7 Things You Can Do To Avoid Getting Sick While Travelling

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When you fall sick, nothing feels good. Not even your favorite food can cheer you up because you have been so down on the energy that even lifting a finger feels like a tremendous task. 

Getting sick sucks, and we all get it, but what is worse than that is getting sick in the middle of your trip that you have planned for such a long time, and now, when you finally took the trip, you are down with a fever or throat infection or anything that makes you low on energy. 

However, with a few precautions, it can be avoided, and you can have your trip just as you imagined.

Wash Your Hands To Stay Away From Diseases


It is not necessary to only wash your hands before going on your trip, but in general, washing hands is a very healthy habit, and it can protect you from many diseases and illnesses. 

Remember when the pandemic hit the country, and everyone started washing their hands before and after touching anything, even a tiny piece of marble? 

Why did we do that? Did we think that covid could have been prevented by just washing hands? 

Well, Yes. It could have been if we had followed the proper precautions and protocols. Washing hands was a small step, but its impact was significant.

Most of the time, the infections you catch come from your hands. I will tell you how that is possible. 

Suppose you met someone currently infected with a cold, and you shook hands with the person and went away. A few minutes later, there is an itch on your nose, and you have now started scratching your nose. 

Do you know what just happened? 

You accidentally transferred the infection to yourself with your hands. You wouldn’t have gotten infected if you had sanitised your hands after a handshake or washed them somewhere. 

It may sound extreme, but isn’t it the same thing we did during the pandemic? 

The bottom line is that keeping your hands clean can protect you from many infections and diseases, so make a habit of keeping sanitiser in your pocket while you are outside and wash your hands and face after returning home. 

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Use Bottled Water & Avoid Tummy Issues


While some of us have very strong tummies that can endure everything we put inside and remain unaffected, others have trouble with digestion, spicy food, tap water, etc. 

Most of the time, the infection is rooted in the stomach, so if you have sensitive tummies, even tap water can affect your digestive system or your health. You should avoid it at any cost, which is not only limited to travelling but also for your health in general. 

Most people are not in the habit of drinking tap water or regular water, and whenever they do, they complain of stomach aches. You should take bottled water, especially while you are travelling. 

It usually happens that when you are travelling to a different place, let’s suppose you are on a hill station, the water will be very different from that on the plains. 

On hill stations, drinking tap water might upset your stomach because it is pure and rich in minerals, which your stomach is not accustomed to. It is better to take bottled water instead to avoid trouble. 

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Beware Of Contaminated Food


While travelling, it is imperative to be aware of everything and not ignore it because you are on vacation. Ignorance is what will land you in trouble. 

Travelling includes a lot of cafe hopping and restaurant exploration, which means different foods, different tastes, and different styles of cooking. 

Since most of the time, when you are exploring different places to eat, you will often come across small dhabas or not-so-popular cafes, so there is a possibility that the food might be contaminated. 

This can also happen in big restaurants as well. To be on the safer side, if you feel something is fishy with the food, avoid taking the risk and don’t eat it. 

Food Contamination can give you the worst food poisoning of your life, and I’m sure you do not want it while you are on vacation.

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Burn Out and WorkOut


The best way to remain healthy and in shape is to keep exercising. 

Exercising has way too many benefits to be counted, and if you keep doing it regularly, then you will definitely keep illnesses away from you. 

Having a routine workout in the morning before starting your day or in the evening will not only help you get a fantastic body but will eventually improve your health. 

If you don’t really work out, then you can at least try to do it two weeks before your trip. It will be helpful, and you will feel less exertion on the trip. 

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Stay Vaccinated, Stay Protected


Vaccination is very important, whether travelling to another country or staying on your own. 

We have all been vaccinated against major diseases during childhood. However, when you are travelling to another place, you should do your research properly and get vaccinated against any disease that you might catch while travelling to that place. 

Vaccination will not only keep you safe but also keep you mentally relieved. 

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Cover Up & Protect Yourself From The Scorching Heat


The scorching heat of the sun can very easily cause sunburn, so it is essential to avoid that from happening to you. 

Ensure that you apply plenty of sunscreen before stepping out, and covering yourself would also help a lot. 

Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Protection from the sun is essential as it can cause sunburns, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, rashes as well as other issues.

If these things are left unattended, it might result in a medical emergency.

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Be Careful From The Little Monsters


Mosquitoes, as small as they are, create a massive impact once they bite. At their best, they only annoy you by singing in your ears. 

At their worst, they bite you, and that can be as small as getting a tiny bump on your skin or as big as getting Malaria or Dengue, which sometimes is also fatal. 

You can apply mosquito repellents, set up coils, fast cards, and other repellents. 

Another way to protect yourself is by wearing long sleeves, keeping yourself covered, and avoiding wearing dark colours as, apparently, it attracts mosquitoes. 


The fact that you can get sick anywhere and anytime cannot be denied by anyone. The good news is that you have options to prevent that from happening. 

You can take several measures to protect yourself from getting sick in the middle of your trip or before that. 

By keeping your hands sanitised, taking care of your stomach by avoiding tap water and contaminated food, and taking care of yourself by working out and protecting yourself from mosquitoes and the scorching heat of the sun, you can avoid getting sick and have the best time of your life without any worries. 

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