13 Things to do in Neil Island

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Neil Island. It’s like a dream with beautiful beaches and peaceful surroundings, perfect for taking a break from busy life. Whether you love nature, adventure, or just chilling out, Neil Island has it all. Go to our list of 13 awesome things to do there. And if you want to make things super easy, consider our Andaman Trip Package, where everything’s sorted for you, making your island vacation unforgettable.

Best things to do in Neil Island

1. Bharatpur Beach


The water there is this amazing blue colour and you can see so many colourful sea animals. Bharatpur Beach in Andaman is super nice because the sand is soft and there are awesome things to do like snorkelling and going on a glass-bottom boat. With the glass bottom, you can see all the cool stuff underwater without even getting wet. And if you’re with your partner, there are romantic things to do too. It’s just an unforgettable experience, with all the beauty and fun on Neil Island in Andaman.

Location:  Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman 

2. Laxmanpur Beach


Neil Island has this spot called Laxmanpur Beach in andaman where you absolutely have to catch the sunset. It’s stunning! The sky turns all these beautiful colours like orange and pink as the sun goes down. You’ll feel super calm and relaxed just by watching it. There are also some really cool rocks and this famous Natural Bridge shaped by the waves over a long time. It’s great for couples to have a romantic moment together. And even after the sun sets, Neil Island has tons of fun stuff to do at night. Whether you want adventure in andaman or just chill time, Neil Island’s got you covered.

Location:  Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman

3. Scuba Diving


In Neil Island scuba diving in Andaman is one of the most awesome things you can do it’s like going on a super cool adventure underwater sports in Andaman. If you diving into the clear blue sea and seeing all these colourful corals and fish swimming around. It’s like being in a whole different world! And if you’re new to diving, don’t worry. Some instructors will keep you safe and make sure you have a great time. You can even do it at night, which adds a romantic touch if you’re with your partner. Scuba diving in Neil Island is one of the best adventures you can have there, and you’ll never forget it.

Location:  Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman

4. Neil Island Jetty


The best thing to do is snorkelling at Neil Island Jetty. The water’s not too deep, so you can see all the colourful corals and sea creatures easily. Just put on your snorkel gear and jump in! You’ll see lots of cool tropical fish, and maybe even some playful rays or an octopus. It’s like being in a magical underwater world. At night Neil Island has romantic spots for couples and thrilling adventures for those seeking excitement. if you’re wondering what to do on Neil Island, snorkelling at Neil Island Jetty is the best choice.

Location:  Neil Island Jetty, Andaman

5. Ramnagar Beach


Ramnagar Beach is far from the busy spots and is literally the hidden gem, it’s great if you’re into nature. You can just lie down on the soft sand and listen to the waves, which is super relaxing. If you’re feeling hot, you can go for a swim in the calm water to cool off. Bringing some food for a picnic makes the day even better. While Neil Island has lots of cool things to do, like exciting stuff and romantic things, Ramnagar Beach is special because it’s so peaceful and beautiful. It’s the perfect place for couples or anyone looking for a chill and awesome time on Neil Island.

Location:  Ramnagar Beach, Andaman 

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6. Howrah Bridge


If you are on this thrilling trek Neil Island’s dense forests offer a beauty into nature’s wonders. On this super thrilling adventure through the wild forests of Neil Island. It’s like stepping into a super cool nature movie. You’ll walk through rough paths with lots of trees, and rocks, and see tons of different plants and animals. 

But the best part is this rock formation is called Howrah Bridge which looks exactly like a bridge.  From here you get to see the coastline of the Radhanagar Beach in Andaman. Taking pictures here will be something you’ll never forget. And at night, it’s even more special. Couples can have a romantic time under the stars. Neil Island is like the perfect mix of adventure and calmness, making it the best for unforgettable experiences.

7. The Vibrant Coral Reefs of Neil Island


Neil Island is an awesome place for fun activities like snorkelling and scuba diving in Andaman etc. You can either go with someone who knows what they’re doing or just do it yourself. Underwater you’ll see all kinds of pretty colours and cool animals like shy sea turtles and graceful manta rays. And there are loads of different types of things to check out too. Snorkelling feels like a really fun adventure every time you do it. Even when it’s dark there’s still stuff to do especially if you’re a couple looking for a romantic time. Neil Island is perfect for exciting adventures and lovey-dovey moments.

