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Mother nature has bestowed Kashmir with unmatched beauty, justifying the title ‘Paradise on Earth’. On a Kashmir tour, tourists become awe-inspired by the beauty of Kashmir. One of the most untouched Kashmiri beauties is the Bangus Valley. There are several amazing things to do in Bangus Valley that will give you a bag full of unforgettable memories.

Situated in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, Bangus Valley is among the best places to visit in Kashmir. It is a pristine haven that provides a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts and thrill-lovers. 

Famed for its stunning vistas, wildlife diversity, and lush pastures, Bangus Valley in Kashmir is an ideal amalgamation of natural delights and thrilling adventures.

Clear streams of water flow through the valley, when you visit you can hear the sound of water flowing through the forest. 

This beautiful and serene landscape makes Bangus Valley a perfect escape for anyone who loves nature and wants to enjoy the pure, natural beauty of the Himalayas

Below is an in-depth travel guide for Bangus Valley. It will cover activities, sights, and the top things to do in Bangus Valley. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in!

14 Best Things To Do in Bangus Valley Kashmir

Top 10 Things To Do in Bangus Valley


1. Camping and bonfire:

Imagine spending the night, under the clear blue sky, studded with jewel-like stars and galaxies, a cool alpine breeze, filling up your senses, all you can hear is the flapping sounds of your camping tent. 

You are out in the wild, relishing fresh meals cooked on a charcoal grill, sipping hot tea, and sharing spine-chilling stories about the most feared haunted places in Kashmir.

Camping in the heart of the Bangus Valley in Kashmir is one of the most relaxing and surreal experiences. Holding a prime position among the most stunning valleys in Kashmir, Bangus Valley is truly a hidden gem. 

You can find numerous camping service providers here. You can make bookings in advance or select a package later, whatever suits you more. 

2. Trekking:

Kashmir is home to mesmerizing valleys and hiking trails and is a popular trekking destination in India attracting tourists from far and wide. 

Trekking is among the most fun and exciting things to do in Bangus Valley. What’s better than exploring this hidden beauty at your own pace? It has various trekking trails with difficulty levels ranging from moderate to high.  

The trekking trails here are filled with natural views and breathtaking landscapes. From thick forests to verdant grasslands, you can experience it all here. 

3. Fishing:

If you’re seeking an out-of-the-box experience, try fishing in the streams and rivers of the Bangus Valley. Fishing is among the most offbeat things to do in Bangus Valley, as the water bodies here are home to the trout fish. 

When you’re camping in the wilderness of this pristine valley, imagine catching your food directly from the river and enjoying it for dinner. Sounds adventurous isn’t it?

You can even try fishing just as a sport if you don’t believe in harming animals. 

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

4. Wildlife Exploration:

Undoubtedly one of the most unique things to do in Bangus Valley, wildlife exploration is something you can’t afford to miss. Bangus Valley is famous for its diverse wildlife and flora and fauna species. 

Take some time out, pause for a moment and patiently wait to spot some of the most incredible wildlife species here. It is truly a paradise for animal lovers and nature appreciators. 

If you are seeking things to do in Bangus Valley, which will give you a high dose of adrenaline as well as serenity, then look for the Himalayan Black Bears, Musk Deers, Sheep, Myriads of Bird Species, Wild Mountain Goats and so much more. 

5. Mingle with the Locals:

If you wish to taste the authentic flavors of the Bangus culture, then explore the local village life of the valley. 

Meeting the locals, and getting to know their culture, traditions, and customs will give you glimpses into the history of the Bangus Valley.

The residents can also suggest various things to do in Bangus Valley, that are often off the tourist radar. 

6. Pony Ride:

Discover the hidden spots on the Bangus Valley as you ride on the back of a mountain horse. Guided by experienced pony riders, you can see the most unexplored and unreachable spots on a pony ride.

 A Pony ride in Kashmir is among the most adventurous things to do in Bangus Valley, although it is a fun and popular sport, it may be risky and is not meant for everyone. Take all the safety precautions and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Horse Riding


7. Enjoy the Bangus Mela:

Every year, a vibrant and culturally diverse festival known as the Bangus Mela takes place in the valley. It is the best way to explore and delve into the cultural landscape of Bangus. 

Visiting during September can be the best time to visit Bangus Valley if you want to behold the festivities of the Bangus Mela. from local music, dances, cultural shows, artistic displays, and handicrafts to various activities like trekking, camping, and singing, Bangus Mela has it all. 

8. Unleash the Photographer in You:

One of the most popular things to do in Bangus Valley is to capture stunning shots of scenic views, verdant lands, alpine peaks, pristine rivers, and clear blue night skies. 

