14 Amazing Things To Do In Phuket: Unlocking The wonders

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Let’s talk about the most incredible island, located in the Andaman Sea of Southern Thailand. Yes, we are talking about Phuket! It is a popular destination visited by millions of tourists from all around the world. Though there are many places to visit in Thailand, Phuket remains the most popular one! 

Also, you would not get bored of the place as it has multiple things to experience. While holidaying on the popular island, enjoy the open sea boat tours, mesmerizing sunsets, interactive live shows, adventurous water sports, and a great nightlife in Thailand! 

But, to enjoy everything for sure, you need to put your hands on the Best Thailand tour packages with an itinerary that involves everything.

Best Things To Do In Phuket

Definitely, there are a lot of activities to do in Phuket, and many travelers come with an exclusive bucket list prepared to get the most out of their trip. 

So, let’s get started with the top things to do in Phuket! 

  1. Boat tour 
  2. Old Phuket town
  3. Beaches
  4. Nightlife
  5. Big buddha statue 
  6. FantaSea show 
  7. Jungle safari
  8. Watersports 
  9. Shopping
  10. Phuket dolphin show 
  11. Racha Yai island 
  12. Tiger Kingdom
  13. Weekend night market 
  14. Elephant sanctuaries 

1. Boat Tour

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Let us take you on a virtual boat tour! Phang Nga Bay is well known for such things and takes you past the limestone rocks, letting you witness the breathtaking beauty of the place. 

Visitors have this chance to take a tour of the very famous James Bond Island or a full-day tour to the fishing village of Koh Panyee and the floating Muslim Island where you can taste the mouthwatering Thai Lunch. 

While you are in this part of Thailand, it is definitely one of the must-do things in Phuket that is worth your time. Then, make sure you also visit the Phi Phi islands to learn about the white sand beaches and see the crystal clear waters. Your heart would definitely smile after seeing such great scenic views and waters! 

Things to do: Watersports at Phang Nga Bay – scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking as well as speed boating 

Best time for boat tours: November to January 

Cost: INR 4455 for adults and INR 3985 for children

Best for: Families, couples and friends

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2. Old Phuket Town

Image Source : Viator

Here is one of the best things to do in Phuket! Reveling in the old-world charm of the Old Phuket town and witnessing how beautiful it is. 

Here, you can see the very amazing combination of Chinese and colonial architecture, and some mouth-watering Thai cuisine. Long before, it was even a holiday destination, it was one of the most popular trading routes between India and China. Also, people can still witness some old Old Sino-Portugese mansions in the old town. 

Best Things to do in Phuket old town: Walking street, local markets, and an event organized every Sunday at Thalang Road which has many tourists along. 

The best time to visit: Is December till March with pleasant weather. For shopping, it is mid-June to mid-August with the “amazing grand sale” happening in the town. 

Best for: Family, friends and couples

3. Beaches


Want to explore the beaches in Thailand? You are in here for the treat! Phuket is home to a number of stunning beaches where you can sunbathe, take long walks, enjoy the sunset, and definitely the great adventurous water sports. 

Bar hopping is a thing but definitely beach hopping is one of the best activities to do in Phuket! You cannot miss the greatest views and a good time with your friends and family. Also, here are some of the popular beaches that you must visit while you are here. 

  • Freedom Beach is less of people, and is suitable for couples as well as adventure seekers, also you need to trek from the green jungles to reach here. 
  • Kata Beach is half a kilometer of sandy stretch for beach walks. You can enjoy skiing and parasailing here. 
  • Laem Singh Beach is filled with lots of tourists and is surrounded by green jungles. You can immerse yourself in different water sports in Thailand like swimming, scuba diving, and many more. 
  • Bang Tao Beach is famous for the Laguna complex and is an 8 km stretch of beautiful sandy beach with hotels and restaurants 

Things to do: Experience beach sports, parties, strolls

Best time to visit beaches: November to March 

Best for: Couples and Families

4. Nightlife

Image Source : Times of India

Phuket is mainly popular for the best nightlife in Thailand. Why not party in the best way and have the most out of the trip? Bangla Road in Patong is the undisputed center of nightlife with flashy lights, loud party music, and crazy young crowds dancing to the tunes of live bands and international DJs. 

