Tower Bridge London: An Iconic Symbol of London’s Majesty

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Tower Bridge is one of the most recognisable landmarks in London, England. Its Royal presence spread across the River Thames, has captured the imagination of people from all corners of the globe. Tower Bridge London is not just an ordinary bridge, it is a masterpiece of engineering and a symbol of London’s history and cultural heritage. Get ready as we commence on an unforgettable journey to create lasting memories in one of the world’s most happening cities with Europe tour packages!

Construction of Tower Bridge began in 1886 and was completed in 1894, taking approximately eight years to finish. Designed by architect Sir Horace Jones and engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry, the bridge was a response to the growing need for a river crossing in the east of London. At the time of its construction, London was undergoing rapid industrialization and urbanisation, and the existing river crossings were becoming inadequate to meet the demands of a busy city.

Tower Bridge is located near the Tower of London, a historic fortress that dates back to the 11th century. The bridge derives its name from this iconic landmark, which has stood as a symbol of royal power and heritage for centuries. The proximity of Tower Bridge to the Tower of London adds to its significance. Suggesting some of the best treks in London for your next visit.

One of the most distinctive features of Tower Bridge is its ability to open up to allow large vessels to pass through. The central span of the bridge, known as the bascules, can be raised to a near-vertical position, creating a gap for ships and boats to navigate through the River Thames. This innovative design was crucial in ensuring that the bridge could accommodate the maritime traffic that frequented the river, while still providing a crossing point for road and pedestrian traffic.

One cool thing about Tower Bridge is that it has walkways on top that people can visit. The architectural design of Tower Bridge is evidence of the Victorian era’s grandeur and ambition. The bridge is constructed from a combination of stone and steel, with two imposing towers rising on either side of the river. 

These towers are connected by two elevated walkways, providing pedestrians with stunning views of the cityscape and the river below. The detailing and decorative elements of the bridge reflect the ornate style of the late 19th century, showcasing the craftsmanship and artistry of the period. You can also take a break from exploring these historic sites in London by hanging out in the vast variety of cafes in London.

Visitors to Tower Bridge London have the opportunity to explore its inner workings and learn about its history through the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The exhibition, housed within the bridge’s walkways, offers interactive displays, multimedia exhibits, and photographs that provide insight into the bridge’s construction, operation, and cultural significance. Visitors can also see the impressive sight of the bascules being raised during scheduled bridge lifts, offering a firsthand experience of this engineering marvel in action.

Tower Bridge has played a significant role in London’s cultural landscape, serving as a backdrop for numerous films, television shows, and literary works. It is one of the top photography spots In London. Tower Bridge London has become a must-see places to visit in London and a source of pride for Londoners, who cherish its history and architectural beauty.

In addition to its architectural and cultural significance, Tower Bridge serves as a vital transportation link, connecting the districts of Tower Hamlets and Southwark. The bridge carries both vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the River Thames, providing a vital artery for commuters and travellers navigating the city. Its strategic location near key landmarks and attractions also makes it an essential thoroughfare for residents and visitors. Some of the traditional resorts & hotels in London are surrounded here. 

Tower Bridge has undergone several renovations and refurbishments over the years to ensure its structural integrity and operational efficiency. In 1977, the bridge underwent a major restoration project to repair and strengthen its ageing infrastructure, preserving its historic fabric for future generations to enjoy. Subsequent upgrades and enhancements have incorporated modern technology and engineering advancements, ensuring that Tower Bridge remains a safe and reliable crossing for years to come. Most of the best restaurants in London are situated in this area. 

As one of the most iconic landmarks in London, Tower Bridge continues to fascinate and inspire millions of people each year. Whether admired from afar or experienced up close, the bridge brings to mind a sense of wonder and admiration for its beauty and legacy. Tower Bridge London stands as proof of human creativity and innovation. Some of the popular Airbnbs in London are situated in this area.

How to reach Tower Bridge London? 


The London city centre is well-connected with other parts of the city. The Tower Bridge London is also an important landmark and there are various ways to reach there:

  • The best way to reach Tower Bridge London from the London city centre is by travelling on the A3211 which is a total of 3 miles between the two destinations.
  • You can also reach Tower Bridge London from London city centre by train through three alternative routes. The two roads start from the Southern Eastern line via the Gravesend and Hayes stations. These routes take a total of 20 to 25 minutes to reach Tower Bridge London.
  • You can travel in all the 47 buses from London city centre station to Tower Bridge London.

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Best time to visit the Tower Bridge 


The best time to see Tower Bridge London is between March and April and June. This is the best time to visit London Bridge because lodging and theatre bookings are easy to make. If you are planning a day trip in London, keep in mind that lineups can be heavy throughout the middle of the day and on weekends, so going early on the weekend or weekday may be your best bet.

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Facts about Tower Bridge London

  • There is a popular urban legend, according to which Robert McCulloch, who bought the old London Bridge transported it to Arizona under the impression that he had bought the tower bridge. This legend stems from the long-known confusion that people tend to have between the two structures, and hence Tower Bridge is also known as London Bridge. 
  • Located underneath the Tower Bridge is a mortuary where several Unionists’ bodies were dumped. As time passed by, this area began to be popularly referred to as the ‘Dead Man’s Hole.’ Fortunately, there seems to be no use of the mortuary anymore. 
  • When the bridge was initially opened to the public, some were concerned that certain horses would not be able to draw their gigs up the slant Bridge because they were not powerful enough. The bridge, therefore, had its horses to break the notion of the people.

Travellers’ tips before visiting Tower Bridge


There are a few tips that you must follow before visiting Tower Bridge for an incredible experience.

  • Book tickets beforehand: Tickets to the main areas inside the tower or even the lift to the upper walkways aren’t always readily available. It is always recommended that you book your tickets beforehand so you can access all areas of your choice, without much hassle.
  • Look up the times for the bridge opening: Regardless of whether you wish to watch the bridge rise and fall from the ground floor or you wish to attend yoga classes or exhibitions, always look for the correct time of the events. 
  • Always apply sunblock: If you’re visiting this iconic landmark in summer, then make sure to carry sunblock and goggles to protect yourself from suntan and heat rashes.
  • Carry a camera: You should always carry a good camera to capture the enthralling moments as a memoir of your trip. The sights from the walkways are some of the best in London, and you should have a snap of it on your camera.

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How old is Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge is over 125 years old. 

Can you walk across Tower Bridge?

Yes, you can walk across Tower Bridge. There are walkways on top of the bridge where visitors can stroll and enjoy the view.

Are there any events or exhibitions held at Tower Bridge?

Yes, there are events and exhibitions held at Tower Bridge London. The Tower Bridge exhibition offers visitors the chance to learn about the bridge’s history and operation.

Are there any guided tours available for exploring Tower Bridge?

Yes, there are guided tours available for exploring the Tower Bridge.

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