The Spice Restaurant In Maldives: Indulge In A Food Mastery!

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Nestled within the serene Indian Ocean waters and the vibrant corals, Maldives is always the best holiday destination for all who are looking for beach relaxation. With affordable prices, Maldives tour packages have a soaring demand with a special mention of the seafood delights. When it comes to seafood delights, the top mention would be the spice restaurant in the Maldives. 

This place rests on one of the best islands Atmosphere Kanifushi, revered to be one of the best restaurants in Maldives to try for the authentic Maldivian cuisine mix. Check why this restaurant gained popularity, its timings, famous foods and also the best time to visit. 

About The Spice Restaurant In Maldives


The Spice Restaurant is a distinguished eatery located within the Atmosphere Kanifushi resort in Maldives. This is within the range of the Lhaviyani Atoll which is revered for its lush greenery, white-tone beaches and colourful coral reefs. The Spice Restaurant started way back in 2013 which coincided with the inauguration of the Atmosphere Kanifushi resort, which specializes in offering world-class cuisine styling with a picturesque setting.

Being a part of Atmosphere Hotels & Resort group, this operates in several other luxury resorts across the Maldives with exceptional hospitality and amenities. 

How To Reach The Spice Restaurant In Maldives

To reach the Spice Restaurant located on the Atmosphere Kanifushi you need to start your journey from the Velena International Airport in Male. From here, if you book your stay at any of the luxury resorts in Maldives you can get free speed boat transfers and these speed boats can also be privately booked to reach the Atmosphere Kanifushi.

Seaplane is another fast and best option for uncovering the beauty of the Maldivian atolls and can reach the destination in 30 minutes. The price is on the higher side by charging over $450-$600 for each person. Passenger boat with pooling is the economical option but not available all the time. 

The Spice Restaurant Menu

The Spice Restaurant menu caters to the diverse needs of its visitors with quality and quantity-enriched foods. Here is the top menu that makes this one of the best in the segment:

Starters Menu In The Spice Restaurant


1. Fresh Seafood Platter

This is an assortment that is finely sourced from the sea and includes shrimp, crabs, calamari and the tangy citrus dip. This is one of the fine starters to begin your culinary exploration at the Spice Restaurant.

2. Maldivian Tuna Salad

This is a decent mix of tuna, lime, coconut and the local spices. It is again diced on the bed of crisp greens for a leafy tone and taste and is considered to be the best food in Maldives to try to satisfy your hunger.

Main Course Menu In The Spice Restaurant Maldives


1. Grilled Lobster

This is made from freshly caught succulent lobster and grilled to a golden texture with the butter dressing. The garlic butter used here is prior mixed with the steamed vegetables and is considered to be one of the highlighted foods in the main course of the Spice Restaurant. 

2. Maldivian Fish Curry

This is an authentic food served in the traditional style from locally sourced fish. This has an addition of the coconut milk and blended with the Maldivian spices. The best part is that it is served with flavoured rice which is a significant marking of the culinary tradition. 

Famous Dishes In The Spice Restaurant

Here are the famous dishes in the Spice Restaurant Maldives to try:

1. Beef Tenderloin With Added Sauce


In this chef special, the beef is cut into small pieces and cooked to perfection with the essential aromas. It is further diced in the rich and flavourful pepper sauce accompanied by seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes, a favourable inclusion in the Spice Restaurant food.

2. Coconut Panna Cotta


Panna Cotta with locally sourced coconuts is considered to be one of the famous dishes in the Spice Restaurant with a delightful creamy tone. It has a silky tone and tropical fruit inclusion which makes every serve the celebrating moment. 

The Spice Restaurant Price

The Spice Restaurant food price typically ranges from $100-$300 per two people depending on the food choices you pick. Chef’s specials will charge more but will be worth every bite. There are also wine pairings here, so if you are a person who would like to add consider a few extra bucks for this culinary recreation.

Best Time To Visit Near The Spice Restaurant

Maldives In November to April is the right time to plan to the Spice Restaurant. During these months you can experience calm seas, sunshine, and clear skies which makes the conditions suitable for outdoor dining. Consider this place for the afternoon brunch and the late evenings to have the full range of culinary journeys with world-class taste.

Places To Visit Near The Spice Restaurant


Here are the places to visit near the Spice Restaurant:

  1. Kanifushi Island Beaches: These are pristine beaches that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
  2. Lhaviyani Atoll Coral Reefs: These vibrant corals are one of the best places for adventure activities like deep diving and snorkelling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timings of The Spice Restaurant?

The Spice restaurant opens from 7:00 AM for breakfast and then winds up by 10:00 AM, then lunchtime rages from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Dinner timings are from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

Is there a dress code for The Spice Restaurant?

No! There is no dress code for this restaurant. However, wearing dirty and wet clothes is prohibited.

What is the minimum spend at The Spice Restaurant?

There is no minimum spend at this restaurant. For 2 people on average, it can range from $100-$300.

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