Tashigang Village in Spiti Valley: A quiet little Buddhist village

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Ever wondered what the earth will look like when clouds touch it? If yes, then you should visit Tashigang village in Spiti Valley, a quiet little Buddhist village, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Tashigang village, which means “good fortune ridge” in Spiti language, is 14 km from Kibber and 18 km away from Kaza, which connects this village to the rest of Himachal Pradesh and India. Spiti Tour Packages mostly have these villages in their itinerary planned for a day trip.

It is inhabited by only 6 families, laden with Buddhist chortans and as you proceed more toward the village, you will notice that it is much greener than the rest of Spiti Valley. Enroute Tashigang village you will see roads encompassing the mountains and the weather may keep varying with the sun peeking out on and off making it a mystical ride.

If your idea of a vacation is to experience a serene breathtaking vista, with some adventures sprinkled in between then, Tashigang village in Spiti Valley, can give you both. You can take a bike trip or go backpacking leading through the picturesque ride to Tashigang Village.

The best time to visit Tashigang Village


The most ideal time to visit Tashigang village is usually between May and October when temperatures are bearable and mostly within the range of 15-20 with pleasant days and colder nights. 

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is ideally during the summer months but if treading through snow is more of your kinda thing then November and March can be an option when the winters are slightly bearable and can be tolerated.

Things to do in Tashigang Village

  • Take a step back in nature and relax and unwind in the simplicity of village life.
  • Go stargazing in Spiti Valley, when the entire sky is clear and lit by twinkling stars.
  • Stay with one of the local households and try their traditional home-cooked food.
  • Go trekking and explore the highest points in the village and soak in some fresh, oxygen-rich air.
  • You can also visit the pristine blue lake situated here.

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Tips to come here

  • Since most of the year-round, these villages are covered in snow and cut off from civilization, food, and water are often stored by villagers in advance. Hence it is better to come prepared with food and water packages since road trips might cover long stretches with no shops or villages even.
  • It is always best to carry cash when traveling to Spiti Valley since most places are totally cut off from mobile networks and other city amenities, ATMs are also not found in most places and cash is the only medium of transactions.
  • Always be totally filled up on fuel if you are out on a bike trip since petrol pumps are also sparingly available.
  • Don’t litter and always take your trash away with you since these places are cut off from most civilizations and any trash left behind is sore to the eyes and we will only add to their list of problems
  • Since these villages are mostly self-reliant and don’t have access to many amenities, we need to be kind and respectful to them and their way of living. Be gracious to them as they have been in letting us in their homes.

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Suggested Plan to reach Tashigang Village


There are two major routes to reach Spiti Valley, it all depends on your starting point and your mode of transportation. Some of the most famous routes to reach the valley are 

Via Shimla: The route from Shimla is the most popular route to reach Spiti Valley. Travelers can take a flight or train to Shimla and then continue their onward journey to Spiti Valley via the NH 5 & NH 505. 

Via Manali: The second most popular route to reach Spiti Valley is via Manali. One can take a flight or train to reach Kullu and from Kullu, continue their onward journey to Spiti Valley from Manali via the Rohtang Pass, which leads straight to Spiti Valley. 

From there on, you can proceed to Kaza, the main town in Spiti Valley. The Manali to Kaza route remains open from June to October.

From Kaza to Kibber, is a newly built tarred road but the one towards Gette and Tashigang is still a dirt trail.

It’s important to note that the roads to Spiti Valley are steep, narrow, and dangerous, especially during monsoon and winter. Hiring a local driver or joining a tour group is advisable to navigate the terrain safely.

From Kibber, you will once again return about 3 km on the same road where you will notice another dirt road with a signboard pointing towards Tashigang Village. Take the road and after 9 km, you will reach Gette. You will have to keep driving past Gette, to finally reach your destination.

Where is Tashigang Village located, and what makes it unique?

Tashigang Village, which is located at an altitude of 15256 feet (4650 meters) is the highest village in Spiti Valley and the highest polling station in the World. Only a total of 6 families stay here and the village is mostly cut off from the rest of the world due to roads being blocked by snowfall during winter months. Tashigang is 14 Kms from Kibber and 18 kms away from Kaza.

The Indo-China Border is only 30 Km from Tashigang Village.

What are the main attractions or points of interest in Tashigang Village?

At Tashigang Village you can visit and stay with one of the local families and experience local food and traditions. Also, you can trek to nearby villages and visit the beautiful lake. At night you can go stargazing in the crystal clear night sky.

How do visitors access Tashigang Village, and what should they expect in terms of accommodations and amenities?

Tashigang Village is 14 km away from Kibber which is the highest point in Spiti Valley which is connected by motorable roads. From Kibber you will pass through Gette village and then reach Tashigang Village.  As it has only 6 families residing here, you can stay with any of the local families and enjoy their hospitality and local home-cooked food. There is only one proper homestay for tourists, by the name of Blue Sheep Homestay. Advance bookings are not available since like many villages and places in Spiti, mobile networks do not work here.

What are some recommended activities or experiences for visitors in Tashigang Village?

Some of the activities one can look forward to are trekking to the local nearby villages, stargazing at night, visiting the lake, etc. 

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