8. Local Cuisine


There is lots of fun stuff to do, and one cool thing is trying out the yummy food at Neil Kendra. It’s right in the middle of the main market area, and there’s loads of deliciousness to try. You can have tasty seafood dishes or yummy local food in Andaman. They’ve got special local dishes like fish curry, seafood platters, and coconut desserts that really show off how great the island’s food is. Whether you’re into adventure or romance, Neil Kendra has something for everyone. Couples can have a romantic dinner under the island’s starry sky too.

Location:  Dugong, Beach No 1, Neil Island

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9. Sitapur Beach


The sand is soft the palm trees sway, and the water is a beautiful blue you can take slow walks or just chill and enjoy the peaceful vibe. Watch the sunrise light up the sky in gold or take a romantic walk under the stars at night. Couples love to be there and if you’re feeling adventurous you can try out lots of water sports. Sitapur Beach has something for everyone, making it one of the best things to do on Neil Island.

Location:  Sitapur Beach, Andaman

10. Water Sports Activities


When it comes to Neil Island activities, thrill-seekers are in for a treat. With tons of water fun, it’s like a giant playground for those who love excitement. Imagine riding jet skis, bouncing on banana boats, flying high while parasailing, or zipping through the waves on a speed boat. 

The water here is super clean and clear, perfect for all these cool adventures and water sports in andaman. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you’ll never get bored on Neil Island. Couples can have a blast here too, with lots of unique stuff to try. If you’re wondering what’s the best stuff to do on Neil Island, definitely give these heart-pounding activities a shot.

11. Organic Farm in Neil Island


It’s like farming in perfect harmony with nature. Just take a tour and see how they mix old and new ways of farming. Walk around beautiful gardens and orchards and learn how they grow fruits and veggies without any bad chemicals. To buy some fresh food to support local farmers – it’s delicious.  This farm tour is one of the best things to do on Neil Island. It shows you how to live in a way that’s good for the earth without being too complicated. Whether you’re with your partner or alone, during the day or at night, you’ll have a great time on this farm adventure.

12. Natural Bridge View


Neil Island has this awesome spot called Natural Bridge this view can’t be skipped. It’s like stepping into a stunning painting. When the sun sets, everything turns golden, making it perfect for photos. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro with a camera, you’ll love it here. And at night, it’s super romantic, especially for couples Best place to visit in Andaman. That’s why it’s one of the best things to do on Neil Island. You’ll have a blast taking pictures and making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Location:  Natural Bridge, Neil Island

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13. Cultural Experiences at Neil Island


During the day you can learn about its history by trying traditional things and hanging out with locals. They put on awesome shows of Andamanese music and dance, and you can talk to people making neat crafts. You can buy awesome souvenirs like jewellery and wooden carvings to remember your trip. At night, couples can go for romantic walks or have nice fancy dinners. And if you’re into adventure, there are loads of exciting activities to try. Neil Island has something for everyone, whether you’re into chilling out or getting your heart pumping.

Location:  Villages around Neil Island

What are the must-do activities on Neil Island?

Must-do activities on Neil Island include exploring Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach, indulging in water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving, trekking to Howrah Bridge, and experiencing the bioluminescent beach phenomenon.

Are there any water sports activities on Neil Island?

Yes, Neil Island offers a range of water sports activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, and speed boating, catering to adventure enthusiasts of all ages.

What if I only have a day in Neil Island?

Spend a day exploring Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and Natural Bridge View for stunning scenery. Try snorkelling and guided tours for adventure. Visit Neil Island Organic Farm for sustainable farming insights and fresh produce. End your day with a sunset at Laxmanpur Beach and experience bioluminescent magic at night.

Are there any unique experiences on Neil Island?

Neil Island stands out with its distinct experiences. From the striking rock formations at Howrah Bridge to the captivating bioluminescent beach, visitors are in for unique encounters. Immersing in cultural activities like traditional performances and meeting local artisans offers insights into the island’s rich heritage, crafting unforgettable memories.

What can I do for shopping on Neil Island?

Although not a shopping hub, Neil Island offers unique souvenirs. Visit Neil Kendra for handmade jewellery, wooden carvings, seashell crafts, and local artwork. Support artisans and take home authentic Andamanese treasures.

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