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Hidden gems are often found in remote locations, like the charming Kaza Village in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The district is also known by the name “Little Tibet” as you can find vibrant cultural vibes in the town. There are so many beautiful places to visit and things to do in Kaza, Camping being one of the favourites.

Aren’t you feeling the thrive to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the valley from a height of 3,800 meters (12,500 feet)? Hold on to your breath while this is not all to the Kaza trip. There’s much more to get your hands on from trekking the thrilling routes in Spiti to camping straight under The Milky Way, Kaza has a lot to offer to its visitors.

If you are new to this place, then do not worry about missing out on the adventure, as Spiti Valley Tour Packages are specially curated for avid travellers like you to seize the most out of your trip. While your travel plan gets handled, you just enjoy nature and its beauty.

How to Reach Kaza?

1. By Air

The Kaza is connected to the Bhuntar Airport which is in Kullu, approximately two hundred and fifty Kilometers away. To get to Kaza, you will have to either hire a taxi or take a bus directly from the airport. The trip is going to be a long journey so be prepared for that.

2. By Road

Road transport is the most common means of transport to reach Kaza. There are two main routes: The first route is from Manali through Rohtang and Kunzum Pass and the second from Shimla through the Kinnaur Valley. The two roads are scenic but visibility depends on the weather, hence, be sure to check the weather forecast before leaving.

3. By Train

Shimla is the nearest railway station from Kaza and it is 445 Kms away from Kaza. After that, one can further proceed to travel from Shimla through the road means. A train journey is also available whereby the train passes through mountain areas.

Best Time to Visit Kaza

It would be appropriate to visit Kaza in summer which is from May to September since the climate is comparatively better and the routes are motorable. In this period, one is likely to experience fine and clear weather, nature is at its best, and this season is perfect for sporting or recreational activities. During winter the weather is harsh and the conditions are not favourable for travelling so it’s recommended not to visit during winter.

Top Sights in Kaza

Out of many things to do in Kaza, here are Top sights in Kaza for an enjoyable trip:

1. Key Monastery

Key Monastery

Key Monastery situated at a height of 4,166 meters is in the upper region of Spiti Valley and is one of the largest and oldest monasteries. Panoramic views of the mountains and valleys are visible from there. You also get to explore the Buddhist culture in the region. 

2. Kibber Village

Popular for being one of the highest inhabited villages in the world, this makes Kibber Village rather popular among tourists. The place is blessed with magnificent views and the village is densely populated with beautiful terrains. This village is also one of the best spots for trekking as well as exploring wildlife.

3. Sakya Tangyud Monastery

Sakya Tangyud Monastery

Sakya Tangyud Monastery located near Kaza has a unique architectural style and historical importance. It is quiet and ideal for tourism as well as for learning more about Tibetan Buddhism.

4. Langza Village

Langza village is famed for fossils and also for the massive statue of Lord Buddha placed in the village, which is amazingly beautiful. It is also an excellent spot for fossil searching and for exploring the local life of the region.

Exploring Kaza Town in Spiti Valley

Explore the Kaza Town in Spiti Valley and explore local eateries and markets:

1. Local Markets

Local Markets

Kaza’s local markets are filled with vitality, colours and liveliness. There are items like mementoes, souvenirs, and media as well as foodstuffs, farmer’s products, and attires. It is peaceful to visit and make a purchase of souvenirs and also the people are friendly.

2. Cafes and Eateries

Kaza has many small and inviting cafes and restaurants where one can try traditional dishes as well as choose from international food. It would not be wrong to recommend the famous Tibetan butter tea and momos, which is a type of Tibetan dumpling.

Cultural Experiences in Kaza

Other things to do In Kaza would be to explore the local festivals and culture in Kaza.

1. Local Festivals

Local Festivals of Kaza

It is good to associate with the people of Kaza by travelling to the area and participating in cultural fairs. Other fairs include the Losar, the Tibetan New Year, and the Ladarcha fair are some of the known festivals observed in the region.

2. Traditional Dance and Music

Tribal dance and music are often performed during festivals and special occasions in the area. These performances are a colourful revelation of the region’s tradition.

Adventure Activities in Kaza

Another list of Things To Do In Kaza is to engage into adventure activities like trekking, camping etc.

1. Trekking


Kaza has many trekking routes that range from easy to the most difficult for the campaigners. Some of the best-known treks are the Parang La Trek and the Pin Parvati Trek.

2. Camping

Spending a night in tents under the open sky at Kaza is an experience to remember for a lifetime. There are several camping sites in and around Kaza where tourists can have a look at the beautiful scenery of Spiti Valley.

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

For those interested in adventure activities, mountain biking is one of the best activities that one can enjoy in Kaza. The rough and uneven surface coupled with sceneries brings out the thrill of a bumpy and fun ride.

