From 2024 Onwards, You Will Have To Pay An Entry Fee To Visit the UK

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Planning to travel to the United Kingdom? 

The trip may be a little expensive now, for the UK has announced that it will charge an entry fee to travellers visiting the country.  The country has announced that from 2024 onwards, all visa-free travellers must obtain an ETA(Electronic Travel Authorisation). 

This means that apart from British and Irish Citizens, every traveller must take permission and pay an entry fee before entering the country. 

The price of ETA will be 10 Euros for 2 years. The government has stated that this Electronic Travel Authorisation will allow multiple visits and will be valid for two years unless the traveller’s passport expires. 

The authorisation process will take almost 48 to 72 hours to link to your passport and allow you to stay for 6 months, exploring any part of the country. 

The scheme will be effective from Feb 1, 2024, for citizens of UAE, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Oman, and Bahrain, whereas from October 25, 2023, for Qatari Nationals. 

The scheme will come into place for the rest of the world by the end of 2024.

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