Demul Village: A sustainable and controlled homestay system

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Demul Village, one of the many remote villages in Spiti Valley, is a charming little village situated at an altitude of 4357 m. It is so remote that it has only 53 households living here and each house also serves as a homestay for anyone visiting this village for a night stay. A village representative allots one homestay aka household for each traveller to stay for the night and in case they want to extend their stay in Demul Village they will be again allotted a new homestay for the next night.

This super organized way to allocate the benefits from tourism equally amongst all villagers sets an example of sustainable community living and as well as even distribution of economic parity amongst all. You can include Demul Village in your itinerary while planning your Spiti Trip Packages

Demul Village, local story has it that it was accidentally discovered by a shepherd whose yak strayed and reached this village which was laden with lush green pastures. The shepherd was so overjoyed in finding this greener and abundant village in comparison to otherwise brown barren fields and mountains that he decided to make this place his home and invited his friends and family to join him here and start living here. This is how the village came to be what it is today and the name of the village, was also named after the lost yak ‘Demo’.

It is incredible to know how these simple and humble people nurture their herds and nature alike and is a testament to their cultural and religious belief system.


Accommodation in Demul Village

Demul Village has a well-organized system of controlled hospitality wherein each household in the village serves as a homestay for a night for anyone visiting this village. However, since it is on an allocation-based system, many times you might not find any availability. 

Hence the nearby villages are your best bet to stay the night in while you explore the remote villages as trekking trails in addition to other remote villages of Spiti Valley like Tabo, Hikkim Village, Langza Village, etc. 

Some of the stays that are great places to stay in Demul Villages are

  • Mulche House

This homestay in Demul Village comes with a garden, where you will have the opportunity to brew your own alcohol known as ‘araak’. They also help arrange for day trips to the nearby villages. 

Address: Demul Village, Spiti, Lara, India, 172114 

  • Demul Homestay

Hosted by some of the most humble couples, this homestay serves the best Butter Tea, a Tibetan tea, which will relax you instantly from the strenuous hikes and trails that will get you to this village.

Address: Demul, Dhartak Damdam, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Dolma Homestay, Tabo Village

One of the best stays in Demul Village is Dolma Homestay in Tabo Village. All reviews are excellent and it is pretty well known amongst travelers who have stayed here during their trip to Tabo and other nearby villages. 

Address: Tabo

  • Lakdor Homestay, Kaza

One of the most unique things about this homestay is that you will get access to the kitchen and share it along with the hosts and cook your own meals if you want to. It is one of the top places to stay in Demul Village. It is located in Kaza and you can easily reach Demul Village from here.Address: VPO Road, Kaza

  • Maitreya Mud House, Tabo

It is a newly constructed homestay with the concept of Old meets new. Mud houses are equipped with all modern amenities to make your stay relaxing and comfortable. It is a part of the Maitreya Regency Hotel in Tabo another 3-star property by the same group.

Address: Old monastery, near tabo, Tabo, Dhar Gangchhumi, Himachal Pradesh 172113

  • Blue Mountain Hotel& Cafe, Kaza

A boutique hotel & cafe in Kaza, Spiti Valley. It provides excellent service and is situated at an excellent location in the heart of Kaza.

It is a star-category hotel where unmarried couples are also allowed. There are no restrictions on alcohol consumption and smoking within the premises is allowed. However, the property does not allow private parties or events.

Best time to visit Demul Village

The months between June and August are the peak tourist season in Spiti Valley. The weather is pleasant with clear skies and warm temperatures. The roads are also accessible, making it easier to explore the region. However, this is also the busiest time and popular tourist spots can get crowded.

The ideal time to visit Demul Village in Himachal Pradesh is typically during the summer months ranging from June to September. However, if you want to avoid the peak season and want to travel at your own pace then the ideal time for you to visit Demul Village is from mid-May to mid-October. Therefore, the best time to visit Demul Village can vary based on individual preferences and interests.

What is Demul village famous for?

Demul Village is famous for its unique sustainable community living and its lush green pastures and meadows scattered all over the village

Are there any health facilities in Demul Village?

No, proper health facilities are not available in Demul Village. It is a small remote village with only 50-odd households and very basic amenities are available here.

Are there any tourist attractions in Demul Village?

Yes. There are many tourist attractions around Demul Village. You can trek to Balari Top which is a 3 hrs trek from Demul Village. You can also go on yak safaris here.

What is the average price range for hotels in Demul Village?

As mentioned above, all the 50 households present in Demul Village serve as homestays and this is controlled by a village representative who allocates them to each tourist visiting this village. Hence the pricing is also controlled by them

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