The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders In Tokyo, Japan

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You must have heard about some crazy things that happen in the world, but have you heard about The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders? Now, you must be wondering why restaurants that serve wrong orders more often than not get a bad rating, but not in this case. 

The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders in Japan was founded by a Japanese man, Shiro Oguni, who came across a house where people suffering from dementia lived. For those of you who are not aware of dementia, it is a disability where people have trouble making decisions, thinking or remembering stuff. 

Shiro Orgi, in his statement, said that previously he thought that people with dementia were just retards who had a habit of forgetting things, but when he came across this house where demented people lived, he realized that they are just people like us who can shop, do laundry, and do all sorts of things that we do, it’s just that sometimes they might become a little lost. 

Shiro founded a restaurant where every staff member has dementia and named it The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique restaurants in the world. So once you step inside the restaurant, you know what you signed up for because chances are that your orders are not going to be what you asked for, so you have to keep your patience and a smile on your face.

History Of The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders In Japan

Source: Lonely Planet

It all started when a Japanese television editor visited a nursing home where demented people lived, and he was served a dumpling, even though he asked for a burger. His first instinct told him to send the dumpling back, but then he realized that he was in a completely different place, where people had a different type of functionality, which included mistakes that were not at all harmful. So, instead of sending the dumpling back, he ate it, and then he got the idea that he could create a business where people with dementia could work so as to create awareness about the impairment and also to allow the world to accept dysfunctionality as an act of kindness and humility. 

Shiro Orgi organized an event and collected the money for the restaurant through crowdfunding. The ultimate goal of this restaurant was to normalize dementia and spread awareness of the impairment among the people through The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders In Japan, Tokyo. 

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What To Expect From The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders In Japan?

Source: Lonely Planet

At The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders In Japan, you may order dumplings, and you might get miso soup, or you might get sushi instead of grilled fish. There is also a possibility that your coffee comes with a straw. 

You may ask for a glass of water, and there are chances that the staff may drink the water that they were trying to bring for you, so you may have to stay thirsty for a while, but if you think about it, these are just harmless mistakes. 

Shiro said, “Dementia is not what a person is, but just part of who they are. People are people. The change will not come from them; it must come from society.” 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders

What is The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders?

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders is a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, where all the staff is filled with people with dementia. 

How do I place an order at The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders?

You go to the restaurant and place your order, but there is a high possibility that may not get what you asked for, and that is the specialty of this place.

Can I specify dietary restrictions or preferences?

You can, but still, there is a high chance that the waiter or the waitress will forget about it, so be prepared to receive the wrong orders.

Is The Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders accessible to everyone?

Yes, the restaurant can be accessed by everyone, but people who have anger issues and no patience should avoid visiting the restaurant.

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