9 Best Sunsets In The World: The Golden Horizon

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One of the most beautiful times of the day is when the sun is done for the day and slowly begins to sink. I think sunsets have a soft corner in every nature lover’s heart, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it is a sight to behold. Did you know there are places where you can see some of the best sunsets in the world?

Most of the time, the best memories from a holiday are the ones you spend gazing at and admiring the picturesque sunsets. These are the memories that linger in your heart for a long time or maybe forever. 

Some places in the world are so pretty that words fall short of defining them, so imagine what their sunsets would be like. If you want to experience the ultimate bliss of one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets, then I have a list of places where you can visit to see what heaven on Earth feels like. 

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Places With The Best Sunsets In The World

1. Florida Keys, USA


If you ask about the sunset lover’s paradise, then the Florida Keys in the United States of America is the place for them. As the sky gets covered in red, yellow, orange, and pink hues, you begin to notice how beautiful the place is. 

The Key West in the United States Of America is the best city in the world for it has the most beautiful sunsets of all time. 

The watchers looking from 90 nautical miles from Cuba get the best views, as they can see an amazing light when the sun begins to sink in the horizon, making it one of the most Instagrammable Sunsets.

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2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


If you want to see one of the best sunsets in the world, then you should see the sunsets in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The sight is so beautiful that the spectators begin to clap when the sun has set, it may sound weird, but once you are there, you will understand. 

Popular spots to watch one of the most romantic sunsets in Rio De Janeiro are at the top of Pão de Açúcar, also known as the Sugarloaf Mountain with its outlook over Copacabana, and the Dois Irmãos, looking over Ipanema. 

The best among all is the Mirante Dona Marta, situated at a 1000 ft Belvedere with its Christ the Redeemer statue, making it look absolutely stunning, and it is the most picturesque sight of all. 

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3. Cairo, Egypt


Egypt is known for many things, but nothing tops the Pyramid of Giza, and that is exactly where you will find one of the most picturesque sunsets with its glowing sky as the sun begins to set, leaving you in awe. 

Many travellers choose to see the stunning sunsets at the camps in the desert because the desert gives out a beautiful glow due to the sand, and it looks absolutely lovely, making it one of the most romantic sunsets ever. 

For the best views, just climb to the top of any tall building and watch from there. 

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4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland


Switzerland, as we all know, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Imagine what it would be like to watch the sunset in Switzerland at the Swiss Alps. Sounds exciting, right? 

To have the most beautiful experience of witnessing one of the best sunsets in the world, you can visit the Matterhorn, which is the symbol of the Alpine Region, and see for yourself how beautiful it looks when the sun begins to go down, giving out different hues of orange, red, and yellow. 

Besides that, there are plenty of guided excursions that you can choose from and make the most of your holiday. You are going to see one of the most romantic sunsets here. Make sure that you enjoy it with your partner and fall in love with them all over again. 

It totally depends on which season you visit the country because different seasons give out different hues, and you will love all of it.

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5. Santorini, Greece


Santorini Island in Greece is popular all over the world for being a hot spot for stunning sunset views, so that is another place you can find one of the best sunsets in the world, and is probably the place where you can watch one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

The white-washed architecture, ragged cliffs, and breathtaking views of the place offer you one of the most Instagrammable sunsets, so you can boast on your social media feed.

6. Barcelona, Spain


We have all heard the name of Barcelona when it comes to sports, but did you know that you can also spot one of the most romantic sunsets here in Barcelona? 

Most people take walks around the area during the time of sunset, and people say that it is one of the must-see sunsets. 

The popular spot is at the top of Al Carmel Hill, looking down at the beautiful and colorful Gaudi, completely saturating the mood of the place. 

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7. Bali, Indonesia


You must know that Bali in Indonesia is becoming a hub for tourists specially the honeymooners. Imagine you are on your honeymoon, and you are witnessing one of the best sunsets in the world. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

So if you are really up to seeing one of the most romantic sunsets in the world, to make your honeymoon even more romantic, then you should head straight to Bali.

The most popular spot to witness the sunset is Jimbaran Bay in Bali, where you can see very slow and soothing must-see sunsets, which are going to leave you in awe.

There is nothing better than watching say goodbye for the day, by giving out beautiful hues, making it one of the best sunsets in the world.

So when you visit Bali, make sure that you watch the picturesque sunsets every day, and click plenty of pictures to not only share on your Instagram feed but also to keep it as a memory of the best trip of your life.

8. Dubai Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai is the most modern and cosmopolitan city in the world, dripping with opulence and luxuries, but it is also popular for the sunset at the Creek.

Dubai Creek is in Old Dubai, and not only do you get to dive into the cultural and historical past, but also witness one of the most beautiful sunsets.

To enjoy it to the fullest take the Dhow Cruise Dubai, which is a popular cruise, undertaken by the tourists who visit the place. There are two options for the cruise, one is the dinner cruise and the other one is the sunset cruise.

So I would suggest you take the sunset cruise, for it is a sight to behold. Onboard the cruise you can take advantage of the floating restaurant, offering smack-worthy food, drinks, and live music and entertainment to make your evening a memorable one.

9. Agra, Delhi, India


The Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world, is not only a cultural heritage of India but it also offers one of the most stunning sunset sites. 

Most people visit the historical monument during the daytime, but if you want to see some amazing views, then you should definitely wait till the sunset. 

The place remains crowded throughout the day so you should go at the time of sunset, or you can also carry the early sunrise because that is equally beautiful. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Sunsets In The World

1. What makes a sunset 'the most beautiful'?

A sunset is beautiful when you look at it, and feel a sense of peace inside you. Some of the most beautiful sunsets are not beautiful because they look beautiful but because we humans tend to attach a feeling, and a memory with it, and that is what makes it the most beautiful. 

2. Where can I see the best sunsets?

The best sunsets in the world can be seen in Agra, Jimbaran Bay in Bali, Santorini Island in Greece, Barcelona in Spain, Cairo in Egypt at the Pyramid of Giza, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, and many other places. The sunsets vary according to the seasons as well. So it totally depends on which season you are planning to visit the place. 

3. What's the best time to catch a sunset?

The best time to catch the sunset depends on the season because the timings of sunset change, so it totally depends on which place you are visiting and what is the timing of the sunset there. It’s better if you visit the place half an hour before sunset to witness the changing hues.

4. Do I need special equipment to photograph these sunsets?

If you want, you can use special equipment to get the best clicks, so it is advisable that you take your best camera at the site to capture the stunning sight. 

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