The Largest Monastery of India, A lake named after a Bollywood Star-Here’s everything you need to know about Tawang!

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Spirituality, adventure or just the brilliance of nature, whatever you seek is seeking you in the beautiful town of Tawang!

Strategically nestled along the borders of China and Bhutan, Tawang is a less explored district in Arunachal Pradesh. While Shimla and Darjeeling have long been dusted in the book of India’s best hill stations, Tawang enters like a fresh breeze!

Being the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, Arunachal tourism wears Tawang like a gem in its crown. It is home to many tourist attractions including The Tawang Monastery, the beautiful Sela Lake and the Tawang War Memorial. For adventure lovers, a bike trip from Tawang to the Bumla Pass is surely a perfect blend of thrill and beauty.

While Tawang exhibits different shades during different seasons, the best time to visit Tawang is during summers and the onset of monsoon. It is then that the Weather Gods favor sight-seeing in Tawang.

Despite being graciously endowed, we are glad that Tawang remains a hidden paradise from mainstream commercialization. This is exactly why this historic town should definitely be on your list of offbeat destinations in India!

Having said that, let us look at the top 8 places to visit in Tawang which will make you want to pack your bags right away and set off to the land of the dawn-lit mountains!


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The largest monastery in India and a home for many young Buddhist monks, the Tawang Monastery is situated on the Himalayan Hills and indeed makes for a picturesque panorama. It is a remarkable example of 16th-century architecture. The entire arena is so peaceful and one can easily soak in the holy vibe of this place.


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The road to Sela Pass is one beautiful journey which is rewarded with the pristine Sela Lake right before the summit. Frozen during most part of the year, it is one of those rare places where you feel as if time has stopped for you to marvel at the enchanting beauty that lies right before you. Take in, one view at a time!


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If you are traveling to Tawang from Guwahati, you will pass through the mystical village of Dirang. Take a day to explore this hamlet, interact with the locals and visit the beautiful Dirang Monastery because when in the North East, you just can’t miss out any monastery that comes your way.


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Did we tell you that alongside abundant natural beauty, Tawang also holds great historical importance? A lot of soldiers sacrificed their lives during the 1962 Indo-Sino War and to commemorate their bravery, the Indian Army has built the Tawang War Memorial. It houses important artifacts and other remains of the war. A light show is organized for people to learn and value their freedom.

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The Sangetsar Lake is also called the Madhuri Lake and we’re sure that the Bollywood junkie in you has already guessed the reason for it. This Lake has been a popular tourist location ever since Madhuri Dixit shot a dance sequence for the movie Koyla here. Surrounded by lush green trees and snow capped mountains, this lake is ideal to take a stroll and spend some quality time basking in nature.


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Visit the doorstep of your Chinese neighborhood at the Bumla Pass. Located at 37 km from Tawang, the route is laced with the majestic Himalayas and many glacial lakes. The ride is enthralling and is definitely the dose of adrenaline you need. A road trip to BumLa Pass is surely one of the best things to do in Tawang.


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This beautiful lake is nothing short of a painting on a pristine blue canvas. Mountains, clouds, forests, and a big lake to just aimlessly sit by is actually the best gift you can give yourself. While you are there, take your time to capture this vivid landscape first through your eyes, and then of course through your camera. It will be one of the most picturesque locations during your trip to Tawang.


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Nuranang Falls or the Jung Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh. They are located between the towns of Tawang and Bomdila and are reckoned a favorite pit stop. The mist of the waterfall makes it look nothing short of heavenly and is easily a must do in your Tawang itinerary.

While we can’t exactly say that whether it is the mountains that are calling or the wanderlust within you, but we at WanderOn can hear the call loud and clear. And now that you are aware of what to expect during your trip to Tawang, it’s time to book your slot in one of our Tawang Packages for 2019. Ciao!

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