Destination Wedding In Space To Celebrate Love In Zero Gravity

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Your wedding is the most auspicious day of your life, and sure, you want it to be as unique as possible. Well, worry no more, for you can now make your wedding the most unique one in the world as you can get married in space now.

Don’t read that again; you got it right the first time. Just when you think that you have seen and heard enough of the impossible things that can happen in the world, that is the moment when you are introduced to something else that blows your mind.

Taking the phrase “out of the world” to it’s literal meaning, a space travel company, which goes by the name Space Perspective has introduced the idea of getting married in space, provided that you are medically fit to take the flight.

It will not be like a regular space trip, with rockets and everything, instead, it will be a luxurious one, it will cost you approximately $125,000, which in India is close to 1 Crore. Not so cheap huh? 

You will be in a spacecraft lifted by a space balloon, which will be no less than a dream, for you can exchange vows in zero gravity and make your love eternal.

This luxurious trip will have a lounge with cocktails and drinks, with a 360° view of the Earth, and it will be worth every penny you spend. 

So if you have an amazing budget and are planning a grand wedding without your annoying relatives, then maybe Space is the best destination wedding you could have. 

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