What Is Sun Tourism And Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

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You have heard about space tourism, sleep tourism, even Tv Tourism but have you heard about Sun Tourism? 

Sun Tourism is becoming a popular trend in the tourist industry among the mountain enthusiasts, who love to explore the mountains in the breezy weather but also enjoy a distinctive allure of the rugged peaks amidst sunlight.

This emerging trend goes by the name of Sun Tourism or Solar Tourism. The trend is becoming increasingly popular among tourists who are seeking beautiful landscapes, good weather to enjoy in the tranquil environment with ample of sunshine. 

Sun tourism not only allows mountain enthusiasts to admire the stunning beauty of the rugged peaks but also enjoy the sun-kissed allure. 

However, the rise of tourists due to sun-tourism has its own advantage as well. It helps in economic sustainability as the locals whose only source of income is the tourists, rely heavily on winter activities, but with the rising popularity of Sun tourism, it helps in extending the tourist season, thereby helping the locals. 

The trend helps in expanding various activities apart from winter sports. It also helps in regional development and improved transport service for ease of accessibility. 

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