Top 10 Photography Spots In Patiala In 2024

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If you are looking for some photography spots in Patiala, then you will have to immerse yourself in Patiala’s rich cultural heritage. This northern city offers a vibrant tapestry of traditions, festivals, and sacred sites, showcasing the best of North India’s spiritual places. 

Some of the exciting activities that tourists can partake in when on a tour of Patiala include traversing through wildlife reserves, and stepping into refreshing gardens which also gives us ample opportunities to discover the best photography places in Patiala. Patiala, one of the best offbeat summer vacation destinations for families, is also known as the “Royal City of Punjab”.

From temples and gurudwaras to historical places, Patiala has a lot in store that will surely leave you amazed! Here are some of the places you might need to know if you are planning to capture the moments when visiting Patiala.

1. Qila Bahadurgarh

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This majestic fort, with its exquisite architecture and sprawling courtyards, provides a grand backdrop for photos and is one of the best photography places in Patiala. Capture the grandeur of this historic fort, known for its cultural heritage and impressive architecture. One can’t miss this spot as Qila Bahadurgarh is considered to be one of the best photography places to visit in Patiala. Also don’t miss out the intricate details of its palaces, gates, and gardens. 

Location : NH 64, Rajpura – Patiala Rd, Bahadurgarh, Patiala, Bir Bahadurgarh, Punjab 147021

2. Sheesh Mahal


Step into another spot which is considered to be one of the best photography places in Patiala. And that is the world of opulence and grandeur at Sheesh Mahal. The palace is really beautiful as it consists of paintings and artwork that depict the vision of sudras, keshavs and more. Visiting this Mahal makes it one of the most popular things to do in Punjab. 

There is a section of the palace which is called the palace of mirrors as it is decorated with mirrors and colored glass which can be beautifully captured in your cameras. Apart from that, there is a bridge called Lachman Jhoola and a museum which you must visit. This stunning palace offers a magical setting for your photography and be sure that this one too is another best photography place to visit in Patiala . The play of light and reflections creates beautiful visuals.

Location: Old Moti Bagh, Moti Bagh, Patiala, Punjab 147001

3. Baradari Gardens


Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty at Baradari Gardens to explore the lush greenery and Mughal-style architecture. This is an enchanting garden built around a historic pavilion which makes it one of the best photography spots in Patiala. With its well-manicured lawns, vibrant flowers, and charming pavilions, this picturesque garden is a perfect photography spots in Patiala.

Location: Baradari, Patiala, Punjab 147001

4. Patiala Peg Monument

Image Source: sita travels

Patiala peg is another photography spots to visit in Patiala. Here you can photograph the iconic Patiala Peg Monument, a tribute to the city’s famous Patiala Peg, a measure of alcohol. 

5. Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib

Image Source: pixabay

Gurudwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib is a revered Sikh shrine that offers solace and spiritual guidance to devotees. This is one of the best photography spots in Patiala. The pond of Gurdwara is supposed to be very pious and to be the cure of various people of the area from a disease. And thus it got its name ‘Dukhniwaran’, which means, the eliminator of suffering. 

The gurdwara is so beautiful that one can list it as the best photography spots in Patiala. Capture the serene ambiance of this gurudwara, especially during moments of prayer and community gatherings.

Location: Sirhind – Patiala Rd, Factory Area, Upkar Nagar, Patiala, Punjab 147001

6. Qila Mubarak Complex


Explore the magnificence of this historical site and its surroundings, and you’ll find it’s one of the best photography places in Patiala. The complex was built under the rule of Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764. The complex is divided into multiple sections that depict the life at the time of its use by the kings. The various sections are Ran Baas, Darbar Hall, Qila Androon and more. Its rugged walls and panoramic views offer excellent photo opportunities, especially during golden hour.

Location: Quila Androon, Chandni Chowk, Adalat Bazar, Patiala, Punjab 147001

7. Motibagh Palace


Now let’s learn why Motibagh palace is also one of the photography spots to visit in Patiala. The Moti Bagh Palace is one of the best historical places in India, that served as the residence of the Patiala royal family in the 19th century, featuring Indo-Saracenic style, beautiful gardens, and an exquisite museum. 

This palace was built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in the beginning of the 20th century. Moti Bagh Palace is one of the best places to visit in Punjab since it captures the essence of North India’s grandeur, presenting a blend of heritage and tranquility.

Now the old palace is home to the National Institute of Sports of Patiala. Whenever in Patiala, you must visit this place since it is one of the best photography places to visit in Patiala.

Location: Old Moti Bagh, Moti Bagh, Patiala, Punjab 147001

8. Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary 


The next photography spots in Patiala is the Bir Moti Bagh Sanctuary located 5 kms away from Patiala city. It is situated near Mansa, which is approximately 30 kilometers from Bathinda. The sanctuary covers an area of about 6.4 square kilometers and is named after a small village called Bir Moti Bagh. 