Bangus Valley is the perfect subject to be captured by photographers. You get to click some outstanding shots of the picturesque valley and also get a great opportunity to do some wildlife photography.

9. Treat You Tastebuds:

Trying the local cuisine is among the unmissable things to do in Bangus Valley Kashmir. 

You won’t find any fancy places like the restaurants in Kashmir here, but the roadside stalls and makeshift cafes here, serve the best Kashmiri delicacies like Kashmiri Wazwan, Aloo Yakhni, Kangri Tea, Locally made bread, and Kashmiri Kehwa. 

Horse Riding


10. Admire the Natural Beauty:

Highly underrated but one of the most essential things to do in Bangus Valley Kashmir is to appreciate and admire the breathtaking scenic beauty of this place.

Nestled in the bosom of the Himalayan ranges, Bangus Valley is the perfect spot to declutter and detoxify your mind and soul. Take some time out and set yourself loose in the vastness of this ethereal place. 

11. Enjoy a Picnic in the wilderness:

Enjoy a good picnic with your family within the lap of nature. Bangus Valley is also famous for enjoying the scenic beauty of its valley. 

This place has open spaces surrounded by good views making it the ideal place to enjoy a picnic.

12. Birdwatching:

You can also enjoy birdwatching, since the valley is mostly untouched you can see many species of beautiful birds here. 

If you are a bird watcher then, spotting numerous bird species can be one of the best things to do in Bangus Valley for you.

13. Relax and Rejuvenate with meditation:

The serenity of the Bangus Valley gives you a proper place to practice meditation and clear your mind from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

You can connect to your higher self and concentrate better by practicing meditation here. 

14. Practice Yoga:

Yoga is another one of the amazing things to do in Bangus Valley. After a good yoga session in this magical valley, you can feel the difference in your body and mind. 

The surroundings where one practices play a major role in Yoga, and Bangus Valley in Kashmir could be the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Are there any best places to visit in Bangus Valley, that you must know of?

Best places to visit in Bangus Valley


Here are some of the best places you must visit, when on a Bangus Valley expedition:

  • Bangus Meadows: Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the Bangus meadows, and replenish your energy. The perfect place for camping.
  • Tarsar Lake: A mesmerizing pristine azure alpine lake in the Bangus Valley, often loved by photographers and artists. 
  • Doodh Ganga River: A spectacular mountain river, offering surreal vistas and calming ambiance for the perfect nature retreat. 
  • Kajinag National Park: Most loved by nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, this park offers opportunities to spot numerous wildlife species and diverse flora and fauna.
  • Shamsberry Peak: A well-known hiking spot providing sweeping vistas of the valley and adjacent mountains.

Other places to visit nearby Bangus Valley are:

  • Badi Bangus
  • Lokut Bangus
  • Lashkoot Forest
  • Sod Gali
  • Handwara Town
  • Reshwari Valley
  • Kausar Nag Lake

A guide on How to reach Bangus Valley?

Best places to visit in Bangus Valley


By Air: The closest airport is Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport in Srinagar, which is about 90 km from Kupwara. From here you can take a taxi.

By Train: The nearest railway station is in Baramulla for Kupwara, situated 64 km from the town. You can hire a car or taxi from here and reach Bangus Valley.

By Road: There are local cabs and taxis available from Srinagar’s cab stands to the valley. 

You can pick the best mode of how to reach Bangus Valley as per your convenience and budget. There are many great places to visit nearby Bangus Valley, you can check them out as well.

What’s the best time to visit Bangus Valley?

The ideal season to explore Bangus Valley is from May to September when the climate is mild and the valley is lush with greenery. 

During the winter season, from November to February, the valley turns into a winter paradise, perfect for enjoying snow sports.

Tips to consider when visiting Bangus Valley:

  1. Keep all your documents in place.
  2. The best time to visit the Bangus Valley is during summer, so plan your trip accordingly.
  3. Make sure to check if you need any permits for camping in the Bangus Valley.
  4. Hiring a Travel Guide for Bangus Valley would be a great idea to explore the area better.
  5. Carry all the necessary food, medicines, and other supplies, as this area is relatively remote.

Is it safe to visit Bangus Valley alone?

Although it is safe to visit Bangus Valley alone, but it is advisable to go in groups, as this place is not frequented by many tourists.

Are there any accommodations available in Bangus Valley?

Not many tourists know of Bangus Valley, therefore you won’t find any hotels or lodging facilities in the valley. However, there are many stay options available near the valley.

Are there any cultural festivals or events celebrated in Bangus Valley?

Yes, the Bangus Mela is celebrated in the Bangus Valley, every year in September.

Are there any cultural or historical sites to visit in Bangus Valley?

There are many cultural and historical sites to visit in Bangus Valley like Tarsar Lake and Doodh Ganga River.

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