5 Tips To Help You Deal With Post-Vacation Blues

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People talk about going on vacation as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hardly anyone talks about how depressing it feels when you return from vacation. The post-vacation blues start way before the holiday ends.  

Why does this happen?  Well, studies show that going on a trip, or even a weekend getaway, can help reduce stress and kick start the happy hormones. 

However, as two days are left before your vacation ends, you feel a little uneasy that your happy days are about to end.


Suppose you opted for Spiti Valley Tour Package or Ladakh Tour Package and had a wonderful time, but now it’s time to go back home, and tomorrow you are returning. The post-holiday blues have already started hitting, and the vein in your head cannot stop popping because you have to go back to work again and continue with the monotonous routine of life.

You wonder if you could just stay in the mountains and how lucky these people are who have their homes here amidst the hills. Well, maybe, they don’t have it as easy as you might think, but that is an entirely different topic of discussion. 

If all these things happen to you, in that case, my friend, you are not the only one. Everyone goes through it and gets upset when the trip ends, but few people know how to deal with it. 

Therapists worldwide firmly believe that the best way to overcome any feeling is to feel it and then get it over with. In your case, the scenario is different. I can give you some tips to help you deal with it.

1. Make Your Bed And Tidy Up The Room

Let’s face it while going on a vacation or even a wedding; we tend to make a lot of mess while getting ready or packing. Most of the time, we leave our rooms and bed with a pile of clothes and tons of mess, thinking that we will deal with it once we come back. That is an absolute No No! The reason being, once you are back, you are already dealing with your post-vacation blues, and now you have to deal with the mess you created by cleaning it up when you are already tired.

It seems like a tremendous task that has no end. It might feel like bottling up the ocean.


Imagine, for a second, that you are tired and upset and open your door to find out that your room is in a mess, and you were just planning to lay down for a while before you freshen up to go to work. It would make you furious at how lazy you were at the time of packing.

Well, the truth is that you were way too excited about the trip that you left everything as it was and went away.

If you clean the room and make your bed before leaving for the trip, there will be one less thing to worry about when you come back, which may feel like a tiny thing at the moment, but it will be worth it when you are back from the trip. 

Everyone, no matter how much chaos they are in real life, like things tidy, so when you find a clean place with no messes, you will eventually like it.

When you have tidied up the place before leaving and come back home, you get a made bed to lay on, and that feeling of straightening your back after a long trip is beyond words can express.

It may sound like a small thing, but its impact would be significant. So I would suggest just giving it a try and seeing what happens.

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2. Give Yourself A Day To Process Everything

If you don’t want to punish yourself, don’t plan to go back to work on the same day you return from your trip. I am telling you, there is nothing worse than that. You are already in your post-vacation blues, trust me, you don’t want the Monday Blues as well. 

The funny thing about Monday blues is that it can come on any day of the week; irrespective of the fact whether that is a Monday or not, it will definitely feel like one. 


If you go back to work on the same day of your return, then that day would be a waste of your time. 

One, you haven’t slept properly, so you are going to need a day to get a good sleep so that you can wake up with the energy to work the next day. 

Two, If you don’t get proper sleep, your eyes will feel heavy, sitting in front of the screen will feel like a big task, and you might feel that the clock has stopped working because every minute would be painful. 

Three, you would be sleepy the whole day, but being at work, neither will you be able to sleep nor will you be able to work. 

Give yourself a day to recover and re-energize from your trip and go to work the next day. So, now you have plenty of time to get back to your regular sleeping schedule and get back on track. This will definitely help you relax and get back to everyday life. So plan your holiday accordingly.

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3. Plan an Outing With People You Love


As I said, take a day for yourself to re-energize, and this day is crucial, for this day is when you will be overwhelmed with all the post-vacation blues, so ensure that you make the most of it.

You will probably reach your place in the morning, so you can take plenty of time to relax and fix your sleep schedule.

Once you have rested, it’s time to go out and be merry. Plan an outing with your friends in the evening because evenings are more happening than the day.

Check out the new restaurants or cafes that might have opened recently, or go shopping with your friends. 

Going out will make you happy instead of sitting at home sulking over the fact that your fun holiday is over.

Trust me; you will feel a lot better. 

4. Give Yourself A Treat! You Deserve It


Out of all the things you can do to kick away the blues, giving yourself a treat is the best way to overcome the feeling.

If your budget allows, try to set up a treat for yourself, like something that you were planning to buy and has been in your cart for days, so this is the day you order it.

Ensure the delivery date is the same day you return from your trip. How will this help?

Well, the excitement of new stuff is one of the little things that make us happy, so when you get your product, be it clothes or gadgets, it will make you excited and a little less upset by the Post-Vacation Blues. 

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5. Plan Your Next Trip


The best way to come out of the post-vacation blues is to plan another one.

While you struggle with your emotions, the best way to deal with it is to plan another trip that you might take in the coming future.

I know you just returned from one trip, and your budget will not allow it right now but planning doesn’t require you to invest money.

You can think about it and see where your next trip can be. It will make you feel a lot better.

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Try some of these tricks or all of them to make yourself feel better.

Engaging in other activities will help you get a hold of your feelings.

The tricks mentioned above will not help you avoid the feeling, which I would not advise, for it is not very healthy; however, it will help cushion the blow. 

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