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Tucked away in the verdant interior of central Sri Lanka, Matale entices visitors with its picturesque scenery, illustrious past, and dynamic customs. Matale is a must-see place to visit in Sri Lanka because of its distinctive fusion of natural beauty and cultural attractions as part of a Sri Lanka trip package, guaranteeing guests an experience they won’t soon forget. Matale is an archaeological treasure trove just waiting to be discovered, with its charming tea plantations and spice gardens, as well as its historic temples and colonial buildings. Everyone may find something to enjoy in this captivating location, whether they are looking for adventure, leisure, or cultural immersion. When planning a trip, consider taking into account where to stay in Matale. 

There are many options to fit every taste and budget, from luxurious villas and eco-friendly resorts to quaint guesthouses and boutique hotels. You will undoubtedly feel at home as you set out on your adventure to explore Matale’s treasures thanks to the cosy lodgings and friendly service.

Why is Matale so famous?


Matale is well known for its extensive history, breathtaking scenery, and cultural significance. It is located in the centre of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle and so you need not worry about where to stay in Matale.  Matale is well-known for the following reasons:

Historical and Cultural Heritage: Matale has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years. Numerous historical and cultural sites, such as old temples in Sri Lanka, cave temples, and ruins that shed light on Sri Lanka’s rich past, may be found there. Buddhist texts were initially written down at the Aluvihare Rock Temple, one of the most well-known locations.

Spice Gardens: Because of its large number of spice farms, Matale is referred to as the “Spice Garden of Sri Lanka”. Discover the history of the production of spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper, which have long been essential to Sri Lanka’s trade and cultural practices, by seeing these gardens.

Natural Beauty: Matale is endowed with beautiful natural scenery, such as swaying hills, verdant woods, and tumbling waterfalls. Beautiful tea plantations around the location, which also provides breathtaking views of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. Sembuwatta Lake is one of the main draws; it’s a tranquil reservoir encircled by beautiful vegetation.

Cultural Festivals: Throughout the year, Matale has a number of cultural festivals of Sri Lanka and events that highlight the colourful regional traditions and customs. One of the most well-known religious festivals in Sri Lanka is the Esala Perahera, which takes place every year in the neighbouring city of Kandy and includes vibrant parades, traditional music, and dance performances.

Accessibility: Matale is easily accessible from other major cities and popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka due to its central location. It provides a handy starting point for seeing the cultural triangle, which includes neighbouring sites like Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, and Sigiriya.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Matale is renowned for its Ayurvedic customs and medicinal methods. Traditional Ayurvedic therapies and treatments are available to guests at nearby health resorts and spas, providing rest and renewal in peaceful settings.

All in all, Matale has many things to do in Sri Lanka. There is a must-visit location for tourists wishing to fully immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s past and customs because of its unique combination of historical significance, scenic beauty, and cultural diversity.

How to Reach Matale?

How To Reach by road

Because Matale is located in the centre of Sri Lanka, getting there is not too difficult. There are numerous ways for visitors to get to this quaint city by transportation:

By Road: Matale has excellent access to the country’s main cities through a system of roads and highways. Depending on traffic, the trip from the capital city of Colombo takes three to four hours by car. Buses, rented automobiles, and private taxis are common ways for tourists to get to Matale.

By Train: Although Matale lacks a train station, travellers can reach Matale by train to neighbouring cities like Kandy or Dambulla, from which they can take a bus, taxi, or rental car. The train ride offers beautiful views of the countryside and is a convenient way for people who want to visit several locations in the cultural triangle. 

By Bus: Public buses run frequently between Matale and major cities like Colombo, Kandy, and Dambulla. These buses offer travellers an affordable option and give them a chance to experience local transportation in Sri Lanka.

By Air: Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) in Colombo is the closest international airport to Matale. It is around 150 kilometres from the airport to Matale, where guests can take a bus or hire a cab.

Once in Matale, visitors may easily get around the city and experience its attractions and neighbouring areas by renting a car, using a taxi, or tuk-tuk. Matale is easily reachable by travellers from all over the world, providing an entry point to the natural and cultural treasures of Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit Matale


What time of year is ideal for exploring Matale’s natural and cultural wonders? The key to the answer is to take into account Sri Lanka’s ideal climate. The optimal time to visit Matale coincides with the general optimum time to take in Sri Lanka’s varied scenery and attractions.

Generally speaking, the months of December through April are the ideal times to visit Matale during the dry season. The weather is nice throughout these months, with little to no rain and reasonable temperatures, which is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Because of the bright days, tourists may freely enjoy Matale’s natural scenery, historical attractions, and spice gardens without worrying about rainy breaks.

Furthermore, numerous cultural events and festivals, notably Matale, are guaranteed across Sri Lanka throughout the dry season, which also happens to be the country’s busiest travel period. During this period, guests may take part in customary festivities, see religious rituals, and fully experience the local way of life.

