommend choosing WanderOn to all.

I chose the Leh Ladakh Tour package for now, and the next time, I’m sure to travel internationally with WanderOn. I believe some places are more fun with a group rather than solo and this trip gave the taste of both of the worlds. 

A Journey To The Roof Of The World: My 10 Days Trip To Leh Ladakh 

ladakh-trip-travel journal

I always knew that I wanted to be a solo travllers. Finally I thought I am ready for it, but to kick start with it, I started looking for All girls trip to be comfortable in the all girls trip first. But fate had different plans for me. The all girls trip with the other company got cancelled and I had to save my non refundable flights tickets by taking the other available option that fits up my budget and travel plans.

I am not surprised by the decision I took for choosing Wanderon. 

Journeying Through Leh Ladakh: Our Itinerary 

Trip Duration – 6 Nights/7 Days

Day1 : Arrival In Leh And Acclimatization Day

Day 2 : Exploring Leh 

Day 3: Leh To Nubra Valley

Day 4 :Nubra – Turtuk Village- Nubra

Day 5: Nubra Valley To Pangong Tso. Overnight Stay In Pangong

Day 6: Pangong Tso To Leh

Day 7: Departure From Leh

Leh to Nubra A Jounery to Remember


The journey to Nubra Valley was a thrilling experience as I crossed the world’s highest motorable pass, Khardung La. The valley’s rugged beauty enchanted me but soon my body was still `coping up with the accimilastion. I had bad motion sickness, but the group was kind enough to coperate with it.

During my visit to Nubra Valley, I stayed at a traditional homestay where the local hosts welcomed me with big smiles and made me feel like I was part of their family. The homestay was a lovely representation of Ladakhi culture, with beautiful decorations and comfortable rooms to stay in.

In the evening, I joined other travelers and our hosts for a special Ladakhi dinner. The food was prepared with love and included yummy local dishes like momos and thukpa, which I really enjoyed. The sky at night was filled with twinkling stars, making the valley even more magical.

I felt a strong sense of belonging and appreciation for this unique cultural experience. The homestay in Nubra Valley wasn’t just a place to sleep; it was a chance to connect with the local culture and create wonderful memories of Ladakh’s warm and lively traditions.

Pangong Lake: Ocean’s Beauty of Leh Ladakh


As I approached Pangong Lake in Leh Ladakh, I could feel the excitement building inside me. The journey had been long, but the anticipation of witnessing one of the most mesmerizing landscapes in the world kept me going. As I caught my first glimpse of the lake, I was left awestruck by its sheer beauty. The crystal-clear waters stretched out before me, reflecting the clear blue sky and surrounding snow-capped mountains.

I couldn’t resist taking a moment to soak in the serene atmosphere and the tranquility that enveloped the entire place. The vibrant hues of blue and green that adorned the lake’s surface seemed almost surreal. It was as if nature had painted a masterpiece right in front of my eyes.

I decided to take a walk along the shore to get a closer look at this natural wonder. The cool breeze brushed against my face, and I felt a sense of peace and contentment like never before. The lake was so vast and expansive, yet it exuded a sense of calmness that was truly captivating.

As the sun began to set, the colors of the lake changed once again, transforming into a palette of oranges, pinks, and purples. The entire landscape seemed to come alive with a magical glow. 

As darkness fell, the night sky revealed a myriad of stars, creating a breathtakingly beautiful celestial display. I felt as though I was in a dream, surrounded by the wonders of the universe.

Spending the night near Pangong Lake was an unforgettable experience. The peaceful silence and the serenity of the surroundings allowed me to connect with nature on a deeper level. I fell asleep under the stars, feeling grateful for being able to witness such a mesmerizing gem in the heart of Leh Ladakh. I think I would’nt have enjoyed it with my friends, because this solo adventure has given me wings which I won’t be able to cage now.

Hall of Fame Museum: A Tribute to Bravery

The museum honors the bravery and sacrifices of the Indian Army personnel who have been serving in the challenging terrains of Ladakh. It showcased various exhibits, including weapons, photographs, and personal stories of soldiers who had displayed exceptional courage in protecting the nation.

As I walked through the halls, reading the accounts of valor and selflessness, I was deeply moved by the unwavering dedication of our soldiers. Their sacrifices and commitment to the nation’s security filled me with immense gratitude and respect. It was a humbling experience to witness firsthand the challenges they face and the immense pride they take in safeguarding our borders.

Witnessing The Gravity-Defying Marvel of Magnetic Hill

ladakh-trip-travel journal

As I approached Magnetic Hill, located about 30 kilometers from Leh, I was intrigued by the stories I had heard about this unique natural phenomenon. As our vehicle came to a halt at the designated spot, our guide instructed us to put the engine in neutral. To my astonishment, the vehicle started moving uphill on its own, seemingly defying the laws of gravity! It felt like an optical illusion, but the experience was very real.

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and awe at this mysterious occurrence. While science may explain the magnetic effect as an optical illusion due to the surrounding landscape’s layout, being there in person made it all the more enchanting. I felt like I was part of a magic trick performed by Mother Nature herself.

From one traveller to another: Some tips for visiting Leh Ladakh

  • Acclimatization takes time, don’t get worried
  • Coperate with the fellow travellers
  • Pack your medicines and everyday necessities
  • Be prepared for unexpected weather and adventures
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