Places to stay in Losar Village- A detailed guide

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Located on the NH-505 between Kaza in Spiti and Gramphoo in Lahaul, lies the small village of Losar, where one can experience the sound of silence in its true sense. Totally secluded and situated at an altitude of 4085m, it is a perfect place to unwind and just chill !!!

Spiti Trip Packages is an excellent guide to planning your Spiti travel diaries filled with adventure and exploration of the majestic Himalayan region. It is on the right bank of the Spiti River, adjacent to the Indo-China border, with only a population of 250 odd people and very limited options for Stays in Losar Village.

Most believe that Losar Village is one of the coldest places in the world with temperatures often going below -30ˆ C. It is the first inhabited village if one is travelling from Manali towards Kunzum Pass and often serves as a base camp for Trekkers and Motorbikers on a  Spiti Valley Bike Trip

The route from Manali-Kunzum pass- Losar opens only during the summer months from mid-June to October. SH30 Manali-Kaza road (state highway) remains closed for the rest 8 months due to heavy snowfall in winter. Although the road from Tabo to Kaza to Losar is open throughout the year, one needs to understand that Spiti Valley in winters is harsh and extreme with a lot of difficulties and hardships. One needs to be prepared both mentally and physically to face these adversities which the local people here have been facing for centuries with a warm smile and one of the greatest hospitality in the world.


Stays in Losar Village-A detailed review of the places to stay in Losar Village

Losar Village is still unexplored and apart from a handful of tourists who are on their trek to Chandratal Lake and Kunzum Pass, this village is not known to many. Hence very few options to stay in Losar Village are available and they are often booked in advance, so if one intends to spend a night or two in some of the Stays in Losar Village, it is always a great idea to book it in advance.

We have curated 8 of the Best places to stay in Losar Village with some detailed reviews. 

  • The Nomad’s Cottage

The Nomad’s Cottage is an excellent Stays in Losar Village with some great reviews and best-of-the-class facilities, it has been hosted and maintained by the same person for the past 10 years. It is the Best Hotel in Losar Village.

It is located in Losar and can be easily spotted because it is the only proper Hotels in Losar Village.The Cottage boasts of being the only decent concrete accommodation and perfectly suited for Couples and family.

Address: School Road, Losar, Dhar Dindi, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Moksha, Losar

Moksha, Losar is one of the amazing stays in Losar Village which offers a garden and a shared lounge. This bed and breakfast offers free private parking and a 24-hour front desk. The accommodation features luggage storage space and room service for guests.

Housekeeping service is also available.

À la carte and continental breakfast options with warm dishes, local specialities and pancakes are available every morning at the bed and breakfast. Guests can dine in the in-house family-friendly restaurant, which specialises in American cuisine and also offers vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options.

One of the finest places to stay in Losar Village, Moksha is the best hotels in Losar Village

Address: Losar Khas, Losar, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Trekker’s Delight Homestay, Losar

Trekker’s Delight Homestay in Losar Village was opened by a long-time trekker by the name of Dorjee, with only 2 rooms in 2009. Now it has expanded to 5 rooms with all basic amenities. With a great array of food options, you will find both Indian and local Spitian cuisine. Non-vegetarian food also can be provided if notified earlier and on the basis of availability.

Address: Losar Village

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  • Losar Singha Ling Home Stay and Food Corner Lossar

A very cosy and budget homestay in  Losar Village, Losar Singha Ling HomeStay is one of the best homestays in Losar. It offers good food and clean rooms. You can walk through nearby fields which will refresh you and provide you with a great picturesque view of the rugged snow-capped mountains surrounding this quiet village. They also have an in-house restaurant. Located bang on the main road, 100 m before the police check post it is easily spotted.

Address: Vpo Lossar tehsil, Losar, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Tashi Gatsel Homestay

This is one of the oldest accommodations in Losar Village. Often motorbikers and trekkers make a stopover here, for a night’s stay before stepping out for their Chandratal Lake expedition or Kunzum Pass trek. 

Losar Village is often a pitstop or basecamp for people on a trek to Chandrataal or Kunzum Pass and hence many Stays in Losar Village have come up along the village which provides much-needed rest and relaxation for their arduous journey ahead.

Address: Losar Village, Himachal Pradesh

  • Atisha Homestay & Restaurant, Losar

A lovely well well-furnished homestay with great food service and a 24/7 hot water facility is available making it a top guest house in Losar Village to stay and spend some time relaxing and exploring the village.

Address:  Losar, Losar Khas, Himachal Pradesh 172114

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  • Samsong Cafe and Homestay

This is also a pretty old hotels in Losar Village meant for wary trekkers who are on the lookout for a comfortable night stay so that they can start their next league of adventure all fresh and energetic. It is run by the Samsong Camps, Chandratal which have camps set at Chandratal Lake.

Address:  Losar, Losar Khas, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Losar Kunzum Homestay

It is a recommended home stays in Losar Village, which has all the basic amenities to facilitate a tired traveller and serves basic but hot and fresh food to its guests. It is clean and has hot water service 24/7.

Address: Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road, Losar, Himachal Pradesh 172114

  • Siddharth Homestay

It is a fairly new homestay in Losar which provides clean and warm rooms and basic Indian food. It has all the basic amenities for a comfortable stays in Losar Village.

Address: Losar, Losar Khas, Himachal Pradesh

  • Gakyit Homestay, Losar

This warm and charming homestay in Losar Village provides clean and comfortable rooms with homely food, and has a family room to accommodate as a central gathering point where family members can come together to relax, bond, and engage in various activities.

Address: Losar, Himachal Pradesh
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What is Losar village famous for?

Losar Village is famous for being the only place where one can experience the sound of silence in its true form.

Are there any health facilities in Losar Village?

Yes, there is a healthcare centre in Losar Village but it is a very basic one.

Are there any tourist attractions in Losar Village?

Yes, Losar Village is usually the base camp for trekkers going to Chandratal Lake and Kunzum Pass.

What is the average price range for hotels in Losar Village?

The average price range for hotels in Losar Village is usually between Rs 1500- Rs 3000 depending on the facilities and amenities being provided by the hotel/ home stays in Losar Village

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