Wildlife and Nature in Kaza

Exploring wildlife and sightseeing the natural beauty are some of the best things to do in Kaza, Spiti. Here is what you get to explore:

1. Spiti Valley Flora and Fauna

The Spiti Valley is blessed with a rich population of plants and animals. If lucky, you can see some of the animals including the Himalayan blue sheep and the snow leopard that are also native to the region.

2. Explore Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Go for a view of the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary to get a glance at the natural resources of the habitat. Wildlife photographers and nature lovers must visit this place because this place offers the best nature walks.

Photography Hotspots in Kaza

Another couple of things to do in Kaza would be photographing the magnificent peaks and landscapes. 

  • Landscapes

Kaza has gorgeous landscapes that every photographer would want to capture. Starting from snowy peaks to the green meadows or valleys, there is a picture-perfect opportunity at every turn.

  • Night Sky Photography

Night Sky Photography

Kaza is famous for its transparent skyline at night hence many tourists prefer it to be an appropriate ground for astrophotography. Record beautiful motions of the Milky Way and numerous stars.

Local Cuisine in Kaza

  • Traditional Dishes

Sample local food such as thukpa which is a noodle soup, tsampa which is roasted barley flour, and chhang, which is a barley beer. All these traditional foods are unique in giving the taste of what this region has to offer in terms of foods.

  • Popular Local Eateries

One can locate some famous restaurants such as Sol Cafe and The Himalayan Cafe for a good meal. Such places are mostly found to offer both national and international food specialities.

Places to Visit Near Kaza

1. Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is one of the favourite destinations for tourists situated approximately 35 km away from Kaza. It is famous for flora and fauna such as the snow leopard and Siberian ibex or Caucasian tur.

2. Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery

Built on a hilltop with a gorgeous view of the Spiti River below, Dhankar Monastery is a beautiful structure. Indeed, one can sit there for hours and absorb as much peacefulness as required.

3. Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery popularly referred to as the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’ is one of the oldest functioning monasteries of India & is in the Buddhist faith. Herbs and flowers are rare, but its murals and statues date back to antiquity.

Spiritual Experiences in Kaza

  • Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats

Kaza has numerous meditation services that you can use to refresh your mind and spirit within Kaza meditation services. To clear one’s mind and get closer to spirituality, these retreats are more than suitable for that purpose.

  • Visiting Monasteries

Travelling from one Monastery to another in and around Kaza is simply a spiritual journey. Due to the serenity and the sights and sounds such as Monks chanting, the place is relaxing.

Shopping in Kaza

One of my favourite things to do in Kaza is shopping for sure. Exploring local markets and collecting the beauties is indeed a great feeling.

  • Souvenirs and Handicrafts

Souvenirs and Handicrafts

Visit the local markets and outlets to get souvenirs and other associated quality artefacts from the confines of the respective craftsmen. Things like the Thangka paintings, woollen shawls and handmade jewellery are some of the worthy souvenirs to carry from the place.

  • Local Markets

Randomly visit the local markets to purchase all kinds of products. They range from foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables to clothing and other artefacts with the traditions of the place incorporated.


Indeed from natural beauty, culture, and the number of services one could undertake, Kaza makes a tourist’s paradise. Whether one is hiking or driving through the rockiest region visiting the oldest monasteries or just being mesmerised by the peacefulness of the Spiti Valley, Kaza is an ideal destination. 

So, pack your bags and be ready for an unforgettable trip to Kaza. There are so many amazing things to do in Kaza that you would want to stay there forever. 

Happy Travelling!

Can I see Milky Way in Kaza?

Yes, it is possible to see the Milky Way in Kaza. It has no or little light pollution so observing celestial objects and taking photographs at night is always a pleasure in this region. One can view the Milky Way best during summer since there will be more opportunities to have a clear sky.

What are the main attractions in Kaza?

The attractions in Kaza are Key Monastery, Kibber Village, Sakya Tangyud Monastery and Langza Village. These sites are both cultural and historical and are balanced by the natural beauty that is present for visitors to enjoy.

Is there an oxygen problem in Kaza?

It was quite chilly during the day in Kaza and owing to the high altitude some of the travellers may feel the initial signs of AMS such as headache, nausea and breathlessness. This means using the exteriors for a few days, wearing the proper clothing, using many fluids, and avoiding vigorous activity at first.

Are there any cultural experiences available for tourists in Kaza?

Yes, there are several cultural tours that you can take while in Kaza. You can attend local fairs, watch and listen to folk dances and songs, or even go to some monasteries and get familiar with the historical background of Buddhism in the area. Communicating with the locals also helps in understanding their lifestyle.

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