Sundarvan: Exploring Urban Jungle And Oasis Of Biodiversity

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Nested in the heart of Ahmedabad in the Satellite area is Sundarvan Zoo, Sundarvan has been reconstructed recently and has introduced new birds and reptiles. The magical sanctuary of Sundarvan Ahmedabad was founded in 1978 and was inaugurated by the legendary ornithologist Salim Al. The zoo was originally a mango orchid owned by Sarabhai.

The Sundarvan Zoo sprawls across 4 acres and has lush green trees and water bodies. The zoo also has a park for children with fun activities. Sundarvan Ahmedabad is more than just a zoo, it is an educational hub where many awareness programs on snake awareness are being held. So into the lush green paradise of Sundarvan Zoo let’s explore the tranquilising beauty. 

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Exploring Sundarvan Zoo

1. Birds At Sundarvan Zoo

Source: Oneindia Gujarati

Sundarvan is famous for its pet birds, which have been bought from various regions of India and outside India. If you are going with your kind then your kids will enjoy feeding these friendly birds. Once you reach the zoo you can visit the bird’s section where you can spot turkey birds and king goose where you can spot them roaming freely. 

You could spot many birds that are bought from foreign nations like African lovebirds, budgerigars, java sparrows, Chinese chickens, silky chickens, wild turkeys, and white geese. Other birds include fantail pigeons and high-flying pigeons; these pigeons were used during the olden days by the royals mostly as pets. 

2. Aquatic Animals And Other Animals At Sundarvan Zoo

Sundarvan is also famous for its aquatic animals including white and black sharks, and star tortoises which are illegal to keep in your home as a pet, African crocodiles are kept in the zoo. Reptiles like anacondas, and Indian cobras are also kept in the Sundarvan Zoo. If you are a fan of Gunnie Pigs then Sundarvan Zoo is the place for you, you can find 

3. Garden

Source: AMC Heritage City

There is a small garden in the vicinity of Sundarvan Ahmedabad. You can bring your kids for leisure time and stroll here at Sundarvan Ahmedabad’s garden. 

4. Snake Awareness Program

The program is initiated to build snake awareness among young individuals. Various topics are covered under this including snake diversity in India, snake bites and treatment, myths and facts, etc. Sundarvan plays a leading role in spreading snake awareness among the citizens of Ahmedabad. The duration of this program is around 35-40 minutes long and the program fee is 1500/-. 

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Sundarvan Timings

Sundarvan timings are from 09:00 am to 06:30 pm and is open on all days except Monday. 

Sundarvan Tickets Price

Sundarvan tickets are free. There is no ticket price to visit Sundarvan. However, if you want to attend the Snake Awareness Program then the fee is Rs. 1500/-.

Restaurants Near Sundarvan

Source: Zomato

Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad there are many restaurants near Sundarvan to explore. Following are some curated restaurants near Sundarvan

  1. Zen Cafe
  2. Jai Ambe Farsan
  3. Sheeba Delicious
  4. Jay Kalyan Breakfast
  5. Three Quarter Indian
  6. La Pino’Z Pizza
  7. Ajay’s 
  8. Diwan Bhel Pakodi Center
  9. Prime Dine Restaurant

Hotels Near Sundarvan Ahmedabad


There are a lot of hotels near Sundarvan Ahmedabad, however, if you are visiting Ahmedabad and want to stay for a certain time you must pre-book your hotels near Sundarvan Ahmedabad. Following are some of the curated hotels near Sundarvan Ahmedabad

  1. Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad
  2. Hotel Naman Inn
  3. Hotel Royal Inn
  4. Elis Hospitality Service Apt
  5. ITC Narmada
  6. Platinum Residency
  7. FabExpress Jade Homestay
  8. Holiday Inn Express Ahmedabad Prahlad Nagar
  9. Hotel Satellite Inn
  10. Hotel Grand Apple

Best Time To Visit Sundarvan

The best time to visit Sundarvan is from November to February when the climate is not harsh and is bearable. 

Also, the best time to visit Sundarvan during the day is post-noon, during this time the zoo is not crowded.

Places To Visit near Sundarvan Zoo

1. Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition Centre

Source: MeriCity Ahmedabad

The space exhibition centre is just next to the Sundarvan Zoo. This space museum has a 3D movie screen, and models of various rockets and missiles that are designed by ISRO. 

This museum offers insight into India’s space research and missions. The museum has interactive exhibits like working models that enable children to understand the workings of different instruments and their applications.

2. Vastrapur Lake

Source: DeshGujarat

Vastrapur Lake is around 2.1 km from Sundarvcan Zoo. Vastrapur Lake was built in 2002 by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) which was later renamed ‘Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar’. Kavi Narsinh Mehta also known as Narsinh Bhagatwas, was a poet and a saint born in Gujarat in the 15th century. 

Later in 2016, the lake dried up due to the excessive heat and lack of adequate rainfall in the year. Then the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided to fill the lake with Narmada’s river water. 

3. Amdavad Ni Gufa


Amdavad Ni Gufa is around 5.3 km from Sundarvan Zoo. Located near the Center for Environmental Planning University (CEPT University) the unique architecture of Amdavad Ni Gufa is built underground and only the domes are visible on the ground. 

This was an art gallery that looked like a work of art from the outside. The domes are inspired by soap bubbles and are covered with white mosaic tiles. The dome also has a snake image on it made of mosaic tiles. 

4. Riverfront Flower Park

Source: Local Guides Connect

Riverfront Flower Park is around 6.9 km from Sundarvan Zoo. It is the first themed park in the city and one of the best Ahmedabad Riverfront Parks. It is located near Ellisbridge. 

There are almost 72 varieties of flowers of species in the garden. Some of the areas are the Flower Terraces, Flower Valley, Tricone Vatika, Lake Valley, Plant showcase gardens and Rose Garden, a Greenhouse showcasing shade-loving and exotic plants, and a food court.

5. Law Garden Night Market

Source: Goats On Road

Law Garden is around 5 km from Sundarvan Zoo. Law Garden Night Market in Ahmedabad is a lively cultural street shopping hub that comes alive right after the sunset. This market will be set across the Law Garden side walls also known as Seth Motilal Hirabhai Park developed in 1997. 

Not only does this informal market help its visitors to immerse in the rich heritage but also allows everyone to have diversified culinary options. The setup starts from the early morning itself catering to the morning deeds of street food and then some regular stalls will start in the morning too and operate till night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sundarvan a tourist attraction?

Sundarvan is a major tourist attraction for its various species of birds and Snake Awareness program.

What is special about Sundarvan?

Sundarevan is famous for its wildlife sanctuary, with various species of Birds and aquatic animals. It is also famous for its Snake Awareness Program

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