Be a part of lively world-class nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in Thailand and see how amazingly you can spend the night here. Visiting these amazing places is one of the top things to do in Phuket. 

Places to visit: Tiger nightclub, Hollywood Phuket, Timber Hut, and Rockin’ Angels are some of the best nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife. 

5. Big Buddha statue


Let us talk about the unique blend of culture and religious sites that proves Phuket is not just about parties and beaches. 

Here is a 45m tall Big Buddha statue atop Nakkered hills with some pleasant sounds of small ringing bells and dharma music in the background. Visiting this is one of the must do things in Phuket! 

Also, it is made of Burmese white marble and is a really beautiful view in all. It is not just a symbol of religion but of faith, humanity, and love which you can feel while visiting the place. 

Don’t miss: Nakkered sea view restaurant, also go for a religious tour of Wat Chalong and other temples as well. 

Best time to visit: Early morning or evening

Best for: Families and friends 

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6. FantaSea Show

Image Source : Viator

You cannot miss this one while in Phuket! Definitely, it is one of the best things to do in Phuket. It is also known as Fantasy of a Kingdom, which is a Thai Cultural Theme Park Show. when we talk of this, you get to witness modern technology and state-of-the-art show elements. 

It is a show done in a 3000-seat theater, also there is a shopping street and buffet restaurants serving some of the mouthwatering delicacies. So, you should definitely have a good time with your friends and family. 

Thai ethos such as love, fun, freedom, and courage are representations in various acts including magic illusions, acrobatics, animal stunts, and various 4-D shows. 

Don’t miss: the show of Siam Niramit 

Best time: Open all days except Thursdays between 05:30 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. 

Cost: Starting from INR 4000

Best for: Family and friends

7. Jungle Safari

Image Source : Viator

If you are excited about wildlife, here is the best place for you! Going on a jungle safari in Phuket is like stepping into a wild adventure! Imagine cruising through lush forests and untamed landscapes, filled with exotic animals and fascinating plants. 

The safari usually begins with a bumpy ride in a sturdy vehicle, specially designed for navigating through rugged terrain. As you venture deeper into the jungle, your guide will point out various species of wildlife unique to this region, such as elephants, monkeys, and colorful birds.

The air is thick with the scent of earth and greenery, and the sounds of the jungle surround you – from the chirping of insects to the distant calls of animals. Sometimes, you might even get lucky and spot a majestic tiger or a slithering python but don’t worry, they usually keep their distance! It is definitely one of the best activities to do in Phuket! 

Don’t miss: Phuket Aquarium, Phuket Botanical Garden, Orchid Garden, and Thai Village. 

Best time to visit: Daytime 

Cost: INR 692 for adults and INR 346 for children 

Best for: Family, friends and couples

8. Watersports

Image Source : Tripadvisor

A perfect place for adventurers! Do try the different adventure activities in Thailand, Phuket’s clear waters and easy access to open seas, a water sports lovers paradise. 

There are numerous types of water sports available for people to have the utmost enjoyment. Also, there are some seasonal sports like surfing, and hobie cat sailing as well. 

Don’t miss: Surfing

Best time: November to March 

Best for: Friends and Couples

9. Shopping

Image Source : Pinterest

Shopping in Thailand, Phuket is one of the must do things in the place. It is truly a paradise for the shopaholics!

There are so many things that you can buy like handicrafts, accessories, souvenirs, antiques, and designer clothing. Make sure you have the haggling or bargaining skills at the local markets and night markets. 

You can find some of the best pieces here in the markets and definitely have a good time exploring the streets of Phuket. It is one of the most fun activities to do in Phuket, if you are a true shopaholic. 

Don’t miss: Jungceylon shopping mall 

Cost: Varies

Best for: Shopaholics 

10. Phuket Dolphin show 


You must have heard about this popular dolphin show in Phuket! They have this entertainment purpose for the tourists. 

These adorable creatures can be seen entertaining at the famous Dolphin Bay Nemo theme park in exchange for a ticket for this amazing show. 

It is definitely worth your time when in Phuket! 

