Thailand’s Visa Free Travel For Indians To Boost Tourism

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Great news for travellers with Indian passports as the Thailand Government has announced that people can travel to Thailand without a visa for two months. This means that Indians have been offered Thailand’s Visa Free Travel for Indians!

This step is taken by the government of Thailand as an effort to increase tourism to their country for which the government is in the process of introducing new programs for foreigners that allow workers, students, and retirees to stay in Thailand longer with Thailand’s Visa Free Travel For Indians.

Apart from issuing free visas for Indians, Thailand is also welcoming people from 93 other countries with easier visa rules to their country. The reason for this decision is that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge loss to the economy due to tourism worldwide. Thailand is now planning to take a few steps to help to recover. Thailand and other countries are making it easy for tourists where they can visit countries with simple visa requirements. 

It was also announced by the Thailand government that starting next month, the government is allowing remote workers, graduate students, and retirees to stay longer which also helps in increasing the tourism and the economy of the country.

Now people from 93 countries can visit Thailand for 60 days. This has helped them to give plenty of time to enjoy the country’s hospitality, culture, and the most beautiful scenery of Thailand.

Additionally, the government of Thailand also announced that remote workers will be eligible to get a visa from the Thailand government to stay in the country for five years! Where approximately every visit of the travellers will last up to 180 days.

Thailand is known for being affordable and attractive, making it a popular destination. In 2023, about 24.5 million tourists visited Thailand. With these new initiatives, the Thai government hopes to attract 25 to 30 million tourists each year.

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