It’s important to remember that Matale is accessible all year round, though, since the rainy season, which lasts from May to November, has its own unique beauty. With fewer tourists and cheaper lodging costs, this time of year offers a fresh perspective on Matale’s natural beauty due to the lush foliage and milder temperatures. The ideal time to visit Matale ultimately relies on personal tastes, since both the dry and wet seasons provide distinctive experiences to tourists.

Things to do in Matale


There are many things to do in Matale that highlight the city’s historical significance, stunning natural surroundings, and rich cultural heritage. The following are a few of the best activities in Matale, Sri Lanka:

Aluvihare Rock Temple: Visit Aluvihare Rock Temple to learn about Sri Lanka’s ancient past. This is the site where the Buddhist scriptures were originally inscribed on ola leaves. Discover the past of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, explore the cave temple, and take in the historic frescoes.

Explore Spice Gardens: Take a sensory tour of Matale’s spice gardens to see how cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices are grown and processed. Experience the cultivation and harvesting of these fragrant herbs with a guided tour, and savour some freshly made delicacies laced with spices.

Explore Sembuwatta Lake: Take a break from the bustle of the city and unwind in the lovely reservoir encircled by lush vegetation. Take a leisurely boat ride on the lake, swim in the refreshing water, or just unwind by the lake and take in the peace.

Hike to Knuckles Mountain Range: Grab your hiking boots and head to the Knuckles Mountain Range, which is close to Matale, to explore its picturesque paths. Enjoy breath-taking vistas of the surrounding terrain as you hike through immaculate woods, past gushing waterfalls, and along glistening streams.

Matale Heritage: Visit the Matale Heritage Center to discover more about the traditional crafts and cultural legacy of Matale. Take in the displays of regional fabrics, handicrafts, and antiquities while seeing demonstrations of woodcarving, weaving, and pottery making.

Enjoy Ayurvedic health: Visit one of Matale’s health facilities or spas to treat yourself to a revitalising Ayurvedic treatment. Take advantage of traditional therapies like yoga classes, herbal baths, and massages that are intended to enhance general well-being, balance, and relaxation.

Attend a Cultural Festival: Go to a local festival or event to fully immerse yourself in Matale’s dynamic cultural scene. Take in the celebrations honouring the city’s history and customs, enjoy authentic Sri Lankan food, and watch traditional music and dance performances.

Discover Mini World’s End: Embark on a picturesque journey to Mini World’s End, an amazing vantage point with sweeping views of Matale’s verdant valleys and undulating hills. Admire the striking topography and take breathtaking pictures of the surrounding area.

These are only a handful of the numerous activities available in Matale like enjoying the local cuisine of Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankan Desserts which provide guests with a wide variety of experiences that showcase the city’s abundant natural beauty, rich history, and rich cultural legacy.

Where to stay in Matala?


Selecting the right where to stay in Matale, Sri Lanka, will significantly improve your visit to this enchanting city. Matale has a range of lodging alternatives to meet the demands of any guest, whether they are looking for luxury, peace and quiet, or affordable solutions. Let’s examine a few of the top accommodations in Matale:

Luxurious Hotels & Resorts: 

Thinking of Luxury and you have no idea where to stay in Matale? Matale is home to a number of upmarket hotels and resorts that cater to those looking for extravagance and luxury while providing a luxurious stay in breathtaking settings. To ensure a wonderful stay, these facilities include attractive décor, large rooms, top-notch amenities, and flawless service. Top premium hotels in Matale include the following:

Arika estate: With private pools, panoramic views, and attentive service, this opulent estate is tucked away in a verdant setting. While taking in the peace of the surroundings, guests may partake in outdoor activities, gourmet cuisine, and spa treatments.

Camellia Hills: This boutique hotel offers opulent lodging in a tranquil environment while perched on a hilltop with views of the Knuckles Mountain Range. In addition to dining on fine dining, guests may unwind in roomy apartments and enjoy the nearby hiking trails and tea plantations.

Sir John’s Bungalow: Sir John’s Bungalow is a colonial-era bungalow on the Ceylon Tea Trails estate that provides luxurious accommodations in a historic setting. Guests may expect excellent meals, personalised service, and guided tours of the tea plantation throughout their stay.

Eco-friendly Retreats:

Matale provides eco-friendly getaways and eco-lodges that promote sustainability and conservation for eco-conscious tourists seeking to connect with nature and reduce their environmental effect. These facilities provide comfortable accommodations that blend in with their surroundings, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience. Some significant eco-friendly getaways in Matale are:

Galkadawala Forest Lodge: Nestled in a remote forest reserve, Galkadawala Forest Lodge provides rustic-chic accommodations in eco-friendly cottages and treehouses. Guests may enjoy birding, natural hikes, and healthy meals made using locally sourced foods.

Living Heritage Koslanda: Nestled among beautiful gardens and tea plantations, Living Heritage Koslanda is an eco-luxury resort that provides sustainable lodging in magnificent villas and cottages. Guests may engage in organic farming, yoga classes, and cultural tours while also helping local communities.

