Stays in Tabo Village: Top 10 places to stay in Tabo

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Situated on the banks of the Spiti River, Tabo Village is situated in a bowl-shaped flat valley with the Tabo Monastery lying at the bottom of the valley, unlike other monasteries which are usually perched atop hills. At an altitude of 3280 m, it lies on the main road between Reckong Peo and Kaza. 

Home to some of the well-known tourist attractions in Spiti, like the Tabo Monastery and Tabo Caves, Tabo village is often a pit stop for tourists on their way to higher altitudes to acclimatize themselves to the lowering oxygen levels in the mountain air and decreasing temperatures. Hence, one will find numerous places to stay in Tabo Village, both homestays and hotels and you can plan your Spiti Trip Packages here.

The language spoken here is known as Bhoti and it bridges the Tibetan dialect with the Himalayan Pahari. In this language, the town is called Tapho which broadly translates to

‘Ta’ = horse, ‘pho’ = cave

Tabo is known for its horses and is named after the ancient caves which are situated on the hillside over the town above the Tabo Monastery. 

Over many years, monks would come to these caves and live in solitude to meditate. With time, a small village formed and the monastery was established. It became a cultural learning center and even today houses specimens of art and literature. The vivid wall paintings and sculptures are intricate and stand as an embodiment to ancient Buddhists traditions and culture. They depict the legends and stories of the various forms of Buddha.

The quaint village is inhabited by a population of a few hundred and has basic tourist facilities and eateries with some great Himalayan hospitality.

There are two options for travelling to Tabo village: either travelling via Shimla and Reckong Peo to Tabo or travelling via Manali and Kaza to Tabo. 

10 Stays in Tabo Village

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1. Echor Mud Huts, Tabo

The only luxury hotel in Tabo, Echor Mud Huts is a boutique hotel. With mud huts based on ancient Buddhist tradition, they have large private patios for their guests to enjoy the view and feel the Himalayan charm in its full glory. 

The hotel features nine large mud huts with generous open balconies, a mud reception kiosk, tastefully renovated hotel cubicles, and a roof-top multi-cuisine restaurant called ‘The Mitti.’ The property is just 200 m from the Tabo Monastery and right next to the helipad. Surrounded by apple orchards, fields of sweet peas, and the Spiti River, the hotel provides an unobstructed view of the mesmerising scenic holy Tabo. It is located right in the heart of Tabo Village and is one of the Best stays in Tabo.

Echor Mud Hut is indeed one of the great Stays in Tabo.

Address: Tabo

Check In : 1 pm

Check Out: 11 am

2. The Norphel Hotel 

The Norphel Hotel is a fairly newly built hotel in Spiti Valley. Situated 3 km away from Tabo, it is situated in Kurith Village. This hotel is also one of the best stays in Tabo, considering it has all modern amenities and facilities offering the best service and hospitality. It also offers the best views of the Valley.

Address: Village Kurith, 3km from Tabo, Tabo,

Check in: 1pm

Check Out: 11 am

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3. Green Tara Homestay

This homestay in Tabo is located 1 km from Tabo Monastery and is one of the top guesthouses in Tabo Village, Spiti Valley. With picturesque views of the nearby mountains, this stays in Tabo has a small garden with apple trees in their compound from which if you all are lucky and during the apple picking season, can enjoy delicious Himalayan apples. Cafe Himalaya is 4 mins away from here which has a great collection of coffees served in Tabo Village.

Address: National Highway 505, Tabo, Dhar Gangchhumi, Himachal Pradesh

Check in: 1pm

Check Out:  11am

4. Namkha Homestay

One of the recommended accommodations in Tabo Village, it comes with a rooftop and a garden, which is a great opportunity for you to go Stargazing in Spiti on the hotel’s rooftop. You can also go strolling in the pea fields near the Tabo Monastery. It is a pleasant Stays in Tabo. 