It was a popular hunting ground for the Kings of Patiala and has history attached to it. Of late, it has become a popular tourist destination and one of the best photography spots to visit in Patiala. The sanctuary is a delight for nature lovers and photographers who want to capture nature and wildlife. 

With various species of birds and animals around the sanctuary, a photographer has lots of options to capture great shots in the sanctuary, thus making it a photography places to visit in Patiala.

Some animals in the refuge include the Indian hare, blackbuck, wild boar, Indian porcupine, and the Indian grey mongoose. The sanctuary is also home to various bird species, including the common peafowl, spotted owlet, Indian eagle owl, and black francolin. 

9. Colorful Markets


Patiala is very famous for various kinds of trades worldwide. It has had a pretty huge market for traditional items like Patiala Salwar / Shahi Salwar, colorful parandas and chunnies, Juttis embroidered with golden thread and world famous Phulkari, beautiful handicrafts since ages. 

The vibrant markets and the unique architecture of the surrounding building makes it one of the top photography spots in Patiala. Exploring markets like Adalat Bazar and Tripuri Market will be a treat to photographers to capture the essence of local life. So, these vibrant markets can also be counted as photography spots In Patiala. 

10. Walking Tour on the Street of Patiala 


Another photography spots in Patiala is the streets of the lively city, for which one has to walk down the lanes. Wandering through the streets in Patiala will show you all the nooks and corners which will help any photographer capture the best photography spots in Patiala.

Apart from the above locations, you can also indulge yourself to capture the various festivals and events of Patiala. Festivals of Punjab are the best time to experience the vibrancy of the Punjabi culture in its grandest manifestation. And wherever you’ll find them being celebrated, it certainly becomes the photography spots in Patiala.

Make sure to check the calendar for one of the festivals so that you get to soak into the cultural richness of the Patiala and capture the vibrant moment in your camera. Here is a  list of a few festivals In India that can be captured with all its liveliness. 

  • Lohri


When the mist, fog, and cold waves cast their spell on earth, the sacred fire of Lohri is lit to reach the skies. The main highlight of this festival is the bonfire and the folk songs and dances that take place around the fire. It will be a photographer’s delight to photograph these lively moments, and the places in Patiala where the Lohri is celebrated can surely be considered as the photography spots in Patiala. Undoubtedly, that’s why Patiala is also one of the best places to visit in January.

  • Baisakhi – The Harvest Festival


The next famous festival of Punjab, Baisakhi is observed on either April 13th or 14th. Marking the beginning of the harvest season in Punjab, it carries immense importance for the farming community.

In addition to its religious observances, Baisakhi is also known for the vibrant processions, decorated houses, people decked up in traditional clothes, fairs held in different parts of Patiala. People celebrate performing their popular dance form Bhangra. And the cherry on the pie is the authentic Punjabi food spread that is served. So, photographers should be ready to capture these lively moments on this day, as wherever this festival is celebrated in Patiala, it becomes a photography spots in Patiala.

  • Hola Mohalla


Hola Mohalla is one of the most celebrated festivals of Punjab and the vibrant three-day Sikh festival is celebrated grandly in Patiala. All the Gurdwaras are decorated, kirtan, path, and langar are arranged. The entire region gets soaked in the spiritual vibes and these religious places become the best photography places to visit in Patiala.

So, we got to know here how photographing the local culture of Patiala involves capturing the essence of its people, traditions, and their daily life. If you’re aiming to portray the local culture of Patiala, then take a series of photos that will tell a story about Patiala’s local culture. 

Like, you can focus on capturing the colorful decorations, traditional attire, lively dances, and cultural performances which makes Patiala one of the most photographed places in the world.

But while photographing the photography spots in Patiala, remember to always be respectful, take permission from the authority whenever required, and approach photography as a means of cultural exchanges and understanding. 

What are the top photography spots in Patiala?

The top photography spots in Patiala are Qila Mubarak Complex, Sheesh Mahal,  Baradari Gardens, Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Motibagh Palace. All these spots provide ample clicking opportunities and a series of photos can make it a storytelling experience. 

Are there any restrictions on photography at Patiala's historical sites?

 Photography is usually allowed at Patiala’s historical sites, but there might be restrictions on using flash or tripods. In some cases, a small fee might be charged for cameras. It’s best to confirm the photography policy at the entrance of these places.

What are some hidden gems in Patiala for unique photography?

Some of the hidden gems in Patiala for unique photography are Qila Mubarak Complex, Sheesh Mahal, Baradari Gardens, Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Motibagh Palace, Thapar University, National Institute of Sports, Kali Temple, Patiala Heritage Walk.

How can I photograph the local culture of Patiala?

To photograph the local culture of Patiala you must be involved in capturing the essence  of its people, traditions, customs, and daily life. In order to get the best it’s important  that you engage with the community, attend festivals and celebrations,  and visit the local markets.  These tips will help you photograph Patiala’s local culture.

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