Don’t miss: Royal diving activity 

Cost: Starting at INR 900

Best for: Families and friends 

11. Racha Yai Island 

Image Source : Viator

Racha Yai Island, nestled in the mesmerizing waters of the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket, Thailand, stands as a captivating gem renowned for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. 

Blessed with stunning natural beauty, this island paradise entices travelers seeking a serene escape from the bustle of city life. 

Definitely, you must visit this place for a tranquil time! 

Don’t miss: Diverse marine life

Best for: Friends and couples

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12. Tiger Kingdom

Image Source : Tripadvisor

It is one of the great things to do in Phuket! Here, you will get to see a different side of tigers and is surely a unique experience for everyone. 

You must try this whenever you are here in Phuket! Also, you can get your pictures clicked with the adult tigers and engage with their cubs too. 

Cost: Starting at INR 2,000

Best for: Families and Friends 

13. Weekend Night Market 

Image Source : Peakd

Have a good time in this amazing weekend night market of Phuket! It is surely something you cannot miss out on. While visiting the place, it can be very fun to explore especially when you are here with your friends. 

Stroll around the streets and going down the shopping avenues here is definitely one oft the best things to do. 

Don’t miss: The colorful trinkets and clothing at very reasonable prices

Best for: Friends and couples 

14. Elephant Sanctuaries

Image Source : Times of India

Elephant sanctuaries in Phuket offer a compassionate and ethical haven for these creatures, providing a stark contrast to traditional elephant tourism practices. It is between the beautiful landscapes of Phuket, these sanctuaries prioritize the well-being and conservation of elephants over profit-driven activities.

In these sanctuaries, visitors have the opportunity to observe elephants in their natural habitat, engaging in activities that promote their physical and mental health. Unlike the outdated elephant trekking and performances, these sanctuaries focus on education, allowing visitors to learn about elephant behavior, their habitat, and their challenges in the wild.

Don’t miss: A ride on an elephant

Cost: INR 6700 for adults, INR 3300 For children 

Best for: Families and Friends 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

What are the best water sports to try in Phuket?

Phuket offers various exhilarating water sports that cater to every adventurer. Among the best experiences, diving stands out, letting you explore the diverse marine life around sites like Shark Point and the Similan Islands. 

Snorkeling is equally mesmerizing, offering a more relaxed encounter with colorful underwater ecosystems. Thrill-seekers might find joy in jet skiing along the island’s stunning coastline or trying their hand at parasailing. 

Which are the most popular beaches in Phuket?

Patong Beach is the most famous, brimming with vibrant nightlife, water sports, and a bustling atmosphere. Kata and Karon Beaches captivate visitors with their crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing, while offering a more relaxed ambiance than Patong. 

Surin Beach appeals to those seeking luxury and tranquility, boasting high-end resorts and a serene atmosphere. Additionally, Nai Harn Beach charms visitors with its picturesque setting, perfect for sunset views and peaceful relaxation. 

These beaches collectively showcase Phuket’s diverse appeal, catering to various preferences of tourists seeking sun, sand, and sea.

What are the top activities to do in Phuket?

It is a place of fun and parties! Whenever you are here in Phuket, don’t forget to indulge in some of the best activities. One can start by exploring the renowned Patong Beach, bustling with water sports like snorkeling, parasailing, and jet-skiing, or venture to Kata and Karon beaches for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

The island’s cultural richness beckons with visits to Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha, showcasing Thai architecture and spiritual heritage. 

A trip to the Phi Phi Islands for island hopping and diving amidst crystal-clear waters is a must. Additionally, exploring the Old Town’s charming streets, savoring local delicacies at night markets, and experiencing the vibrant Thailand nightlife in Patong are among the top activities that encapsulate Phuket’s diverse allure.

Where can I find the best viewpoints in Phuket?

In Phuket, the quest for breathtaking viewpoints leads travelers to several stunning locations. For panoramic vistas of the island and its surroundings, the iconic Big Buddha statue atop Nakkerd Hill offers a spectacular sight. 

The mesmerizing viewpoint at Promthep Cape presents awe-inspiring sunsets, drawing crowds seeking the perfect evening spectacle. To witness the island’s lush greenery and coastline from a different perspective, the viewpoint along Radar Hill Road provides a serene and lesser-known spot.

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