Address: Vpo, Distt, Tabo, Himachal Pradesh

Check In: 3pm

Check Out: 11am

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5. Aema Spiti Stay Inn

Aema Spiti Stay Inn is a 3-star property located in Tabo. This property also comes with a restaurant and a terrace and makes it a good Stays in Tabo. It is a 11 min walk away from the centre of Tabo and you will find basic amenities here. It has several cafes within walking distance like Cafe Kunzum Top and Green Leaf Cafe and Restaurant for you to explore while you are discovering Tabo Village. Cafe Kunzum Top is one of the Best places to eat food in Spiti and it is quite a happening place where you will find like minded tourists and friendly locals.

Address: Tabo, 172113 Tabo, India

Check In: Available 24 hrs

Check Out: 12 pm

6. Kalzang Homestay

Kalzang Home Stays in Tabo is one of the highly recommended hotel Stays in Tabo.

Of all the Budget hotels in Tabo, Kalzang Home Stay is very popular among tourists. It is a couple-friendly property, hence it is absolutely safe for unmarried couples to stay here.

You can find numerous Stays in Tabo and Kalzang Home Stay is one the best stays in Tabo under its category.

Address: Main road, Tabo, Dhar Gangchhumi, Himachal Pradesh 172113

Check In: 2pm

Check Out: 12pm

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7. Norbu House

Norbu House Tabo offers 2-star accommodations in Tabo with a garden, a terrace, and a restaurant. This budget homestay in Tabo provides an ATM and a tour desk for guests. With a private bathroom equipped with a shower and free toiletries, this is a good budget homestay in Tabo which also offers a city view.

Address: Near Tabo Monastery, Tabo

Check In: 1pm

Check Out: 11am

8. Trojan Guest House

Trojan Guest House is a budget hotel in Tabo. It is 1 km away from the Tabo Bus Stand and 0.5km from the Tabo Monastery, which can be easily located because it is situated right on the main road. However this budget stay in Tabo only has few rooms but reviews are great about their hospitality and amenities found here. 

Address: Tabo, Dhar Gangchhumi, Himachal Pradesh 

Check In: 2pm

Check Out: 12pm

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9. Hotel Tiger Den

A pleasant hotel located just 1 min away from Tabo Monastery, this is one of the top accommodations in Tabo, Spiti Valley. 

Address: Tabo, Dhar Gangchhumi, Himachal Pradesh 

Check In: 2pm

Check Out: 12pm

10. Hotel Tabo Zamling Donkhan

This luxury hotel has a picturesque view of the mountains and there is a terrace as well to enjoy starry nights at Tabo making it one of the great Stays in Tabo. The restaurant here serves Chinese cuisine and free private parking is a;available. This is one of the best stays in Tabo Village and is located about a 11-minute walk from the centre of Tabo

Address:Vpo, Himachal Pradesh, Tabo, India,

Check In: 2pm

Check Out: 11am

Best time to visit Tabo Village

The  best months to visit Tabo are May-October. The weather during these months is pleasant during the day and the nights are slightly chilly. Most roads are open at this time, especially the Rohtang Pass and the Kunzum La Pass, which are gateways to this region.

Tabo weather is very unpredictable as it ranges from cloudy to sunny or heavy snowfall. The temperatures here can range from -5°C at night to 20°C in day time. This is the peak season in Tabo and Spiti Valley in general. The hotels, restaurants, Tabo Monastery, Tabo Caves and other places of interest are also open during the summer months

Are there any health facilities in Tabo Village?

There is a primary health care center in Tabo but that only provides some basic medical help if needed. For anything a little more serious, you will have to rush to Kaza 50 kilometers away.

What is Tabo Village famous for?

Tabo Village is famous for Tabo Monastery and Tabo Caves. It also has some other attractions nearby like Kibber Village, Key Monastery, Pin Valley Wildlife Reserve, etc.

Are there any tourist attractions in Tabo Village?

Yes, you can visit the Tabo Monastery, Tabo Caves, Apple Orchards, Spiti River, etc in Tbao Village

What is the average price range for hotels in Tabo Village?

Hotels are within the range of Rs. 5000- 2000 in Stays in Tabo Village. It is advised to book hotels/homestays/guest houses in advance so as to avoid non availability of rooms/accommodations during the peak tourist season.

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