Guest House and Homestays


Guesthouses and homestays offer customised hospitality and an authentic taste of Matale’s local life. These low-cost hotels provide comfortable rooms, home-cooked meals, and the opportunity to mingle with friendly hosts and other tourists. Some suggested guesthouses and homestays in Matale are:

Sarachchandra Guest House: Situated in the centre of Matale town, Sarachchandra Guest House provides spacious accommodations with contemporary conveniences and courteous service. Guests may enjoy home-cooked Sri Lankan cuisine and visit neighbouring sites and shops.

Villa Tea Fields: Nestled among lush tea fields, Villa Tea Fields provides pleasant accommodations in a peaceful location. Guests may live on a tea estate, drink freshly brewed tea, and take guided excursions of the nearby plantations.

Budget Hotels and Inn:

Matale offers a variety of cheap accommodations, including hotels, inns, and guesthouses. These facilities provide clean and pleasant accommodations, modest amenities, and reasonable pricing, making them suitable for budget-conscious tourists. Some suggested cheap lodgings in Matale are:

Matale Rest House: Located in the center of Matale town, Matale Rest House provides basic and economical lodging with easy access to nearby activities and facilities. Guests may expect comfortable accommodations, pleasant service, and a handy location.

Hotel Hill Breeze: Located on the outskirts of Matale, Hotel Hill Breeze provides affordable accommodation in gorgeous surroundings. Guests may unwind in clean and comfortable accommodations, eat at the on-site restaurant, and visit surrounding sites including Aluvihare Rock Temple and Sembuwatta Lake.

Camping Sites:

Matale provides camping and glamping sites for adventurous tourists to immerse themselves in nature and experience the great outdoors. Enjoy sleeping beneath the stars and the quiet of the woods. These sites feature tents, camping equipment, and minimal amenities, allowing tourists to have a primitive yet pleasant camping experience. Some popular camping and glamping spots in Matale are:

Knuckles Campsite: Situated in the picturesque Knuckles Mountain Range, Knuckles Campsite provides breathtaking vistas, fresh mountain air, and the opportunity to explore the surrounding environment on guided hikes and excursions.

Eco Retreat Sri Lanka: Set in a remote forest reserve, Eco Retreat Sri Lanka provides luxury camping and glamping experiences in safari-style tents and eco lodges. Guests may enjoy outdoor activities, animal viewing, and eco-friendly facilities while remaining close to nature.

Finally, Matale has a wide choice of lodgings to meet any traveler’s interests and budget, including luxury, eco-friendly retreats, guesthouses, budget hotels, and camping experiences. Matale’s beautiful beauty, rich cultural legacy, and friendly hospitality ensure that visitors to this charming city in Sri Lanka have a great stay.


Finally, Matale offers a wide range of housing alternatives, guaranteeing that every visitor finds a suitable location to stay in this charming city. Matale offers a wide range of interests and budgets, from luxurious hotels and eco-friendly retreats to the homey charm of guesthouses and inexpensive inns.

Where to stay in Matale ultimately relies on your desired experience and the sort of accommodation that best suits your needs. Luxury tourists may enjoy sumptuous facilities and personalised attention at premium hotels and resorts, while environmentally conscious travellers can immerse themselves in nature at eco-friendly retreats and lodges. Those looking for a genuine cultural experience can stay in guesthouses and homestays, where they can mingle with friendly hosts and other travellers.

No matter where you stay in Matale, you’ll be welcomed with a warm welcome and the opportunity to enjoy the city’s rich cultural legacy, natural beauty, and historical sites. Matale’s broad choice of lodgings and unique activities ensures an amazing stay that embodies the spirit of Sri Lanka’s beauty and friendliness. So, where do I stay in Matale? The key is to select the ideal lodging that suits your travel style and enriches your adventure through this intriguing city.

How many days should I spend in Matale?

Spending 2-3 days in Matale should allow you to easily see its attractions, such as the Aluvihare Rock Temple, several spice plantations, and the tranquil Knuckles Mountain Range. This duration allows for careful exploration without hurrying through the activities.

Can I find hotels in Matale with swimming pools or fitness centres?

Matale has a variety of lodgings, including swimming pools and exercise centres. Several hotels in the vicinity provide similar services, catering to both leisure and wellness guests. Before booking, it is recommended that you verify with specific hotels to ensure availability and services.

Are there any hotels in Matale that offer conference or event facilities?

Yes, there are hotels in Matale that provide conference or event space. These businesses serve business travellers and guests hosting events in the region. Meeting rooms, banquet halls, and event planning support are some of the services available to suit varied events.

What is the average price range for hotels in Matale?

The typical price range for hotels in Matale varies according on location, features, and season. Budget lodgings often start at $20-$30 per night, while mid-range to luxury hotels can vary from $50-$150 per night. Prices may change according to demand and availability.

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