9 Tips To Find Your Perfect Air BNB

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While planning a vacation, the primary concern is always about your accommodation. Several questions might pop up in your head like where you will stay, will it be reasonable in terms of price, and even if it is, will it be close to the city centre or far, and so on. 

These questions and the answers of these questions are what make your vacation a great one because you don’t want to end up paying a hefty amount of money on some random hotel that is far away from the attractions you are planning to visit during this very exciting vacation of yours. 

It would be nice to have a personal space while also blending in with the local people and their culture. To solve your problem, your safest bet has to be Air BNB. 

The concept isn’t new to you, right? For those who are not so sure what exactly Air BNB is and how it is different from other hotel accommodations, let me tell you about it. 

Air BNB is a space connecting buyers with sellers; for example, you have a house somewhere with all the amenities that one needs, and you are connected with a traveller who wants to rent the house for a few days. So Air BNB connects you with the buyer who wants to take the house. 

However, with several options available in the market, it might become a little confusing for you to choose the best among them. I have a few tips that can be used to choose the best Air BNB for yourself. 

1. Decide The Area


The most important part of your research includes choosing an area where you want to stay, it could be near the beach or woods, totally depending upon your preferences. You can do city-wide research and see where the maximum numbers of Air BNBs are clustered. Usually, this area is most popular and close to famous attractions. 

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2. Look For A Superhost


Now you will ask, who is a super host? Well, super hosts are people who are known to provide top-notch hospitality. They have an average rating of 4.8 or above and must have hosted at least 10 people so far, with only 1% cancellation and a 90% response rate. Here filters play an essential role, you can filter out super hosts and search for your Air BNB. You may find your perfect accommodation while looking for it. 

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3. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


Never, I say, NEVER trust the pictures. Pictures are the most misleading when it comes to choosing accommodation for your trip. The pictures are definitely going to mislead you, and you can easily make out when the pictures are real; you just need a good eye for that. So be careful while choosing your Air BNB because chances are that it will be like a bad Tinder date, which looked good in the pictures, but the reality was far too different, after all there are so many photo editing apps available.

4. Look For Reviews

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Reviews can be misleading, but sometimes you may save yourself from paying a lot of money on absolutely nothing. There are Air BNBs that promise plenty of things, but when you read the reviews, the reality is the exact opposite, and you don’t want that, do you? 

So, it’s best that before booking, you read the reviews carefully and don’t ignore the negative ones because chances are these negative reviews will save you from a bad experience. 

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5. Rule Book


Every Air BNB has a list where the rules are mentioned. Ensure that you go through these rules, which mention the list of rules that one has to follow, and it could include the check-in and check-out timings, policies for infants, pets(if it allows pets) and other important things that you are required to follow.

6. Check Out The Description


If you are keen on finding the best Air BNB, read everything they offer. It is important to know what you are paying for and what amenities you will be offered at the price you are paying. This is the owner’s way of telling you what kind of travellers they serve and whether it is to your liking or not. Some descriptions are often short. If I were to talk about myself, then I skip the ones where the description is not long enough. I feel that is a little fishy, so that’s my personal choice, but that’s an intelligent thing to do. Usually, long descriptions can be trusted probably because they have a lot to offer, and that is why they can mention it in their description.

7. Go For Air BNB Plus


Air BNB Plus is the perfect option when you are a little short on time and you want the best accommodation for you. Air BNB Plus has a collection of verified accommodations chosen specially for their unique styles and designs and great hospitality. The feature Air BNB Plus was launched in 2018 for this purpose only. So when you are short on time and want the most stylish place to crash for your next trip, Air BNB Plus is made for people like you. 

You can also go for Air BNB Luxe, but that is for Air BNBs that show luxury listings, so if you are into something like that then you can choose that as well.

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8. Say No To Rule Breakers


While doing your research, you may come across some listings where owners who don’t have the licence to operate may cross your path. You have to avoid them at all costs because if they are operating illegally, then you have no idea what else they are capable of, so it’s best to go with authentic ones only.

9. Know Your Host


It is essential to know who your host is. You can go through the profile of the host and see who you are renting from. Who knows, you may find another property of the hosts that may suit you better. You may get surprised when you find that the host has other properties, and that is precisely what you have been looking for.

You can also contact your host and ask if you have any doubts. By doing so, you will get to know who your host is, and you can also negotiate with him or her if your stay is going to be a long one. 

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Planning a trip is an exciting part of your vacation, and there is no reason why your accommodation shouldn’t be. After all, you work so hard in your office and deserve a break that serves you well and creates memories that will last a lifetime. 

So next time, when you choose your accommodation, keep these tips in mind to get what you are looking for. 

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