Home Affairs Minister’s New Decision on Student Visa Requirements In Australia

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Australia recently declared its decision towards Student Visa requirements, it is planned to increase the financial requirements for international students applying for visas. The government also warned several colleges and fraud chains about fake student recruitment practices. These decisions are part of a broader plan to handle the increasing migration rates in Australia. 

Reports say that previously, Student visa requirements in Australia were raised from A$21,041 to A$24,505 in October last year. But from 10th May 2024 onwards, international students will have to show proof that they have at least A$29,710 ($19,576) in savings to get their visa approved. 

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said they have warned 34 education providers about non-genuine or fake recruitment practices. She also stressed the serious penalties of it, like imprisonment for up to 2 years and bans on student recruitment.

These steps are taken due to the pressure on the rental market caused by the sudden increase in migrants after COVID-19 restrictions. To control this, the government has made changes to student visa rules, including more proficient English language necessity for student visa requirements in Australia.

Minister commented that Dodgy providers have no place in the International education sector in Australia. This will help us drive out those who hollow the education sector from within and will also save the reputation.

If we look at the stats, in 2022-23, International students contributed A$36.4 billion ($24 billion) to the economy. However, the high migration levels, mostly international students, have sapped resources, especially in rental markets. Also, the net immigration in Australia increased by 60% with the number of 548,800 individuals in the year ending 30th September 2023.

The government expects its policies to significantly reduce Australia’s migrant intake rates over the next two years. O’Neil said, “We are significantly reducing migration levels—we are in the middle of the biggest drop in migration numbers in Australia’s history, outside of war or pandemic.”

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